Echo homeland (1 series). (1935)

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Director: Valjter V.Trinks /Walter W.Trinks/

Reel №1


Chronicle of events that took place in Germany in 1934.

Material selected mainly as an illustration to the approval of the fascist government of the successful implementation of the National Socialist slogans.

Construction of the entire network of new motorways in the total length of 6000 km as one of the measures aimed also at reducing unemployment in Germany.

Hitler stands in the shop of the plant to the workers.

The Führer and his entourage walking down the street in front of the plant.

A meeting of the workers at the construction


Labour Front Marching soldiers with shovels in their hands.

Go earthworks, workers throw the earth into trucks, driven in wheelbarrows.

Construction of a new road in the mountains.

Rink leveled ground.

Special machines for pouring the roadway.

Map of Germany, indicating roads


Expanding automotive industry.

The workers go to the factory for the production of Volkswagens.

Working time in the shop, vehicle assembly.

New cars for sale in the salon.

Road traffic on a background of factory chimneys.

Top view of the parking lot.

International car race in 1934 in Cologne.

Winner-German Manfred von Rauhich in a laurel wreath.

Moments races, stop for a wheel change.

Judge at the table.

Scoreboard competitions.

Fans at the track.

Poebeditelya bear arms.

Record Germany puts Caracciola racer.

View from the airplane on the road, river, ships in the channel.

There is a network expansion inland waterway.

Construction of channels, the gateway.

New bridge in Koblenz.

Hitler arrives at the opening, the crowd welcomed him.

A group of children with a placard: "Children of the Saar".

The officer cuts the ribbon dirk.

The ceremonial passage of troops, are the standard-bearers, traveling motorcyclists. building moments.

The opening of the dam in Niderfinove.

The channel offers a gateway

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Reel №2


The construction of the aqueduct Hildesheim - Osterode on the Weser river.

There is a structure with huge pipes on NDP car. "Ostroda - Bremen".

Mannesmann plant in Düsseldorf.

On pipes flag with a swastika and slogans with the words of the Fuhrer.

There is a lining of the pipeline through the forest, by the river


Transformations in the village.

Construction of new homes in new lands.

The Nazi flag is attached to the roof of the house.

New farm cows.

Pig with piglets sent to the barn.

Peasant house.

Plowing horses.

Alpine peasants come with meadows with scythes in their hands, pass road crucifixion.

Hay, loading it on carts.

The girls collected in a field of flowers.

Holiday in one of the German villages.

Reyhsbauernfyurer on the podium in front of the peasants, it rewards Storozhilov village special diplomas.

Logo - Nazi eagle holds in its talons the inscription: "blood and land".

Walter Reich Minister Dore performs in the hall before the military


Hitler goes through the village, it is welcomed farmers in an open car.

Children with wreaths on the head, with peasant carts pulled hay arms.

Hang garlands with ribbons.

Car Town Square.

Hitler is among the people, the children run up to him with flowers.

PNRM. from the plane of the city of Ulm.

Square with a fountain.

The revival of the old German customs and crafts.

Sounds folk music, dance in national costumes


Banners with the swastika, an area of ​​Hamburg, a warrior with a sword monument.

Hall, a clock, views of the city.

The crowd outside the cathedral.

Construction in the woods, the builders are working different specialties.

Folk Crafts.

Masters utensils made of wood: boards, rolling pins, spoons.

Making dolls in the shop, Christmas tree decorations made of glass, glass souvenirs.

wool processing, yarn spinning woman.

Male Grooming loom making carpet.

Ready-wall carpets.

Ceramic products.

Potter makes pitcher and round.

Sculpture made of wood, wicker, porcelain, ceramics.

Industrial landscape.

Advances in all areas of industry.

Shop factory, working for the machines, is being assembled.

Metallurgicheksy plant, is a red-hot metal.

Steelmakers in oven

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Reel №3


Metallrugichesky shop is metal.

Rolled steel.

By rail for trains.

Vessels in port.

The shipyard is ship construction.

Whistle steamer.

The ship is coming off the stocks.

Woman breaks on board a bottle of champagne.

