Going to Poland (1940)

Documentary №66682, 8 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Fric Hippler /Fritz Hipler/
Camera operators:Zepp Ellgejer Ervin Blich, Vagner Valjter Konc, Aljbert Endrejat, Valjter Frenc, Karl Frejman, Valjter Grich, Hajnc Yavorskij, Berihard Yuppe, Aljbert Kling, Hajnc Yavorskij, Berihard Yuppe, Aljbert Kling, Hajnc Klut, Artur Linke, Gans Sholjc i dr

Reel №1


Types of Danzig / Gdansk / architectural monuments, a fountain with Neptune figure cathedrals.

Map of Poland, in the north of Gdansk, Westerplatte.

Poland's border with Germany, USSR, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia.

The inscription on Poland - Jews.

Diplomats meeting in England.

Polish Volksdeutsche go to Germany to escape the Polish terror, are on foot, by bus.

Women with children in their arms, teenagers.

Women cry.

London, out of the wagon train Polish Foreign Minister Beck.

On the coast are the Polish guards.

German soldiers wheeled cannon, mounted her.

Pages German newspaper about the visit of German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop in Moscow on August 23, 1939.

The agreement on the recognition of a free city of Danzig.

Ribbentrop board a plane.

British Minister made a speech in his study for a pact with Moscow, Germany.

Diplomats Meeting in England and France on the issue of Polish-German relations.

Poland, incited by Britain, calls for war with the Reich.

In different countries, it is the mobilization of troops.

Men with things go to the recruiting office

Key words

Germany, Poland, the USSR, Britain, border Gos.akt, Gos.deyateli, personalities visit, the soldiers, the strengthening of the Jews, the Air Force, the conference, the troops, the evacuation of women, children

Reel №2


Men with povetskami in the hands of the recruiting station, put on the form.

London, men digging underground bunker.

French soldiers and men in civilian clothes dragged cannon rope.

Military parade in England, marching troops, female military unit, the civilian population in helmets.

The old man in the helmet carries a staff with a shield: "Sheffield".

Polka President Mustsitsky out of the car, he is met by Rydz-Smygly.

The Polish army marching on the street of Warsaw, the people watching, riding tanks.

Marshal of a parade from the balcony.

The division in the ranks, the tankers near the cars lined up on the field of aircraft gunners at the guns

Poland. "Polish provocation."

The attack on the Polish village, burning houses, shooting guns.

In Germany, there is a meeting of the Nazis.

On the podium, he said on the Polish question.

Proclamation of Danzig in German on the wall, it is read by people.

German soldiers on the streets of Danzig, fired from a cannon.

The city includes SS Division tanks, the tank inscription: "Sudetenlend", the tanks are soldiers.

In the depths of the street fighters of the hose trying to extinguish the flames.

Go street battles.

From the entrance of the house leaves the League of Nations High Commissioner in Dentsige Burchard, he leaves the city.

German troops enter Danzig, hang on the street fascist banners.

Fountain of Neptune in the background of the building with banners.

The arch entering trucks with soldiers, the people welcomed them, people waving and smiling.

The soldiers respond in kind



Map of Poland.

The German army from the north and south are sent to Warsaw.

View of the German troops on the march, the roads clogged with lots of trucks, tanks, galloping cavalry, riding armored riders.

Bute guns.

The German army in the offensive.

The view from the height of the movement of troops.

The infantry in the offensive.

Night Combat Shooting.

German motorcyclists passing through the Polish countryside.

Residents look at them.

On a country road riding German tanks

Key words

Germany, Poland, conscripts, soldiers Gos.deyateli, personalities, strengthen, parade, England, army, women, president, people, tanks, artillery, weapons, air force,
Germany, Poland, World War 2, the Nazis, the League of Nations, personalities, Gos.deyateli, tanks, fire, soldiers, people, promotion, SS, city, weapons, fountain
Germany, Poland, war, weapons, tanks, troops, population, weapons

Reel №3



Destroyed railway bridge across the river, broken path compositions.

German engineers repairing a bridge over it passes the car, then the cavalry.

Tanks are ferried across the water.

Close up of a spinning propeller.

German planes heading for Poland.

The pilot in the cockpit.

View from the plane on the Polish territory.

Aircraft returned to base, transmit data of aerial photography.

Inspection of images, which can be seen the strategic road city.

Staff officers for the documents in the field.

Pilots looking maps and images, make a mark.

Preparing for flight in air freight bomb.

Rise, view from the aircraft to the area.

The bombing of facilities onboard fires arrows.

A view of destruction after the bombing.

Broken road with craters, broken appliances, burnt compositions collapsed armored car.

