Fangs and claws. (1935)

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Director: Frenk Bak /Frank Buck/

Operators: Nikolas Kavaljeri, Garri Skvajr

Reel №1

USA. Malaysia.

The expedition to the jungles of Malaysia.

The view from the heights of the jungle.

The bush is the tapir, monkey jumping through the trees, climb the vines, flitting birds.

Tiger makes its way in the bush.

Strange birds.

On the grass running boar.

You hear the roar of the tiger, close-up muzzle.

A bird with a long neck is torn on the ground.

Members of the expedition Frank Buck elephants, they make their way through the jungle, pass the river, looked after place to camp and build there a long hut topped listyai palms.

Frank looks like Malay sharpening his knife on a stone.

Malay chef prepares dinner.

The members of the expedition eat monkeys from the trees curiously watching them.

In the grass creeps big python, Malay frightened, runs away, says Frenkts about the snake.

Frank with Malays go on the hunt for a python.

Monkeys, meanwhile, left to catch food

Key words

US jungle expedition, personalities, river, animals, snakes, food, birds, plants, nationality, population

Reel №2

Monkeys are hosted on the site of an interrupted dinner expedition members.

Frank caught with Malays python: grab it by the tail, covered head bag, tied it with a rope to a pole on the entire length of the snake body and carry it to the camp.

Frank collects things and goes deeper into the jungle.

He sees the tree is very beautiful bird of paradise with elegant tail.

Malay sets a snare on the tree, the bird grabs the bait.

Malay weaving wicker cage.

Catch the bird is placed in a cell just made.

In the open space there is a battleship, followed by sneaking tiger attacks.

Frank shoots to scare the tiger

Key words

Malaysia, jungle expedition, personalities, animals, birds, snakes, hunting, population, nationality

Reel №3


Battleship is alive but injured.

Malays surround the animal poles, put on their feet.

Frank treats his wounds, bandages and leaves a Malay watch it.

Recovered armadillo placed in the fence in the camp.

Six fight two monkeys tied.

Frank Malays in the jungle with a tree on which creeps boa.

For fishing under the tree spread a network.

Frank shoots to flush out the snake zetem skirmish barrel boa falls on outstretched network, it is placed in a box.

In the camp at the pole strapped Bear, he tries to climb the smooth pole, but slides, monkey lifts bear, they fight

Key words

Malaysia, jungle, population, ethnicity, animals, expedition, personalities, snakes, birds, animals

Reel №4


Catching monkeys.

The trees monkey with cubs.

Hunters are arranged grid, put the bait.

Monkeys run on the grid shuts zapodnom.

Surviving monkeys run away.

Once in the network is placed in a cell, they are in the camp.

Crocodile in the water.

Catching a crocodile in shallow water.

The Malays are driving crocodile sticks, tied to a pole, bear in camp.

Boa attacks Malay, Frank who frees him

Key words

Malaysia, jungle, animals, hunting, snake, nationality, expedition, personalities

Reel №5


Boa bear camp.

Members of the expedition are in the jungle, the river pass through the suspension bridge.

See antelope drinking water from the river.

Frank with Malays climb on rocks, to hunt down the tiger.

Malay from the local tribe is on the trail of the tiger.

Preparing for the hunt.

Malays put a tiger trap: a huge cage, camouflaged with branches, set so that caught the tiger could not leave - closes the lid.

Inside hung meat, the trap is ready.


On the tree sits a hunter, the other at the cabin waiting for the signal.

There is a tiger walks around the trap, fall into it.

Hunter tree knocks on drum, summoning the rest of the camp.

Frank with Malays go to the trap with torches

Key words

Malaysia, the jungle, the people, the families, the expedition, personalities, snakes, animals, hunting, bridge, river, hunters

Reel №6


Homemade trap can not long withstand the onslaught of a tiger, so caught predator tied to one of the sides of the trap, the trap walls rapilivayut tiger and bear in camp.

In the camp, monkey and bear fight in a bucket of milk, bear bucket overturns.

Frank is watching with binoculars for antelopes.

Malays set a trap for the bush antelope with loops

Key words

Malaysia, jungle, animals, hunting, hunters, ethnicity, tribes, expedition, personalities

Reel №7


Frank and Malays in ambush, they are preparing to trap a herd of antelope.

Caught antelope surround screen of poles.

At night, the tiger gets to camp.

The alarm raised by animals, makes people wary.

Frank and Malay with guns bypass camp.

Night was held in suspense, but the tiger did not dare to set foot on the territory of the camp.

In the morning a woman-Malay comes to camp with two donkeys, brings a bale. she plays with a monkey, drinking milk, which she pours man.

Malay comes into the hut with a bucket, he is busy with the housework.

Tiger jumps into the cabin window and rushes in pursuit of the man.

Woman raises the alarm, the expedition members run to rescue a Malay.

He climbs up a tree, the tiger climbs behind it.

Frank shoots and tiger fells the tree.

The men surrounded the carcass of a tiger tied to a stick, are at the camp.

Frank collects boxes of trapped animals and birds.

Trucks with boxes in the port of Singapore.

Here they were loaded on the ship.

From there they are sent to different zoos of America

Key words

Malaysia, Singapore, port, transportation, water, animals, snakes, birds, shipping, hunting, hunter, zoo, personalities, plants