Mittelgoltsera trip to Abyssinia. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Air travel Walter Mittelgoltsera in Africa, which lasted 77 days.

He started in Zurich, 7 December 1926 and finished in Cape Town on 21 February 1927.

Driving trip on the map, starting with Zurich, the Alps, Belgrade and Athens.

A Mediterranean way lies in Alexandria, Palestine, Cairo, followed by Sudan and Ethiopia.

Map of Africa, Abyssinia border, where British protectorate converge, France and Italy.

Two aircraft flying expedition through the Alps.

View of snow-covered mountains.

At the bottom of Athens, Mount Olympus.

PNRM. of Athens from the top, the view of the Acropolis.

Greek islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mittelgoltser in the cockpit.

African coast at night.

Below Alexandria.

Many sailboats in the canal.

Port Said, PNRM. around town.

Vessels at sea.

View of Cairo from the top.

Egyptian pyramids

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Reel №2


The pyramids in the desert.

English camp.

The plane flies over the Nile, see the flooded trees in the water.

At the bottom of the city of Luxor.

A huge Aswan Dam.

Savannah, fleeing antelope.

Flying over Sudan.

In the savanna elephants are moving towards the water.

Among lone giraffe herds of antelope.

Negros-hunters in the fighting along with spears in their hands perform the war dance.

Children watch the dance.

Naked to the waist Negro come out of the huts, dancing.

Posing African girls.

Cruise flies further.

At the bottom of the mountain bizarre form.

The plane sits on a plateau.

City Kassala, inhabitants meet members of the expedition.

Men sitting on the ground, armed with spears.

Lying camels.

British campus in Sudan.

On camels laid polazhu.

Negro village with a cone-shaped houses.

The plane with cargo boxes, poured petrol mechanics.

In the morning departure from Kassala in Addis Ababa.

Flying over the mountains, poured petrol mechanics.

In the morning departure from Kassala in Addis Ababa.

Flying over the mountains, on the Blue Nile.

Types of terrain from above.

Flying two aircraft expedition.

Forest of eucalyptus trees in Addis Ababa.

City on top

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Reel №3

Monument of Emperor Menelik.

Landing aircraft, a crowd of people on the square.

The plane is a guard of honor, officials welcome Mittelgoltsera, out of the plane, two women from the expedition.

Local army.

Emperor Haile Selassie met with officials expedition.

Selassie on the throne under a canopy.

The plane soldiers with guns, crowd of residents, officials said.

Suitable Sellassie Prince Makoun.

Seassie inspects aircraft inside, then gets in the car.

Emperor Face in a pith helmet.

The cortege of cars traveling on the road to Addis Ababa, traveling across the bridge.

Residents are fleeing along the road barefoot, jumping riders on horseback, followed by armed soldiers, all sent to the place of the parade.

Playing a military band.

Dignitaries in dress uniforms stand in a row.

The warriors from different tribes in their outfits.

Leader in elegant clothes, but barefoot, on the head-dress of feathers.

The troops lined up for the parade, galloping cavalry, trumpeters on horseback, riders with flags.

At the command of the soldiers raise their arms on his shoulder.

On horseback rides past the building with the flag of the dignitary, it transmits the general flag.

The operator removes the parade.

Emperor Selassie and Prince Makoun on horseback.

Begins the parade in front of the drummers, are the troops


Imperial Palace.

In the garden, walk two princesses, at the feet of the dog runs.

According to the speaker, the princess had been educated in Europe.

Musicians with national instruments playing and singing.

The cage sits a lion outside servant of cells.

Selassie's speech on Ethiopia, which has more than 10 years, is a member of the League of Nations and solidarity in peace with all peoples.

Abyssinia is looking for friendship with the three states bordering its territory

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Reel №4


City gate with the slogan in French: "Long live the Haile Selassie."

Traffic, traffic controller under a canopy.

People go, a man riding on a donkey, a woman with children.

The types of people.

A boy in a white dress with a turban on his head.

Household employment of the population: women feeding chickens, grind flour, take out the water from the well.

The boy with the shaved crest on the head.

People with the goods sent to market.

Donkeys loaded with firewood.

Women hide their faces in front of the camera.

Playing a group of musicians, dancing women


Church service, people come to church, he bow.

A man reading the Bible.

In the wagon train missionary man stands in front of people.

At the gate of the city standing in front of the court are criminals with shackles on his feet.

Performs a lawyer, the judge read out the verdict.

The members of the Court at the table.

Fence with barbed wire, the prisoners in the camp

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Reel №5

Motorway from Addis Ababa.

Caravans go to Jimmy the horse loads, a herd of cows.

tobacco plantations along the way.

Japanese planters on the truck, they communicate with the local workers.

The caravan is moving in the mountains.

Car expedition ford across the river, a halt in the village.

They put the tent, chatting with the residents.

Women of the expedition under the canopy.

Drawing up a contract with the conductors, vmete signatures put a finger print.

Payback time of Maria Theresa thalers 1780, view of the coin.

Caravan hits the road.

Fording across the river with camels and horses.

Tropicheksie trees, cacti



Galla village.

The primitive cultivation of the soil, stump trees manually.

According hay circles lead cows.

Locals for obchno classes.

The woman behind the primitive spinning wheel, spinning yarn on the spindle.

The woman behind the toilet, she rubs his hands with fat, then rubs his face and hair.

Mittelgoltser washes his head and face of a girl with soap.

Now she has a magnificent head of hair, she is smiling over her head.

Residents sing, clap their hands to the beat.

Members of the expedition travel by train.

Arbanka station are camels with baggage

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Reel №6


Negros ship things.

Negro children in the neck of the Cross, in other various amulets.

Women sit in bowls with food, the man takes them food.

Ornaments on the head of the metal in women.

Camels walk along the river, wade.

Conductors bathe in the river.

Meeting of two tribes in the pampas, they shake hands, but look at each other in disbelief.

Man comb hair stick to his friend.

Wild goats devour the foliage.

Hunters come with okzlenkom on hand.

There have tom-toms.

Wedding ceremony in the village.

Elegant girls perform a dance.

Dance in the ranks of men and women.

The bride enters the hut.

Women Letuta mats, grind something in a large mortar.

Men sit in a circle with spears, then dance

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Reel №7


Hunters make a fire, cut up kid.

Man cuts off strips of skin, gives hunters.

At stake fried meat, eat.

Near the hut mother holding a child, he suckles.

Production of fire stick.

Burning wand burned with a man, he winces in pain, burns marks on the skin.

In the river to wash the entire village.

The types of people.

A woman with a sick child in her arms, his eyes festering.

The local witch doctor sharpens razor, something the child cuts



American Hospital in a large house in Addie Ababa.

On the ground, sit beggars Mittelgoltser handing out coins to the poor.

The local population is drawn to US doctors for help

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