German soldiers in the wreckage of the railway station.

Broken Polish aircraft

Key words

Germany, Poland, War, Air Force, military equipment, river, bridge, demolition, railroad, generals, tanks, cavalry, photos, documents, city, communication, weapons

Reel №4


Germans among the ruins and destruction.

Broken Polish aircraft.

On the way, goes the German cavalry, passing cars, trucks, carts.

Go, smiling soldiers.

The population welcomed the German troops, the Poles, Volksdeutsche throw flowers into the trucks.

Locality Garden Grodzka, NDP. on the building.

Residents welcomed the German troops.

In the background a man peels from the walls Polish coat of arms.

Another clears the wall street name in Polish.

Residents pulled fvshistskom hands in greeting.

Girls smile, throw flowers.

Tanks, cars could hardly drive through the crowd.

The officers in the car greet residents.

The soldiers are with bouquets of flowers



Burning buildings in the city, the smoking ruins.

They move German soldiers, tanks.

Broken Polish German technology on the street.

Soldiers are arrested Pole with their hands up.

Lead Polish prisoners soldiers.

German soldiers on the street, on the sidewalk are a man with his arms raised.

The soldiers searched the man in the street, are just across the road.

A German soldier with a gun next to him the Pole with his hands up.

Ksedz among the arrested men.

Polish Volksdeutsche blindfolded person passes through the system of Poles arrested by identifying omandirov and commissioners, pointing at the officer.

An elderly Jew in the doorway of the house

Ancient church in Czestochowa, German soldiers are part of the gate.

Poles pray on my knees.

The altar in the church with the icon of "Our Lady of Czestochowa" of the church out German soldiers wear hats.

Map, German troops tightened around Warsaw.

Driving environment Polish units from Danzig and rejection of them.

The boiler in Tushelerskoy steppe.

Westerplatte, a small island in the mouth of the Vistula in Gdynia / Gdansk /.

German planes were bombing Westerplatte, a warship firing of shells on the beach.

The sailors cast sleeves from shells.

Face sailor who is looking through the eyepiece on the shore.

Smoke and fires on the beach.

In the dark, whistling bullets transsiruyuschie

Key words

Germany, Poland, the war, the population, women, invasion, Gos.simvolika, young people, the Nazis, the flowers, tanks, military equipment, troops, soldiers, city, military leaders
Germany, Poland, population, prisoners, elderly people, the Jews, the military equipment, city, fire, destruction, soldiers, generals, soldiers, war
Poland, War World 2, military equipment, temple, religion, soldiers, navy, river, air force, weapons, fire

Reel №5



German soldiers in the attack on Gdynia.

They run through the woods.

Cannon hit the defensive structures.

View of the port waters, wrecks.

German artillery hit the city.

City view from the telescope.

Shoot guns of the ship.

The surrender of Gdynia, German troops in the city.

Near the houses rare inhabitants.

The establishment of the Polish coat of arms on the wall.

Proclamation in Polish on the wall.

From the captured buildings are located civilians, sailors.

Poles are arrested along the street.

German troops continued the way, go down the street cars, tanks.

Motorcycles ride to the bridge.

On the way a car drives past the troops with Hitler and officers.

The soldiers ran to the car, shouting gleefully, pulling his hands.

Soldiers surround the Fuehrer dense crowd, asking for an autograph.

Hitler officers goes to the location of the part.

He tries to soldier's food from the field kitchen.

The radio operator at the station.

Hering at the headquarters of the card, it is worth Himmler.

Hitler was sitting in a chair, listening to the generals explanations.

Goering asks questions, General Keitel replies.

Goering and Hitler sitting nearby.

Radio operators transmit messages.

The generals of the card.

Hitler was looking at the map.

Driving on the map, Veyhsel river, in the center of Kutno, in the south of Radom, the arrows go to Warsaw.

The boiler in the Radom district.

Polish cavalry and infantry surrounded by Germans.

German soldiers disarm the Poles.

Weapons dumped by the roadside, cannons., Stacks of helmets, ammunition belts, guns, armored cars.

View from the airplane on the captured trophies.

Polish soldiers in captivity, along with wagons and horses.

A huge column of prisoners walking along the road

Key words

Germany, Poland, war, soldiers, military leaders, personalities, Hitler, Goering, Himmler, communications, bridge, river, prisoners, the city arms, surrender, Gos.simvolika, Navy, construction, strengthening, population, food, cavalry, trophies

Reel №6



Captured Poles in the city.

German soldiers crossing the river.

The rise of the hill with the horses that carry guns.

Map, diagram Poles retreat to the San River. 3 boiler g.

Przhemysl area.

Crossing the German troops across the river.

