Finland in the fight. (1940)

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Director: E.O.Shtauffer /E.O.Stauffer/

Operators: Charljz Zbinden

Reel №1

On the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940.

Director and cameraman in front of the camera.

The coast of Finland, the harsh rocks.

The nature of the country, expanses of tundra with stunted vegetation.

Burning of forests, followed by plowing the land.

Harvesting on the field.

Woman carrying baked bread.

The farmer on a tractor plowing.

Logging, export of logs by truck.

The sawmill, warehouses.

Production of paper out of the woods.

Packages brand: "Made in Finland".

Go to the forest compositions.

Work surveyors.

Construction of houses, new stadium



Types of Helsinki.

The building with the national flag, the ancient fortress of Suomenlinna.

Industry Finland before the war.

Quarry, are trucks with rock and forestry.

The dam with power station turbine hall.

Sculptor working on a bust of a man on a bear figure.

Summer day, relax on the beach.

Sailors in the leisure hours at the table.




Military training in the country.

Cavalrymen riding horses cross-country, cross the river, go carts with machine guns.

Radio operators at the field station, the radio operator to feedback text in Morse code.

Boy watching a detachment of cavalry.

Marching soldiers.

In the forest are tanks, breaking the path of trees



Flags at the entrance to the building.

Night rally, on the balcony of the government members.

Train with the NDP. in Finnish and in Russian: "Sleeping car" train departs.

Civil defense in the city.

Men dig trenches, Carpenter scored the door.

The traffic, in homes piled sandbags.

Girls-nurses learn first aid, put on the hand rail.

From the car out officials, the crowd welcomed them.

Map of Finland, Vyborg populated points, Kotka, Gulf of Finland, the islands stand out: Titersoari Hoagland, Seyskeri and others.

The Prime Minister and his wife out of the building.

The girl cleans a window on paper strips.

The children ran out into the street at recess, playing, going from school



Start of hostilities.

In the sky flying a squadron of Soviet airplanes.

Children with things down in a bomb shelter.

The ruins of buildings from the bombing, the smoke from pozhvrov people running down the street.

Along the failure of soldiers passes by Field Marshal Mannerheim.

Soldiers in camouflage shooting, lying in the snow.

Work in the mine.

Street of the city, a pointer to the bomb shelter.

Covered pamtyatniki on the street.

Facades of houses lined with sandbags, reinforced forest.

Woman dials in a bucket coal

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Reel №2



A woman passes a bucket of coal man, who falls asleep in his box.

The windows were sealed with paper, the house hiding bags, boards.

On the wall of the house anti-Soviet posters, calls for vigilance.

Refugees leave the city.

By train station fits, residents go with children, they were taken on a sled.

Women with children on snow-covered station.

Pension for the refugees in the wards are closely bed, they are children and women.

When an alarm is raised in the floor hatches and go down to the basement.

Material things, women dismantle things, put them in bags, boxes.

Women sew military garments, knitting, working on looms.

Women with children singing psalms to the priest.

Close-up of a cross on the chest of the priest.

The building, located in the MDM hospital flag over the entrance to the Red Cross



Women's Battalion of civil defense in the forest.

In the tower are two women in coats.

One looks at the sky through binoculars, sees the appearance of the aircraft.

Second telephoned headquarters, Perdana message.

Officers at the headquarters of the table.

The city declared the air raid siren sounded.

People fleeing to the shelter.

Traveled firefighters and ambulances.

Explosions in the city fires.

On the stretcher the wounded soldier is wounded woman among the ruins.

End air raid.

Ruined monastery.

Ruins of houses with iced walls

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Reel №3



The ruins of the monastery.

The road in the forest, drifting snow sweeps.

PNRM. around town.

Map of Finland, the hand is on the map, showing the so-called Mannerheim Line.

Finnish soldiers riding in a train sleeping soldiers.

There are planes, the soldiers leave the train, then return.

Map points Piekstrikki, Savonlinna.

Flying airplanes.

Soldiers in camouflage running through the woods.

They're coming trucks with soldiers.

The refugees are children under the touch, they hide under the trees, look at the sky.

The cameraman shoots plaque.

Explosions from bombs.

Ran female nurse, carry away the wounded on stretchers.

Soldiers on the road escorted refugees.

Burning houses in the village.

The bodies of dead soldiers.

Residents try to extinguish the fire, carried out of the house things.

Night Scene fires.