Hitler on the construction, the crowd pulls his hands in a Nazi salute


Chronicle Hindenburg.

Hindenburg at Tannenberg castle passes in the military.

Hitler stands in Tannenberg.

Are the soldiers wounded.

Hindenburg speech to the soldiers and sailors.

Hitler and Goering pulled his hands.

Pages of the newspaper of Gindenberga death in 1934.

Grand Cross, sounding bells, flags at half-mast.

People read the newspapers on the street.

Half-mast embassies of different countries.

House Reich President, Field Marshal Hindenburg, watch the porch.

Above the house is flying squadron wedge planes.

Night memorial service.

Go soldiers heard the guns.

The funeral procession from the castle Tannenburg, carry the coffin on a gun carriage horse carriage.

Order of the Hindenburg on a cushion.

Relatives of the president in mourning, Hitler comes to him, shakes hands


The growth of the international authority of Germany.

Admission Hitler representatives of foreign powers 20/07/1934 at the Reich Chancellery.

By the entrance of the approaching cars with diplomats, ministers, dad goes in the mantle.

Hitler with guests on the balcony of the Chancellery, he was in a frock coat with a white butterfly.

The crowd privetstvuyuet them.

Joining the Saar region to Germany.

The cortege of cars on the road.

Hanging transporant "Saar".

View of the river, bridge, city.

Hitler's entourage on the boat.

People on the beach greeting the Fuehrer.

Hitler in the stadium, a huge crowd welcomed him.

Speech of the Fuhrer to the people of the Saar.

Sounds anthem

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Reel №4


Organization of society in need of assistance as a proof of the government cares about the welfare of the German people.

Types of river, its shores, mountains.

The town, at the tables on the street are people eating.

Propaganda poster boy with the bread in his hand, at the bottom the inscription: "Donate to the fight against hunger and cold."

The emblem of the organization.

Children's groups help the needy.

Play buglers, drummers beat the guys in line, they hand out baskets.

Guys go home, collect food and items loaded on a truck.

The work of these companies participated German intellectuals.

Famous film actors Luis Trenker, Brigitte Guelma, Georg Alexander participated in fundraising for famine relief


Groups postal workers carry boxes with the lottery, go to the Arc de Triomphe.

Organization of winter care.

The official welcomed the crowd, hit a hammer on the Emblem, lying on the table.

Young people in the form of a swastika armband and collect funds in a circle.

Statesmen for fundraising: Dr.

Goebbels walks down the street with a cup in hand, reyhsportfyurer Chammer-Austen with a mug etc..

Officials in the form of counted coins collected, of which millions of marks are added


In the area there are field kitchens, they were residents of the queue.

Day "common pot".

Lunch is an area for tables.

Children at the field kitchen.

Distribution of packages of food, sausages.

Buses travel to remote areas, distributing food to children.

Boy holding a package


Seeing the children on vacation, they travel by train.

Passengers at the window, the types of terrain.

Port of Bremen, landing on a pleasure boat.

Entertainment on the go: the dancer's performance with folk dance.

Landing a plane view from an airplane over the city, coast.

Seaside vacationers family.

Children dig in the sand, she rolls with water slide.

People at the tables in the cafe.

Walks on the boat, the people on the deck.

Amusement Park, the children on the swings and roundabouts, on a roller coaster.

Karanavalnoe procession in the city, go carts with a variety of layouts.

Night lights advertising feyeverk.

Dancing in the restaurant.

Women's fashion show dresses, bridesmaid dress, hat.

Caring for the health of the nation.

Youth employment activities.

Girls do exercises with oruchami with balls, spinning in large wheels.

Dancing with tambourines

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Reel №5


The younger generation in Hitler's Germany.

Bright, gym, children engaged in physical exercise, learning to swim in the pool.

Training sailing ship.

Girls learn to knit knots, look in the sextant.

Lunch, devshki bread smeared with jam, eat on the deck


Education of girls vocational skills.

A pointer to the rural community Getemets at Stettin.

These girls come from.

They help farmers in harvesting, on-farm for cattle care, learn to milk a cow.

