Polish seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea. (1930 - 1939)

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Waves lapping on the shore of the beach in Orlowo.

Tourists walking along the sand, sitting in canvas cabins, sun loungers.

Beauty contest "The Queen of the Polish coast."

Girl with a bouquet of flowers smiling at the camera.

Young people shake hands on the winner.

Bathing in the sea.

Fatty in a wide skirt-pants comes in shallow water, another is lying on the beach.

A man with an umbrella in his hands wet with sea water person.

Turk in a bathing suit and a fez goes along the shore.

Man of sand sculpting female figure, but a dog destroys its "masterpiece".

The dog splashing in water.

Departure from Orlov on the boat.

Passengers climb on the boat


Sweeps flag at the stern, flying seagull.

Woman throwing pieces of bread into the water for tea.

Passengers on the deck.

The girl draws paints seascape.

Children climb stairs steamer.

Man flirting with two girls.

In the hands of a man little dog, he protects from big skunk.

Passengers sunbathe, someone already dozing in a deckchair.

Flying hydroplane over the ship.

The boat glides through the water.

A man takes pictures at sunset


The arrival of the ship in Estarnyu lighthouse on the shore.

Passengers leave the city.

The evening on the dance floor.

The streets of the resort's beach.

Girl throws a shovel sand.

Beach with traces of digging, like the craters.

The seller of ice cream product offers.

Photographer artificial bear.

Sale miniralnoy water kiosk.

Amateur pictures on the memory.

White cat near a black skin.

Girls sitting on the swing, which rocks the guy.

On the sand is the fat woman.

Horse vodnyhllyzhah.

Tennis courts.

Resorts and villas in Pyaske.

Exotic plants: cacti, palm trees.

Grokhovsky artist at the easel with palette in hand, his work portraits, "Attack cuirassiers Prince Alberhta on quads General Shembeka" etc.


By motorway car rides a motorcycle.

Monument to the Polish heroes who died in 1920.

Old lighthouse in Rosen, where he once wrote Stefan Żeromski his novel "The Wind from the Sea."

Lamplighter with my son at the lighthouse.

Cleaning the glass reflector lighthouse.

Alley and beaches Chule. "Yasterzhnya gur" / Hawk Mountain / on the beach.

Film actress on the beach: Alicia Halama, Toll Mankiewicz with ice cream, Elzbieta Marshevska pine, sits reading a book.

Actor Deletsky delivers a monologue "To be or not to be" on the beach.

Actress dancing on the beach.


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