They, and we, the storm over Europe (20 years old truce). (1939)

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Director: Razimi Antuan. Rasimi Antoine

Reel №1

Frantsiya.1 th glava.1919-1920 years.

Parizh.11 November 1918 g.


Bell Tolls.

A joyful crowd in the streets, the newspapers sell newspapers.



In Paris, come to the celebration of Victory: George V, he is accompanied by Poincaré.

People waving flags allies.

US President Wilson, he is accompanied by Poincaré.

King of Italy Victor Emmanuel, Prince of Piedmont and Clemenceau.

Belgium's King Albert 1 and the accompanying Poincare.

Albert 1 in a wheelchair on the Place de la Concorde.

The crowd filled the square after the motorcade.

President Clemenceau in Strasbourg, it welcomes children.

Awarding the city Bethune, who suffered in the war, as well as Ypres and Nieuport in the presence of Poincare.

Presentation of awards to officers.

The one-eyed general rewards veterans.

Maya Area.

Military parade, present General Pershing.

Members signing the Treaty of Versailles sent to Versailles: Clemenceau, Lloyd George, Wilson, Sonya Prime Minister of Italy, the Japanese delegates.

Tiger Clemenceau in his chair-he was not out of work.

The ceremonial meeting in the Hall of Mirrors Versailles dortsa: Clemenceau, Wilson, Lloyd George, Nershing

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Reel №2


The Japanese delegation.


The arrival of the German delegation.

Hall of Mirrors-signing ceremony of the Treaty of Versailles.

A map of Europe.

Changes in boundaries after the war.

Poland becomes independent.

In Warsaw, the crowd is happy.



Parade in July 1919 Prage.14 g.

Parad victory on the Champs Elysees.

Peten on horseback.

They're coming columns of soldiers and officers with banners.

People with disabilities and veterans.

Allied forces, British, Americans, Belgians, Italians.

Allied flags.

The cavalry, sailors.

River People on the Champs Elysees.

Burial of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe.

Solemn tseremoniya.2 glava.1920-22 years.

Allies are trying to alleviate the situation in Germany.

French veterans.

Colonel Fabry, aviation aces.

General Kostelnaya delegates.

January 20 g.

Vybory in Frantsii.A.Mileran.

April 20 g.

Mery to implement the Treaty of Versailles, the Allies dogovora.1920 conference in San Remo.1921 conference in London.

Lloyd George, Foz.

December 1921 conference in Washington.

January 1922 conference in Cannes.

Lloyd Dzhordzh.1922 of-the Genoa Conference.

For the first time attended by representatives of the Soviet Union, Chicherin and Litvinov, and Germanii.3 glava.1923 g.

Germaniya does not fulfill obligations under the Treaty of Versailles.

French troops occupied the Ruhr, the Rhineland.

Poincare in the Ruhr.

The factories, the soldiers on the streets.

In the field kitchen French soldiers fed the Germans.




August 1923 Europe g.


Key words

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Reel №3


Chapter 4. 1925-1930 gg.

Stresemann and Ginderburg main figures primereniya new German policy.

Locarno in October 1925, meeting.


Stresemann about steamer on the lake. 1925 conference in London.

The British occupied Cologne.


Meeting of the League of Nations.

Briand, Briand Pact of Shtrezeman.1928-Keloga Paris.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Brian, Kelog / USA /, Stresemann at the entrance.

Germany in the League of Nations.

Briand, Dearle.

The evacuation of French troops from the Rhineland.

Germany occupies the Rhineland.

With oldaty enter the Reichstag.

The funeral.

Elections in Germany.

Election campaign.

Dropped leaflets.

Hindenburg won the election.


They come in the form of 1914 veterans parade.

Hindenburg himself in a helmet.

Parade fascists.

Fever in Germany re - construction tsippelina, launching warship.

Ships at sea.

Hindenburg on the deck.

Military exercises on land and at sea.

The end of the 20s was marked by the death of the protagonists 10's and 20's: Funeral Foch.

Footage Joffre, Lyautey, Wilson, Briand, Stresemann, Painlevé, Maginot, Poincare.

Funeral Clemenceau - involving persons with disabilities and veterans.

At the Arc de Triomphe

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Reel №4

Frantsiya.5 glava.1933-1934gg.

Fascism comes to power in Germany.

Burned the Reichstag.

Buildings with Nazi flags.

Posters, vote for Hitler.

People on the streets.

Marching stormtroopers.

Von Papen.

Election campaign.

Hitler speaks.

Go peasants systems.

Demonstration of the Nazis.

Hitler shaking hands.

On the racetrack revolving swastika of the riders.

Historical costume parade.

In Geneva, Goebbels said about the world.