In the kitchen, the girls are taught cooking.

Sport embroidery.

Women care for children in kindergarten, children bathed, fed.

Children presenting an Puppet Theatre

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Reel №6


Continuation of the play, the children emotions.

Gathering of young people.

Transporant: "Youth greets workers and the Fuhrer."

Hitler speaks before mmolodezhyu to continue work of their fathers and become carriers of the glorious traditions of Germany.

Hitler rides in the car through the crowd


Adolescents in the Hitler Youth camps, campgrounds.

Gathering to play barabanschiiki and buglers, flag rise.

The children handed out sandwiches.

Sport exercise on the beach, and then they run to bathe.

Rest in camp, the boys sing the chorus.

Naval School.

The children sleep on a signal jump, wash, are engaged in the exercise room, learn to box.

Students visiting sailors.

Children learn to knit knots, zooming flags.

According whistle climb on the yards, lowered the sail.

Flight School in Königsberg.

Launching gliders.

Telegram from the Führer young student with wishes of success.

Vocational training of young people in schools.

They planed, sawed, working for the machines, are enrolled in the locomotive depot


Veonizirovannaya labor service.

Marching labor front units with shovels.

Excavation work on the construction, the land being taken into the car.

Munich-center of the ancient German culture, view of the cathedral.

Construction House of German Art in Munich.

Hitler laid the first stone in the foundation

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Reel №7


Solemn procession in period costume on horseback, a procession carries the layout of the House of Art, the author of the project, Professor Trost.

Reich Minister Goebbels at the ceremony, his speech in the hall.

In the front row sat Hitler, Goering.

Goebbels speaks to the orchestra.

Presentation of "The Passion of the Christ" in Oberammergau.

The streets of the city, beautiful old buildings, the artist draws on the street.

Wizard carves a figure of the Virgin from a tree.

The sculptor in the workshop.

Presentation is on the big stage in the open air.

Biblical scene arrival of Christ into Jerusalem on a donkey, crowd scene.

Types of terrain, mountains.

PNRM. around town


Bareyt-town associated with the name of Richard Wagner.

House of the composer, bust in front of the house.

Preparation for the annual music festival, the city streets.

Dress rehearsal of Act II, "Valkyrie" at the theater.

The conductor goes to the console, the orchestra plays.

People uslashav rehearsal, come closer, listen


The arrival in Bayreuth Richard Strauss, a car drove up to the house of General Intendant Titchena, Tichen and his wife met the composer.

RihardShtraus - author of the anthem of sports Olympiad


Olympic Games in Berlin, the flags of participants.

Parade at the stadium.

Reyhssportfyurer Chammer-Osten and others welcome the athletes.

They're coming athletes, sailors detachment cavalry.

Mass exercises in the field, the girls perform exercises.

On the podium, Hitler, Goebbels.

Teams on the field.

Men appear to mass exercises

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Reel №8


Hitler slams, watching the massive exercise of men.

Throwing the disc nucleus, javelin.

Running the 100 meters, running hurdles, the high jump with a pole.

Face Chammer-Austen.

Running women, men.

Throwing core, triple jump.

Boxing match between Max Schmeling and Walter Neumann.

Horseback Riding.

Match with the best riders and representatives of the Hanover Cavalry School.

Traveled horsemen with dogs, racing on rough terrain.

The huntsman blows his trumpet.

Chammer-Austen watching equestrian competitions



Derby in Hamburg.

Soccer match in Nuremberg, moments of the game.

Winner bear arms.

European Championship Swimming in Magdeburg.

Swimming, jumping from the tower.

Competition in canoes on the channel.

Sailing in the summer, winter sailing to iceboat.

The game of hockey.

Winter mountain landscape, winter sports.

Kids on roller coaster.

Speed ​​skating competitions.

Figure skating, stands a lone man.

Young skater prepares for performance.


Bobsleigh, rapid descent on a sled on a steep turn.

Ski competitions, ski jumping.

Snowblower snow dub.

Skiers descend from the mountains.

Some highlights of the Olympiad, industrial landscape, port koramlyami, flying a plane in the sky floating airship

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