Field-Marshal Hermann Goering in Austria. (1938)

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Reel №1


Journal "Fox Tenende vohenshau" Special Edition.

The train approaches the platform.

Goering with marshal's baton in his hand out of the train station, coming to the chief of the guard of honor, he receives the report.

The crowd cheers Goering, the police holding back the pressure of the masses.

Goering passes an honor guard, sits in a car, travel on city streets


Goering visits the Air Corps in Wels.

It bypasses the order of pilots at the airfield, a view of the planes "Henkel".

In the town of Leonding Goering visits the grave of Hitler's parents laying flowers.

Close-up of the monument with the names of: Alois and Klara Hitler.

car motorcade rides at Linz, on troturah cheering crowds.

Goring is in the car, welcomes the crowd.

Ostnaovka near the administrative building.

Goring on the balcony, the cheers of the people.

Travel on the street, stop, bypassing the troops.

Girl Greingu presenting a bouquet of flowers.

Goering on board pleasure steamer sailing on the Danube in Vienna.

Types of beaches, flags on the mast of the ship.

Goering in the mess at the table with the Minister of Economy, buseduet on the implementation of the 4-year plan in Austria.

Goering's wife sitting on the deck at the table.

Arriving in Vienna, Goering rod salutes the crowd on the shore

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Reel №2


car motorcade rides over the bridge, welcome transporant hanging.

Goering shakes hands with the representative of the Austrian government.

The speaker on the podium, Hering makes a speech response.

car motorcade travels through the streets of Vienna.

Houses are decorated with Nazi symbols, cheering crowds along the way cars move.

Hering opens onto a balcony, prievtstvuet crowd.

Hering at the airfield near Vienna Asper.

Nazi banners on the masts.

The pilots in the ranks before the aircraft.

Goering welcomed General bypasses system pilots


Goering arrives in town alpiyky Eyzenerts.

He gets out of the car of the train in a sheepskin coat and winter hat, welcomes welcoming, an orchestra.

Hering sits in the car, traveling on snow-covered streets.

After visiting the administrative building, he again in the car, looking out of the window prschaetsya.

Goering in NKlagenfurte.

He gets out of the building, sits in the car, driving on the street.

Bypass honor guard.

The cheers of women and children dressed in national costumes.

Goering held a crowd of women, smiling

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Reel №3


Goering comes to town Mauterndorf travel motorcade through the streets, cheering crowds around.

Children welcome guest, it bypasses the crowd.

Decorated farmhouses.

Goering stops at home, he is greeted by the hosts, dressed in national costumes.

Goering enters the house, he was on the balcony.

The walls of the house are decorated with garlands, antlers.

View on the town.

Emma Goring also talking with the owners.

Goering talks with Austrian policeman.

Goering's speech in front of a crowd of people.

Theatrical performance in the yard, huge dancing puppets out of papier-mache.

Goering watching from the balcony, clapping

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Reel №4


Goering in alpine hunting attire smoking a pipe and watching the performance of dancers, he shakes hands actors, looks under the floor of soldier figures on stilts.

Emma Goring next talking to a woman.

Goering comes once Grossglockner Alpine town, snow-capped mountains on the horizon, the foreground banners with swastikas.

motorcade rides through the town.

Guests at the observation deck.

Goering arrives in Salzburg, crowds welcome motorcade.

Goering bypass operation.

People waving flags with swastikas.

Sights of the city, a monument in the square.

Goering made a speech from the balcony

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Reel №5


Hering at the opening of the road construction.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers, makes an entry in the book, gives a speech.

Goering with a shovel in his hands digging the ground, throws it in the cart.

Story officers.

Goering in the car.

The field marshal again in Linz, he gets out, he greeted the women and children dressed in national costumes.

Goering made a speech at the opening of the road construction.

Works excavator

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Reel №6


PNRM. construction, crane carries a bucket to the ground, it pours into the truck


Goering holds honorary ceremony transmission air regiment banner in kottingbrunn.

It bypasses the order of pilots on the field.

Three soldiers unfurl a banner, Goring presents his regimental commander.

Parade before the General Field Marshal.

Goering in the reserve Tiergarten.

Cars driving down the avenue, Goering in hunting costume.

Transplanted into the carriage, drawn by two horses.

The road runs across the deer.

Deer graze in the meadow, running boar.

The carriage rides along the bridge.

The telescope can see deer.

Goering in a hunting manor, looking antlers.

In the courtyard table.

Goering with the huntsman drink a glass of wine.

Power Taurn.

View of the town against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Residents in the Alpine national costumes.

Goes the cortege of cars, Goering greet with the locals, the girl brings him flowers.

It Goering on the construction of the power plant.

Men with shovels in the ranks.

Hering throws the first shovel earth.

Sounds fascist anthem

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