Spanish land. (1937)

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Director: Joris Ivens /Joris Ivens/

Operators: Dzhon Ferno

Reel №1

USA. About the heroic struggle of the Spanish people against Franco's rebels.

Spain, 1936.

Madrid besieged by rebel forces of General Franco.

Heroic Defenders of Madrid need food, and the inhabitants of a small village Fuenteduena located 25 km away from the besieged city, heroically work on the newly obtained land, trying to give the front as much food as possible.

PNRM. in hilly terrain with the peasant fields.

It sounds folk song.

The road to the village, view of it.

Because the pipe is smoke.

Two bakers bake bread.

On the wall of patriotic posters.

Bakers put baked bread on trays, are covered with a cloth.

Street, women sweep the houses.

Men derive horses and donkeys, are sent to the field.

Women wash, get bread on the coupons.

The field is plowing, sowing.

Two men mark out a rope Mezhuyev goes tillage.

heard gunshots

Key words

USA, Spain, the strike, the troops, the city, the people, women, landscaping, food, farmers, music

Reel №2

USA. The circuit lines on the edge map.

Madrid bridge over the river Jarama, deervnya Fuenteduena.

Farmers plow the sound of firing.

In the mountains of the republican army soldiers carry boxes of ammunition.

Against the backdrop of a cloudy sky are soldiers, heard machine gun fire.

The soldiers at the position, the commander looks through binoculars, talks on the phone.

War, came up close to the village, all the time makes itself felt.

Guns in the plowed field.

A soldier looks through the eyepiece, it leads to the goal.

With the truck is unloaded boxes of ammunition, gun charge.

The officers at the observation post

USA. Spain.

The map shows the front line near Madrid.

Soldiers carry the wooden structures, collect communication trenches.

A break for food.

On the wall board.

The men sit and read the newspaper.

A soldier climbs the ladder into the van on wheels, it is equipped with a hairdresser.

On the position of the field station arrives, the operator puts the plate, the song sounds.

Soldiers carried out training on small arms instructor-led.

Front passes near the campus.

Shooting at home.

Commander Mak Kimi with the soldiers at the position.

The soldiers ran inside the house on the destroyed rooms.

From the slot machine gunners fired.

The view from the windows on the building broken.

Soldier Julian wrote a letter to Madrid

Key words

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Reel №3

USA. Spain.

Soldiers dismantled weapons.

Sculpture of a lion, covered with sacks.

Those soldiers.

The meeting of the Popular Front in the hall, in the presidium of the Communist Party leaders.

All raise their hands, clenched into a fist.

Speaker Enrique Elista, Kallos, Diaz, talk about democratic reforms in Spain, the struggle for freedom.

This German anti-fascist Gustav regression.

Vystupet Dolores Ibarruri / Pasionaria /.

The radio transmits speech and treatment to the soldiers in different languages, urging to join the people's army.

In the trench soldiers go past the station.

Go hostilities.

On the street the soldiers go.

Frustrated palace in ruins stand statues of goddesses.

From broken endure museum paintings, sculptures.

Minister to label, keeps a record of the saved items in the Notebook

Key words

USA, Spain, war, destruction, SOLDIERS Communists conference Gos.deyateli, personalities, NGOs, army, national, radio, communication

Reel №4

Spain. 1st edition of "Don Quixote", the illustrations in the book.

War has become commonplace for Madrid.

Residents construct masonry of bricks and stones, blocking the building.

Broken street, tram rides. man carries a coffin.

Traffic, riding buses.

The plate with the inscription: "Metro" and the flag of the Red Cross.

Residents continue to live their usual everyday life.

Women stand in queues.

Posters at the cinema.

Police take away the boys.

Municipal postal bus rides down the street.

Men carry the coffins, put them in the bodies of people gathered from the streets.

Refugees and residents of bombed-out houses with children on the streets.

Users are some things, loaded things into the truck.

Point for evacuation.

Women and children are preparing to leave the city, sit in the car, carts.

On the streets of marching men is still in civilian clothes, with them, a boy with a flag in his hands.

People of different profession and occupation come into the Republican army, operation volunteers.

Valencia, the arrival of the president of the republic, the hall greets him with applause.

The President delivers a speech about democracy, the struggle against fascism.

In the village irrigation project discussed

Key words

Spain, civil war, soldiers, weapons, people, town, urban transport, cinema, children, soldiers, literature, Gos.simvolika, refugees, evacuation, the army, the volunteers, the visit, the president, personalities

Reel №5

USA. Spain.

Drawing irrigation system from the river.

Go construction work.

Julian soldier comes home on leave, hugging his mother.

The younger brother is running in a field of her father.

The soldier in the circle of relatives and neighbors.

Training of young fighters.

Combat troops marching down the street.

Residents talk with soldiers.

Soldiers ride on a truck.

Go bombardment of the city.

On the walls there are traces of shells.

Rides the Red Cross car.

It sounds a siren, air raid.

People flee into shelters.

On the street are killed during the bombing.

The village also raid enemy aircraft, explosions on the ground.

People from destroyed houses.

Crying woman.

Lying dead woman on earth.

The wreckage of the German aircraft, the German writing on the board

Key words

USA, Spain, the war, the Nazis, the Air Force, population, funeral, soldiers, city, explosion, destruction, strengthening, building, women, teaching

Reel №6

USA. Spain.

Front line on the map.

The fighting at the bridge.

Detachments of soldiers in the ranks.

Kretyane complete construction of canals from the river, carry trough, install it.

Marching soldiers out of the gate leaves the tank, the soldiers in trucks.

Bombing from the air.

The wounded soldier is carried on a stretcher into the car.

Nurse helps the wounded, bandaging him.

The fighting continues.

Popular Front for the position of flag.

Krestnyae open gateway, through the channels is water.

Soldiers go on.

Soldier Face to aim a rifle

Key words

USA, Spain, the Red Cross, army, soldiers, transport, medicine, wounded, war, people, river, peasants, building, canal, aviation