Soldiers pass by the hill on which stand Hitler generals.

Close-up of Hitler.

The soldiers pulled up at the sight of the Fuhrer.

Go carts, passing car with three officers wounded, they happily waving the Fuhrer.

The officer shows Hitler card.

The troops are on the burning town, PNRM. the ruins of the city and the conflagration.

Tired German soldiers move along the dirt road, go carts, field kitchen.

Soldiers sleep on the go carts.

Soldiers in eyeglasses, from the weather, the horses are with goods.

Rest on the sidelines.

Soldiers sleep on the ground, lie.

Unsaddled horse on holiday.

Soldiers clean weapons, mechanics inspect the tanks and lubricate parts, poured fuel.

Someone washes clothes, some shave, eat.

Soldier breaks an egg on the gun barrel.

Tankers are sitting on the armor resting.

Soldier gives troops passing the newspaper, those reading on the go.

The path continues, go horse-drawn guns on the tanks.

Close-up of tank tracks.

The tank moves down the hill.

Travel past the destroyed village, protrude from the tube furnace.

Cars cross the shallow river, the infantry goes in the mud.

Build troops, General Brauchitsch bypasses the system, presses his hands to the soldiers, congratulated the completion of the 18-day operation

Key words

Germany, Poland, the war, the soldiers, the prisoners, the city, the troops, the river, cars, Hitler, military leaders, fire, destruction, animals, pets, weapons, tanks, rest, press

Reel №7

Map of Poland.

The boiler in Kutno destroyed.

Ring around Warsaw.

Trying to get out of Kutno Poles were unsuccessful.

Captured appliances, tools, carts at the river.


Arrows at Brest-Litovsk on the border with the Soviet Union.

The boiler in Lemberg, Lublin.

The meeting of the German and the Soviet command at Brest-Litovsk.

Sovestky officer read the flyer in Russian: "The German Army greets the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army!

We, the soldiers who wish to enter the soldiers R.K.K.A. in good soldierly attitude.

Russian soldiers enjoyed our deep respect always.

This future must be so! ".

The officers shake hands.

Meeting room.

The map is held German demarkatsioonnaya line through Poland.

The agreement signed by Reich Minister von Ribbentrop and Soviet side


The map on it marked 2 boiler at Modlin and Warsaw.

The car with Hitler on the front, the car ran enthusiastic soldiers.

Hitler shakes hands with a soldier standing next to Himmler, who was also a soldier slaps on the shoulder.

Hitler bypass operation.

Radio operators in the field a car radio.

Diplomats and foreigners leave the besieged Warsaw, car rides with the Japanese flag on the roof.

The artillery battery charging gun and shoot around the city.

Soldiers are on the side of the road, watching the shelling.

Hitler was looking through the eyepiece observation tube.

Across the river is lit Warsaw.

Hitler was among the generals, he looks up at the sky.

Flying German planes, the bombing of Warsaw from the air.

View from the airplane on the destroyed Warsaw.

Polish troops in Warsaw capitulate.

Polish parliamentarians pass by German officers to the bus, they are greeted by a German general Blaskowitz

Key words

Poland, USSR, War World 2, soldiers, weapons, propaganda, military equipment, the river, the border, the Red Army generals, Gos.akt, Gos.deyateli, personalities
Germany, Poland, War, Hitler, the soldiers, communications, Gos.simvolika, river, weapons, artillery, fire, air force, city, destruction, surrender, military leaders, personalities

Reel №8



The talks between the Polish and German sides of the bus.

Face Polish general Kutsheba window.

Poles get off the bus.

October 1 in the city include the German troops.

View of the barricades in the city, piles of debris, broken trucks, dump trams.

Residents watch outside the city by the Germans.

The soldiers cut the ribbon as a symbolic border town.

Antifascist poster on the wall of a building.

The building of the military commandant, Polish officers out of the door.

Polish soldiers out of the barracks.

Pillars of Polish prisoners of war are in the street by residents


Parade of German troops in Warsaw in front of the Fuhrer.

On the square are three German soldiers with banners.

Playing a military band.

Next to Hitler with General Brauchitsch.

Hitler holds out his hand in a Nazi salute.

Goes cavalry are different kinds of troops.

Hitler's face.

Map of Europe, the inscription "Greater Germany", the bell tolls.

Fullscreen flag with a swastika, the Nazi anthem sounds

Key words

Germany, Poland, War, soldiers Gos.akt, prisoners, military leaders, personalities, destruction, population, border, city, propaganda
Poland, War, parade, soldiers, troops, Hitler, military leaders, personalities, fascists, Gos.simvolika, cavalry, propaganda, War World 2

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