Handling of Hitler to the German people. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Berlin, Sports-Palast.

Drummer taps fraction.

The huge hall filled with people.

Under the balcony stretches the banner: "The strength of the German Marxist without freedom!".

At the rostrum is Goebbels, he made a speech, branding Marxism, the party, steeped in corruption and scandals, criticized their leader Maykovkogo

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Reel №2


Goebbels speech sounds rpdio.

In the hall, men, women, students, the Nazis.

In the aisle are znamenonostsy carry banners with swastikas.

In the hall pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

People greet Hitler, who walks down the aisle.

Hitler goes to the podium, he was getting vostrorzhenny reception.

For the Führer suitable boy from the Hitler Youth, delivers a speech.

Goebbels offered it to the Fuhrer.

Hitler waiting pause and starts talking about the National Socialist Party

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Reel №3


Above the stage a long transporant: "Marxism has to die, so that the nation was reborn!".

Hitler criticized Marxist and democratic parties, talks about the struggle against Marxism.

Goebbels near the rostrum surrounded by Nazis, he reads some leaves

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Germany, public organizations, Hitler, Goebbels, the propaganda, the Nazis

Reel №4


Hitler begins talking about the policy of the National Socialist Party at the international level, the culture of German youth and children of the workers "

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Germany, public organizations, Hitler, propaganda

Reel №5


Hitler on the party program.

Among the prominent Nazis visible Goering, Goebbels.

Fuhrer's speech was repeatedly interrupted by applause and shouts of approval.

Hitler promotes the idea of ​​a new national community, Gauvreau about the role of the German people, about the importance of the German Reich

Key words

Germany, the Nazis, the Congress, Hitler, Goering, population, propaganda