Happy island in the Atlantic. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: August Koh /August Koch/

Operators: August Lyutc, Lyudvig Zan

Reel №1


A documentary about the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

The main island of Gran Canaria, the largest city and port of Las Palmas.

In the distance the mountains with volcanoes.

The palm groves.

Man climbs a palm tree on a ladder, picking bananas.

Powerful leaves of agaves, prickly pears.

Banana, citrus and vineyards.

Cleaning harvest oranges.

Soil cultivation on slopes of mountains.

Sugar cane plantations.

Canary pine, dracaena.

Islanders mostly Spanish and Portuguese.

Mountain village, the residents on the holiday.

On the streets, dancing, mummers move.

Women in dresses with covered faces.

Dancing in the street.

Houses on the slopes of the mountains.

Household employment of the local population.

Primitive land plow oxen.

Straw huts, built in African style.

Villages inhabited by immigrants from Spain and Portugal.

The streets of the city, in the house opened the shutters, the girl looks.

PNRM. the city from above

Key words

Germany, island, port, mountain, volcano, plants, people, ethnic, festival, women, peasants, agriculture

Reel №2



A pair of horses pulling load on the skids.

House surrounded by palm trees.

Men ride on horseback, to the backs of horses privyucheny basket.

At the side of the road lies a camel with a large compartment on the back.

Man falls asleep box to the ground, picks up a camel and hit the road.

On the road with the donkey rides the trolley, there sits a woman, a man leads a donkey by the bridle.

Go women with baskets on their heads.

The terraces on the mountain slopes.

Irrigation ponds.

Banana plantations are harvested.

Bunches of bananas are packed in paper, then in the hay, skolachiyvayut boxes, loaded them into the car.

Plants of the family of cacti, which is extracted from the colorant.

The girl with a mirror paints lips with lipstick.

Women embroidering.

Products art of embroidery, lace.

Fish market on the coast, the coast Rabac boats.

Shopping malls with fish in baskets, shoppers and traders.

Sale of greenery.

Harbour, are loading operations.

Vessels in port.

the islands with ocean view.


Key words

Germany, city, domestic animals, women, crafts, mountains, plants, food, fishermen, market, trade, harbor, port, ocean, natural phenomena