Save coal, but how?. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Kurt Blahnickij /Kurt Blachnitzky/

Operators: Edgar Cisemer

Reel №1


Guidance film with the game story.

The house is heated by charcoal, despite the great waste of fuel, low temperature is kept.

The woman turns to the officer to check the house.

The officer looks out the window and watched as the van that brought coal pieces fall to the pavement.

Two passing passing boys start kicking lumps, but pozhmiloy man chases them away, he begins to collect the coal cart.

The house comes on the issues of heating specialist, starts walking from door to door and teach the owners to save coal by maintaining the room temperature.

Show sealing cracks in doors and windows with paper, felt, straw rolls and other available funds for domestic purposes

Key words

Germany, improvement, woman, Gos.deyateli

Reel №2


Expert examines the stove in the apartment next to the kitchen, plate diagram, operating principle.

Burning candle specialist checks tightness of all valves and valves, glosses over gaps cooked cement weight.

Removes the burners inside the accumulation of combustion residues

Key words

Germany, landscaping

Reel №3


Specialist laying in the cavity of the oven brick, cement embeds.

Smetana coal dust inside the furnace.

Open the oven inspecting pipe that goes into the wall, it glosses over the cracks in the wall near the pipe.

Open the valve and check the movement of air

Key words

Germany, landscaping

Reel №4


In the next apartment the hostess does not let a specialist until he shows her the document.

Again, specialist checks spark stove, open burners, shows a large amount of soot, cleans.

The hostess collects the dirt in a bucket.

Then the expert clears space for baking.

Checking spark

Key words

Germany, landscaping, working documents

Reel №5


The fireplace in the room, the scheme of his actions.

Specialist clears the hole in the handle and inside the fireplace.

The hostess invites him to the bathroom, show column.

In another hostess team examines a washing machine and oven

Key words

Germany, landscaping

Reel №6


The fireplace in the room, checking cracks burning candle, plaster cracks in the door.

Clean the inner surface of the fireplace.

Specialist with the hosts sit at the table, he explains the principle of operation of the fireplace on the example of the lungs in humans.

Drawing house and furnaces, the correct location of the pipes on the roof

Key words

Germany, landscaping

Reel №7


The specialist conducts lecture for tenants.

The board temperature specifications for rooms - 18 degrees, for the kitchen - 15-16 degrees in the workshop and the workshop - 12 degrees.

It shows the principle of home appliances and mehanizmoy.

Residents learn to yourself to check germitichnost and clean furnace.

The furnace lay coal is ignited.

Residents ask questions.

Specialist shows them a brochure and calls to preserve the heat in the house and to save coal

Key words

Germany, the improvement of the population, teaching