Technology at work in Austria. (1934)

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Reel №1


Navigation on the Don in the winter quarters.

Repair of ships in port.

Woman hangs laundered linens on the barge.

Two men sawing a log, a third cuts on logs.

The couple at the table, down a steep dog begging for food


Vienna, with the snow fight.

Vienna winter, views of the city in the snow.

Go trams, it is the car, covered by snow.

Residents get a shovel, clean the streets of snow.

Street cleaning using snow plows.

The street goes string of carts pulled by pairs of horses.

By carts attached devices to clean the blades of snow.

Snow dump in sewer manholes.

The traffic on the streets cleared


Tyrol, at the Arlberg.

Fighting with snow on the railway.

Handling horses in carriages.

Felled tree trunks after an avalanche near the railway tunnel.

Clearing snow from the tunnel.

Alpine Village, a church, covered with snow.

On snow skiers go.

After the avalanche snow machines work, clearing the road.

Tirol, Landeck.

Building roads in mountainous terrain.

Working with pickaxes, wheelbarrows.

Work surveyors.

conduct blasting operations for the expansion of the road

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Reel №2



Construction of the railway bridge across the Don.

Working moments, the connection bridge spans.

Arrival to build the Minister of Railways.

The opening of the bridge.

Under the bridge runs the ship, down the pipe.

A view of the huge bridge from above.

bridge equipment.

Caisson work on the bridge.

Salzburg, Carinthia.

Electrification of the railway.

Laying eelektroprovodov.

Poles along the railway, electrical equipment.

There is a train

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Reel №3


Salzburg, 1933.

Motorcycle racing through the city, the mountain road bridge.

Motorcycle with sidecar.

Champion-Friedrich Cerny.

Motorcycle race in Vienna.

Moments races finish at the stadium.

Austrian all-terrain vehicle on the track rod.

The car climbs the mountain, down to her.


Regatta on motorboats on the lake Werther See.

Judges at the tables.

Moments races.

The spectators on the quay

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Reel №4



Army maneuvers with the use of the telegraph.

The soldiers put the poles.

The wireless operator with the field telegraph, station equipment.

The gunners at the guns.

Radioman knock a message in Morse code.

Soldiers discharged from pigeons cells.

The city rides a truck with soldiers, motorcyclists.

Machine telegraph station


Upper Austria.

The maneuvers of the artillery in the mountains in winter.

Horses carry guns.

The rise of the mountain guns, the soldiers pulled a gun on the ropes on his feet snow.

Set guns on top, shooting.

Lower Austria.

Opens the hangar, give birth to the aircraft.

Checking aircraft, its parts.

Workers remove the wing.

In the studio there is a check engines.

Removal of the aircraft on the field, off.

A view of the ground from a height, landing.

European competition airplanes in 1934.

Airplanes on the airfield.

The inscription on the board, "Firman Lorraine".

This minister before sorenovaniyami.

Relay from Linz to Vienna.

Competitions begin runners, cyclists transfer relay, then for motorcyclists, motorists, the last in the path sent to airplanes.

Rise, views from the aircraft.

Woman pilot Reis, she takes off.

View from the airplane on the area with the river, fields and forests.

Parachute jump, Reis on the ground

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Reel №5



The power station of the railway.

Electric is on the mountainous terrain.

Types of mountains, valleys and villages.


The dam at Lake Shpullerzee.

The power plant, its equipment, turbine hall.

Electrified railway railway in the mountains, the train passes over a bridge across the gorge



Modern locomotive in the way.

Toy railroad locomotives models.

Tests of the locomotive depot.

New train of a car on the road, the passengers sit.

Types of window areas, landscapes, towns, lake.

Arrival in St.

Gilgen station.

A squad of soldiers on the platform.

Train meets Landes Real Hauptmann with his entourage.

The priest blesses the train.

The rise of the mountain on the cable car, the types of areas of the booth.

Stopping at the top, skiers descend.

Auto racing, moments away.

Winner Conte Trossi car "Alfa Romeo"

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Reel №6



Competitions on airplanes between Hungary, Italy, Austria.

The airplane laid postal bags.

The pilot puts on headphones.

Flying, at the bottom view of the city.

Landing, the pilot said the flight.


Flying youth gliders.

New world record for earoplane in Vincennes.

Performing aerobatics in the air.

Those viewers.



A visit to the set the Ministers historical film.

Actors in crowd scenes on the grand staircase and ballroom.

The crew behind the camera, the motion of the camera hanging around the room. 10 years avtriyskogo radio.


Radio station.

Types of Vienna.

Radio stations in Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg.

Construction of the new station.

Pie charts Broadcasting growth from 1924 to 1933, with 94000 to 507000. Above the entrance transporant of the jubilee exhibition.

The building Bundes Mikas president and his entourage.

Officials enter the building

Key words

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Reel №7



Industrial landscape, smoke pipe factories.

Military on trips in a steel mill.

There is a rental, the steel pipes.


Power station.

Working time at the factory.

The use of scrap in the production.

Crane with magnet moves to scrap the car.

Melting of scrap in the shop, a red-hot mass is poured into the mold.

Crane brand "Andritz" sets the weight lifting record.

Brown coal production in Austria.

PNRM. mines, work in the quarry.

As the conveyor is coal.

Works in the roadway, a miner sets support.

Ropeway with trolleys.

The miners come to the surface.

Coal dumped into wagons.

Plant, production of coke.

Working moments

Key words

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