Morning in the city, home to the iced walls hang large icicles.

Firefighters extinguish a building.

Fallen downed Soviet plane.

On the snow lie suitcases, stools, banks.

On the pillars of the torn wires.

Broken car in the garage.

Ruins bookstore

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Reel №4


Movement on cars on the road through the forest.

Soldiers in camouflage running down the stairs at home, lined with cobblestones.

At the entrance of the two flags.

Finnish officers rest in the building.

Map, Lake Ladoga, Sortavala.

The hand is an arrow from the USSR to the Sortavala, onset of 34 divisions.

At the house there are skiing, the skier rushes, screaming at the door.

From the house the soldiers ran out, stand on skis, ride through the woods.

Shootout with Soviet troops.

Shoot with rifles, machine guns.

The soldier let a dog.

Medic near the wounded, take out on his sleigh.

Bus with the Red Cross, it is brought to the wounded ship.

The field of battle after the assault.

Lie the corpses of soldiers.

Broken equipment, guns, tanks.

Corpses in the snow.

Pile of gas masks, guns, carts.

The captured bunker near his tanks.

Traces of bullets in the window of the car.

The corpses of the horses in the snow.

The aircraft in the sky.

Removes cameraman.

On the road going cars and buses, a pointer to Lemetti.

Trenches, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Finnish soldier looks at the Soviet red star

Key words

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Reel №5



A Soviet officer and a soldier in the interrogation.

Driving on the road, on the sidelines of the broken Soviet tanks, guns.

Sounds Soviet song.

On the road going car with a few soldiers.

Trouble is, there are Soviet planes.

Soldiers jump out of the car, ran to the sidelines.

Aircraft bombed the road.

The wagons on vacation, unharnessed horses.

From the hole take out the water, watered the horses.

Soldiers are resting in the hut, cook over a campfire.

The young Finnish soldiers on a helmet painted skull.

Soldiers jump out naked in the snow, then ran back into the house.

With the aircraft drops a dud, a soldier takes his hands



Map arrow returns to Mikkeli.

Staff reservists.

Mature male volunteers go with things, they are in the ranks.

A female volunteer.

The town liberated by Soviet troops.

Hang Soviet flags, slogans: "Above the banner of Lenin, it brings us the victory."

Opened safe.

Helmets, pierced by bullets.

Spoils of War guns, guns, guns.

Broken plane of its parts.

Soviet mines.

Holes in Soviet tanks.

Map arrow going up north points Kokkola, Oulyu.

Soldiers in camouflage are on the snow.

The station, soldiers with things sent to eshklonu.

Propaganda posters on the wall

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Reel №6



Soldiers with dogs in cars.

The soldier on the roof watching the sky.

The ruins of the houses, the woman at the well drawing water.

Map points Mekkeelvi, Kelshelvi, Salla.

A squad of soldiers on skis and with sled dogs.

Soabki, harnessed to a sled, driven sleigh through the woods, up the hill, the soldiers are helping them.

The drone aircraft, the soldiers stopped, masked by snow, then continue the path.

A pointer to the settlements, to Salla 31 km., Kemiyyarven., Markayarvi and others.

The road to Salla, sticking out of the snow chimneys, ruins.

Broken bike in the snow, at the ruins of the house is the bed.

Barbed wire.

Warning of mines.

Deer in the snow.

A squad of skiers in the ranks.

Tombstone with the NDP. 03.01.1940 with the name of the fallen at Sally.

Driving on winter road, in front of the machine runs a deer

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Reel №7



From the dugout a man runs, goes horse.

Marching detachment of skiers, cavalrymen riding horses, riding motorcyclists.

Soldiers in sheepskins for the campaign.

The soldiers pushed the car stuck in the snow.

The troops on the road, carts with horses.

Troop skiers go into battle, firing a machine gun.

The battle near the village

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Reel №8



City Yutsiyarvi Finnish troops captured, the houses in ruins.

Interior view of a ruined house.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Skiers in the ranks, halt the fire.

Field-Marshal Mannerheim and his entourage held a formation of soldiers.

He stands on a hill, giving a speech, and then awards the soldiers, pilots.

Order on the chest of a wounded soldier.

March 13, 1940, the date on the calendar.

The peace treaty establishes a new frontier.

Map of Finland, the boundary line.

Karelia goes to the USSR. Flag of Finland.

Funeral soldiers sheets.

Ruins of buildings, battlefields.

All looks through binoculars

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