Africa says. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Pol Gefler,Charljz Dzhiblin /Paul Hoefler, Charles Giblin/

Operators: Pol Gefler, Charljz Dzhiblin

Reel №1

USA. Paul Geflera Expedition in equatorial Africa.

Banquet members of the expedition in the restaurant.

Speech at the table.

Africa on the table layout.

Paul Gefler shows the route of the expedition.

The journey starts from the African port of Lagos.

A small steamer berthed, boats on the shore of the natives.

Negros bring different loads on boats, carry them on their heads.

Cruise ship sinking in the yield in the way.

Map of Africa, multskhema way from Lagos on the Niger River, through the French Congo to Lake Victoria.

From Logos on an expedition on the river gets Lokoja truck submerged in the raft, which is a big boat.

Locals greet the truck with the expedition, to help pull the car to the beach

Key words

US expedition, restaurant, personnels, the river, the natives, port, transportation, water, lake, travel, people, Africa

Reel №2

USA. Paul Gofler with a camera and Charles Dzhiblin with a gun are on the ground, shoot elephants grazing in the bushes.

The cries of elephants.

Go two pygmy with bows and arrows.

Paul calls out the Pygmies, offers them a try sugar, asked to withdraw to the village.

The Pygmy village.

Women carrying on their heads, bunches of bananas.

Pygmy men in the jungle.

A man distributes sugar for women and children, the mound of his bowl.

Pygmy gives Paul bananas.

Pygmies are on the shoulders of his "potentates" lowered near the hut.

Ceremonial dance at Pygmy drums.

They move soldiers with bows.

Children in a circle, two boys fighting.

Boys long sharpened sticks stone for arrows, put the iron tip.

The chain of soldiers with arrows passes by men holding a vessel with poison arrows dipped in it

Key words

US expedition, ethnicity, food, women, children, art, entertainment

Reel №3

USA. Practice shooting arrows at stake.

Shoots child.

A map of the area obitanbiya pygmies expedition sent to the Belgian Congo.

Paul takes herd of gazelles grazing in the grass.

Gazelles in the water.

In the truck sleeping Negro porter accidentally presses the horn, the animals are frightened Bing, rushing away.

Storks strode along the ground, take off.

Monkey on the tree, the monkey sees the leopard.

Steppe chanterelles run, hiding in a hole.

In plain ostriches running / shooting RAPIDE /.

Grazing zebras, antelopes.

A baby zebra lying on the ground, jumped up.

Giraffes in the bushes and trees, nibbling the leaves.

You hear the roar of a lion.

Giraffes fleeing

Key words

US expedition, hunting, animals, birds, plants

Reel №4

Ran giraffes / recording RAPIDE /.

Paul and Charlie in the river to take pictures.

The cliffs on the coast, they go down the rope to the water.

Millions of flamingos walking in shallow water, looking for food, fly.

Top view of a flamingo.

map route goes to the lake Victoria.

Rocky shore of the lake, the waves beating against the rocks in the water powerful breakers thresholds.

Quiet for.

Paul takes a herd of rhinoceroses grazing in the bush.

Map, the route turns to the north in the Ubangi-Shari.

Locals drag truck expedition to the rope on the road, made of bamboo.

Negro woman carries a box on his head

Key words

Africa, animals, expedition, film, birds, people, lake

Reel №5

The Negro village.

Paul and Charlie watch from the tower residents.

The village is surrounded by a high fence.

Locals sit at the wall, built of stone, clap their hands, beating the rhythm, smoking pipe.

In men, attached to the nose wheel round.

Aboriginal dancing, a local musical instrument, drums.

Dancing girl children.

Ebony is on a string hyena, it binds to the post.

Past the Post runs a couple.

The young man puts on a head girl earthen vessel, she leaves and he sits down next to the post, closes his eyes.

The expedition sent to the Impala.

At the steppes grazing antelope.

Paul shooting into the air to take pictures of the giant jumping antelope fleeing from danger.

Shooting rocking.

At the steppes grazing buffaloes

Key words

Africa, jungle, animals, natives, art, personalities, expedition, photo, women, kids, music, musical instruments

Reel №6

USA. Expedition tent in the desert.

Charlie goes into the bushes and suddenly sees a branch locusts.

He immediately returned to the tent, they collect things in the truck, hide them, they shut themselves in the tent.

Sex in the window takes a flying cloud of locusts.

Animals escape from locust run.

Locust attacks the trees and bushes.

After its invasion all around bare.

The map is a way to Tanganyika.

The members of the expedition to the Masai village.

Peculiar Decoration Maasai in the form of bracelets of different diameter and wraps around the neck, ears, hands and feet.

Posing woman in hoops and bracelets.

Masai engaged in animal husbandry, herd of cows.

Hairstyles in Metn residents.

Night expedition members carried out in a tent.


Paul sees a lion on the hill

Key words

USA, Africa, insects, animals, expedition, natives, animal, women, photo

Reel №7

Leo examines the surroundings.

Lions near the zebra carcass, tearing it to pieces.

Lion climbs a tree.

Lions surround the abandoned bus, touched her depart.

Le pulls out of the hole baby rhino, lions tearing it.

The Negro porter, frightened, flees, but the lions attacked.

Charlie shoots at the lions, along with Paul they shoot and run away.

They managed to kill one of the lions

Key words

Africa, animals, jungle animals, expedition, personalities

Reel №8

The natives sitting on the sand, pounding drums.

Men are going to hunt lions.

They put on combat headgear, run with spears and shields.

Sex relieves hunting scene with the truck.

Ceremonial dance, Lions are on the grass.

There have fighting pipes, drums.

Hunters are chained lion surround.

Leo rushes on the hunter, but others beat him with spears.

Victory dance over the carcass of a lion.

Hunters skladyvaeyut panels on the ground, are tuschu lion in the village.

Expedition Truck driving on the beach, palm trees on the beach.

Paul and Charles shake hands, looking into the distance

Key words

Africa, jungle, hunting, hunters, expedition, animals, plants, art, ocean, musical instruments