Song Hoggar. (1928)

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Director: Ishak Pjer. Ichac Pierre

Reel №1

Pierre Ishak expedition in Hoggar, Algeria.

PNRM. Goron on the terrain, rocks of various shapes.

Tuareg on horses and camels on the road.

The leader of the Tuareg Lyons and his wife Fadimata.

Touareg knocks on a rock inscription: "Leon loves Fadimatu".

A story about love and the story of the film.

Tuareg stop in the desert, construct houses under the canopy of skins.

Women spread a mat.

Touareg is digging in the sand pit, water scoops.

It inflates a small fire to boil a kettle.

The attack on a lone traveler, lies overturned kettle.

Grazing mountain goats, two butting goat, goat in the shelter of the rocks.

Tuareg caravan on the road.

Merchant inspects products: sandals, mats, bowls.

Accommodations at the fire.

Woman playing a stringed musical instrument, everybody listens.

In the morning the man returned to a halt.

Hand of a man with a dagger stuck in the sand

Key words

Algeria, expedition, tribes, people, nationality, animals, family, desert, women, sale, musical instruments, music, personalities, mountains

Reel №2


Lyon with a spear and shield at the rock screaming on a camel.

Muzzle camel chewing, he gets up and goes to Lyon, he sits down and rides.

Several men on camels pursue Lyon.

Lyon is running ahead of the camel, and then let him go and hurry on.

He notices in the rocks of the warrior, they fight, pull up the rest.

Lion hiding in the rocks.

Halt the Tuareg people engaged in economic affairs.

Man is something on the stone wears away.

Girl learning to play a musical instrument, a woman spinning, the other washes.

They eat from a bowl, drink milk.

Fadimata shall be collected for the fire thorns on his head.

She looks at the child, who plays a self-made doll.

Oasis Kel-Air, Lion camel talking with men who are sitting at the tree.

He asked the way to the settlement of blacks, the man draws a line in the sand.

Negro accommodation at the Niger River.

Gazelle at the watering.

Residents of the settlement of domestic occupations.

Women pounded grain long stupas.

The man behind the primitive loom.

A woman with a baby strapped to her back crushes grain, sifting flour.

Against the wall a herd of cows.

The woman in the river washing dishes.

Along the coast sailing boat.

Cows and sheep.

Lyon looking to settle

Key words

Algeria, nationality, people, tribes, animals, pets, improvement, woman, musical instruments, teaching, river, children, toys, personalities, mountains, water transport

Reel №3


The holiday settlement of blacks.

Men and women knocking on tom-toms.

From home leave women in white robes.

In a circle in the sand girl dancing, all beat off rhythm.

The Tuareg ambush sit, waiting for the signal.

There is a black man in a straw hat, Tuareg throws a spear and kills him.

Tuareg sit on the camels and race to the settlement.

Negros trying to escape and boating, but the Tuareg ruthlessly cut off their path, wielding spears and swords.

The prisoner was taken a large number of women with children.

Tuareg prisoners returned to the camp.

Fadimata preparing for the return of her husband, she weaves in braids silver jewelry.

Two Tuareg camel gallop towards each other.

Lyon welcomes tribesmen.

Between him and the opponent in its place begins a duel with swords.

Lyon falls with a deadly wound.

It sounds song about Lyon and Fadimate

Key words

Algeria, families, family, women, nationalities, people