Dollfuss in Austria with the generals in the streets of Vienna at the festival.

The crowd in the square.

The Austrian border.

Dollfuss sent to Rome to sign a pact of alliance with Hungary.

Mussolini also signed.

Hitler in Venice, Italy Gede tries to convince of the need to annexation of Austria.

Hitler in the car on the streets.

War Minister von Fritsch, Goering.

August 1934 g.

Ubiystvo Dollfuss.

Funeral Dollfuss.

Shushnik in protsessii.1934 g.

Fashistsky Congress in Nuremberg.

Hitler at the stadium.


Louis Bart lays a wreath in Belgrade.

Bart at Pilsudski in Warsaw.

Funeral of Louis Bartu.1935 g.

Plebestsit Saar.

Speech Hess

Key words

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Reel №5


The participation of Germans in plebestsite. 6 head. 1935-36.

The introduction of compulsory military service in Germany.

The enthusiasm of the Nazis in the Berlin theater where it is due.

Rejoice recruits.

Reichswehr scheme.

Meeting Eden and Simmons.

Hitler and von Ribbentrop.

Laval in Italy.

Franco-Italian treaty with Mussolini.

Laval in Moscow.

The meeting with Stalin, Molotov, Litvinov.

Laval and Litvinov at the station.

Seeing Laval. 1935 Stresa Conference.

Come Mussolini, Laval, anchovy, MacDonald.

April 17, 1935 Extraordinary Meeting of the League of Nations. 1935 Nazi congress in Nuremberg.

Parade fascists, maneuvers the aircraft in the air gun.

The war of Italy in Ethiopia.

German troops entered the Rhineland.

Hitler speaking before a microphone.

German soldiers are part of Düsseldorf.

World Exhibition in Paris in 1936. The construction of the pavilion.

The Soviet pavilion-sculpture Fly - "Worker and Collective Farm Girl"

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Reel №6

1936 Nazi congress in Nuremberg.

Torchlight procession.

Hitler on the balcony.

The Spanish Civil War.

Fires after the bombings in Madrid.


Go Republicans.

Shooting in the trenches.

Goering and Mussolini in Spain.

General von Blomberg with Mussolini in Italy on board the ship.

In the fall of Hitler, Mussolini invited to Berlin.

The meeting of Hitler and Mussolini at the station.

The maneuvers in the presence of Mussolini.

French President died.

Death of Albert I, King of Belgium.

Funeral of George V. Death Ludendorff.

Funeral Masaryk in Prague.

Benes. 1937 Nuremberg.

Hitler on the podium, a great parade of fascists.

Chapter 7. 1937-38. "Living space.

Hitler's Speech in the Reichstag of the "life of the space."

Shushnik in the Austrian parliament.

March 12, 1938 German troops occupied Austria.

Hitler stands in Vienna.

Parade of German troops.

Hitler's triumphant return to Berlin.

Hitler in Rome.

Naval maneuvers of Italy.

In 1938 the French government headed by Daladier.

July 1938 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on a visit to France.

The parade on the Champs Elysees.

Present French President Albert Lebrun.

Speech by Benes in Prague.

Nazi congress in Nuremberg.

Hitler at the parade.

A forest of hands in a Nazi salute.

Night march.

March 12, 1938, Czechoslovakia takes military action - mobilization.

Mobilization also in France.

Munich meeting: Mussolini, Hitler, Daladier, Chamberlain.

The signing of the Munich Agreement.

Chamberlain returned to London, out of the plane.

Daladier - in Paris, he is met by a crowd.

Ribbentrop in Paris.

The Franco-German agreement

Key words

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Reel №7


The signing of the Franco-German agreement.

On the French side P.Reyno, Bonn.

Triumphal Arch.

Fire on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Pope Pius HP.Berlin, the Reichstag.

The invasion of the Germans in Chehoslovakiyayu.

Roosevelt refers to Hitler asking for the world.

City of Warsaw.

Beck performs in a diet.

The German invasion of Poland.

Ran Polish soldiers.

Shooting a gun, shot gun, an explosion.

Ribbentrop went to Moscow.

Chamberlain Golifaks, Daladier.

Mobilization in France.

Go soldiers traveling on the train.

British soldier says goodbye to zhenoy.1914g. - Kaiser 1939 - July 14, 1939 Hitler g.

Natsionalny holiday.

The parade on the Champs Elysees.

The soldiers-veterans, marines, sailors, aircraft plant, working people, tanks.

Daladier, Admiral Darlan.

France Fields.

Map of France.

British sailors.

Parade on the Field of Mars.

French troops, artillery, and cavalry.

Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees.

The English and French flags

Key words

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