Echo homeland (2 series). (1935)

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Reel №1


The chronicle of events of the first half of 1935.

Reich Minister Dr.

Goebbels gives an interview about his office.

New Year's reception at the Reich Chancellery.

In the courtyard stands a guard of honor.

The building goes Goering, sits in the car.

So Hitler in evening dress, passes an honor guard, comes to the Reich Chancellery.

Christmas greetings from the Government of the SA. Parade of SA troops on the street and with the standards of the flags.

Hitler standing in the car, a parade


The struggle for the recognition of the German region of Saarland.

The meeting at the Sports Palace in Brelin dedicated to the Saar question.

Speaker Dr.

Goebbels, then Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess at the party.

The American ship in the port of Hamburg, the US flag.

Passengers leave the ramp, which stretched transporant "Germany is the Saarland!".

January 13, 1935 held a referendum in the Saar


Saarbrücken Train Station, suitable train, passengers go to the platform.

Along the apron stand agitators with posters.

Snowfall in the city.

People look on the street on armored vehicles.

Armored vehicles are in the city.

View of the bridge over the canal streets.

Street traffic cop on duty.

Ad referendum.

The building, where the referendum formed a queue.

Cabs for voting at the polling stations.

People get ballots cast in the ballot box.

Votes von Papen, he goes out to the porch, he is greeted by the crowd.

Night Saarbrucken, lights, awaiting the outcome of the referendum on the crowd outside.

In the hall there is a calculation of the votes.

The press conference for journalists.

Hang flags with a swastika.

On the street people reading newspapers.

For the recognition of the German region of Saarland voted 90.5.

People are happy, waving their arms.

Hang propaganda posters


The enthusiastic reception of returnees.

Station in Potsdam, suitable train.

The crowd welcomed the Germans from Saarland.

Build soldiers and locals meet arrivals.

Stand with posters and announcements.

Announcement of the speech by Goebbels Saar.

Night rally at the Chancellery, Joseph Goebbels speech.

Parade of troops, soldiers go with torches.

After 6 weeks, a huge rally in Saarbrücken on the Saar go to Germany.

This, to the people of the German general.

Are the generals, Goebbels, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

Above the town hall rises the Nazi flag, residents hang Nazi flags on their balconies and windows.

She utters a toast to the Fuhrer, the Nazi anthem sounds

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Reel №2

Reel №3


The celebration of "Freedom Day" in Berlin.

The grand meeting in the building of the Berlin Opera.

A speech in memory of the victims - uchatnikov national - socialist movement, acts Reichswehr Minister Werner von Blomberg.

In the box sitting Hitler, Goering, Goebbels generals.

After the speech, the soldiers on the stage lowered banners sounds Funeral Music


Solemn ceremony of awarding plaques 83 regimental banner.

On the square in front of the Pantheon lined troops.

Hitler Go to Field Marshal, bypass the shelves.

The volleys of cannon.

Hitler and Field Marshal attached to the banner signs.

Laying wreaths at the mass grave in the Pantheon, a wreath followed by Hitler and the generals.

Parade of troops to Hitler

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Reel №4


Continuing the parade.

Drummer horse taps melody, the orchestra goes on horseback.

Passes artillery horse-drawn traveling motorcyclists, are sailors.

The visit to Berlin officials England: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sir Simon and the lord keeper printing Anthony Eden.

The plane lands with the guests at the airport, they are greeted by Minister Neurath.

It should be an honor guard.

The British are interviewed, sit in the car with Neurath


Aviation Day Celebration / Easter in days /.

Air hits vchest memory of the hero of World War 1 Martin Richthofen, attended by 250,000 people.

In the sky, five aircraft in one line.

Different types of aircraft, helicopters perform elements of aerobatics.

An airplane with a trapeze artist on a tightrope.

Aeroplan Dr Yreka makes in the air "loop the loop"


Meeting of the German Working Youth.

Title Goebbels calling to become true masters in their profession and keep the glorious tradition of German unity and the spirit of the entire German people.

shipbuilding successes.

At the request of the American company "Standard Oil" in Kiel built tanker.

The descent of the new tanker with the stocks carrying the name "U.B.Uoker" American flag.

On board is broken champagne bottle, an orchestra

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Reel №5


The celebration of Hitler's birthday.

Hitler leaves the entrance of the Reich Chancellery, he is met by Goering.

The orchestra.

Hitler and Göring surrounded by supporters.



Oberzalzberg, here lays the foundation for the construction of the camp for the youth organization "Hitler Youth."

Reyhyugendfyurer Artur Axmann ZAzakladyvaet stone plate with the date 1935, a swastika.

Axmann on the podium, sounds anthem


Chief of Staff Viktor Lutze CA transmits Hitler flag of the regiment as a gift.

Hitler visited the Luftwaffe airport with new bombers.

At the airport they built part of their bypass Gitl and Goering, followed by the Field Marshal Milch of the Luftwaffe and the other generals.

Hitler considers the plane, says goodbye to the officers, board the plane Lufthansa


The Fuehrer on board the new ship of the East Asian "Sharihorst".

The ship at the pier in Bremen.

Hitler is the ladder to the ship for officers of them.

The crowd on the pier welcomes the Führer.

Hitler met with the team, shakes hands cook, sailor.

Whistle liner, it goes into the sea.

Passengers on the deck at the tables.

Hitler and his entourage, Hess, Admiral Raeder looking through binoculars


May 1, 1935.

The celebration of this date in Germany, has a pronounced national-socialist character.

In Berlin workers' delegations come from different regions of Germany on the aircraft.

Workers Receive propaganda minister Dr.

Goebbels, sits Dr.

Lei at a table.

Goebbels refers to the words of welcome to the delegations of workers

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Reel №6


It Goebbels to work, sitting at the tables, a gala dinner.

Gebebls talk with guests.

Hitler Speech to the young people in Lyustgartene.

A huge area filled with young people.

Car rides with the Fuhrer.

Hitler's speech from the podium: "Youth-follower of the whole people, a fighter for the unity of Germany."

Speech by Hitler Tempelgofene: "May 1st - the day of unity and the unity of the German people."

A huge crowd, shouting "Heil!"


Roads Adolf Hitler.

The car with the Fuhrer rides through the city, the people welcomed him.

Inspector-General Todt passes Hitler 1st section of the finished motorway Frankfurt-Darmstadt.

Hitler on the podium, Todt Reports to the Führer.

Footage of construction work.

Hitler shakes hands with Todt says the reply.

Car rides with Hitler on the new motorway with a motorcade of cars.

Joyful meeting of the Fuehrer with a population of Darmstadt.

Women run up to the car, greet the Führer.

Hitler watches the flow of vehicles traveling along the new road

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