The woman at the distant peoples. (1935)

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Director: Adoljf Bessler

Operators: R.Pauljsen, Viktor fon Plessen, Gans Shajb

Reel №1

Women in Africa.

Go black woman in long white dresses danced.

African species.

The waterfall flows into the river.

The grass snake curls up next to the killed mouse.

In the palm grove grazing antelope.

Boy stroking two cubs.

The lush vegetation of the jungle.

African village, near the conical huts sitting and standing man-negros.

Negros planter near the house with a rope around his neck, stands a soldier with a gun.

The woman cooks food on a fire.

The Negro dance, beat tom-toms.

Circle dancing Negro in a long skirt of leaves, the rest of the dancers beat rhythmically on the ground big sticks.

A woman with a sick child comes to the priest, he wears around his neck a necklace baby, feeding it out of the bowl.

A woman carries a baby on her back in the mountains, leaves on the stone, leaving next to the cup.

The village continues to dance

Expedition movie.


The daughter of the leader comes into the hut, sweeping the threshold.

The boy-fisherman selects the network fish.

In the village heard the tom-toms, male, painted from head to toe with various patterns perform a ceremonial dance.

The boy-fisherman goes to the leader, asking him to give his daughter in marriage.

The young man is led to four women, each offers him water from the vessel, but he turns away.

A young man brings to the leader's hut gift-cloth, he receives a gift.

She handles the mango, remove the bark.

Of the fibers stretched tape, tie part

Key words

Africa, waterfall, snake, soldiers, jungle, women, music, entertainment, animals, plants, children, mountain people Africa, women, people, music, entertainment, fishermen, fish, young plants

Reel №2


Woman doing her hair girl of braids, other hairstyles.

In the village passes a herd of cows.

The house of the leader is in the process of women with baskets on their heads, dancing step are men, with them the boy-fisherman.

On the ground come the leader and his wife.

Preparing a wedding ceremony.

Women have boilers with food, others collect bananas with palm trees.

Guests are treated to delicacies.

Woman of the Masai tribe of mass Hoops on the neck, ears.

Women show a cut on their bellies and backs of the drawings.

Dance women then men join them



The local bazaar, selling fruit, vegetables, garlands, sweets and other goods.

Peasant house in Calcutta.

The man works for the primitive spinning wheel, wind the yarn on the board.

She weaves straw.

The holiday village folk dancing, banging drums

Key words

Africa, women, families, weddings, family, food, fishermen, music, entertainment Germany, India, market, trade, farmers, craft, women, festivals, entertainment

Reel №3



A man lays on the pavement drawing colored powders.

The difference between people on caste in India.

Woman working on a primitive loom.

Planting rice in the field, women work.

A woman grinds at the mill.

The fruits of the mango tree.

Woman split mango, cleans it from the bark, pulp puts in a vat.

A woman takes her husband rice, pouring his sauce.

Women at the well talking, pour water in jugs.

The majestic temples of India, decorated with bas-reliefs.

The complex of temples by the river, a huge elephant sculpture at the entrance.

In the courtyard of the columns wandering monkey, sitting on the steps of the temple.

Religious procession in the streets of the city in honor of Lord Shiva.

The Indians are on a stretcher stoles, elephant mahout leads.

From the temple leave women dressed in saris, sit on the ground in a circle, the circle goes dancer.

Musicians with national instruments.

Children's school of dance.

The children in the class, learn to collect patterns from sticks, beads.

Girls learn to draw.

The teacher shows a picture branches you want to portray and paint.

Gym girls in physical education.

Lunch at the students.

An old man sitting on the ground outside the house, cleans the mango.

Passing by the poor old woman with the girl, asking to eat.

The old woman offers to take the girl.

To father fit young man, asking him to agree

Key words

Germany, India, the population, farmers, food, women, crafts, kids, school, teaching, art, sculpture, temple, religion, seniors, poverty, teaching, family

Reel №4



The boy stroked the girl's hair, washes away the dirt from his face.

Girl cooks food on a fire.

She goes to the sleeping young man with a musical instrument, wakes him.

The young man offers to share his food, plays and sings.

Girls are ready for the wedding.

There is a wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom are painted on his forehead.

Guests of refreshments, musicians play


Mongolia region of China.

Junks on the water, on the shore of plank houses, pagoda.

Temple, Mongolia at the altar lights the candles.

Sport activities for children.

Hand in hand, he ran in a circle.

The boy, dressed a rat, runs in a circle of children.

Teenage girls in gym class, whistle trainer doing exercise with clubs.

Education in college.

The girls ran out of the building, talking, laughing.

Girl beats a stick on a suspended bell.

Breakfast with teachers at the tables.

Woman with two girls hit the road.

She goes ahead with a burning paper lanterns, her carry things rolled mattress.

They pass into the large junk, things are laid out in the cabin and blankets

Key words

Germany, India, youth, women, wedding, music, musical instruments Germany, Mongolia, transportation, water, school, teaching, sports, women, temple, children, entertainment

Reel №5


They are placed to sleep.

View of the covered boats at the shore.

In the morning they wash, combed, they bring rice into bowls, then they drink tea.

Types of banks.

The river trafficked large raft out of the woods.

The woman with the girls get to the places they go ashore.

The young man woos the girl, talking to her father.

Parents bring gifts from the boys.

Girls are ready for the wedding, wear a hat, hiding his face, satin dress.

A woman carries her on his back to the tippet, devshki carry special pomschenie where her comb, decorated with ribbons, wear bridal headdress, elegant dress.

Two women led her to the temple.

In two chairs sit groom's parents, they drink from the cup.

Boy and girl bow

Key words

Germany, water transport, woman, river, family, youth, wedding

Reel №6


The room is decorated with paper lanterns, garlands of flowers, the tables are sitting guests.

The groom sits to the guests, thanks them and leaves.

Lead bride skirt with her tables



Bali in Indonesia.

Lifestyle Balinese village.

Woman with child in her lap combed hair.

The old woman sits at a yarn wind the thread on a wooden circle.

Dance and sing two girls.

Women pounded in a mortar with the flour, cook.

The girls carry water in jugs.

All goods, products, women carry on their heads in baskets and trays.

On the way there are people, going to the market, many are products, fruit.

Women work in the fields, harvest crops.


Women with children are washed in the river.

Women harvest palm leaves for weaving.

The holiday village.

The boy plays on an instrument similar to a xylophone modern.

Residents listen to music.

Children learn national dances.

The field is the procession on long sticks are offering.

Ahead of two men with long palm branches.

The girls are on the minds of a vase with fruit.

High narrow pyramid, decorated with ornaments in the center of the site.

On the ground, sit the musicians play.

Two girls in naionalnyh costumes perform dance fans

Key words

Germany, China, youth, wedding, women Germany, Indonesia, festivals, women, children, market, farmers, animals, plants, crafts, teaching, art, music, musical instruments, people