Victory in Tunisia. (1944)

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Director: Polkovnik Frenk Kapra /Frank Capra SShA/, major Hjyu Styuart,kapitan Roj Boulting

Reel №1


The sea at night, the mast of the ship.

ashore from a ship type.

Soldiers from anti-aircraft guns.

Sailors at the headquarters receive messages, typing.

From the ship flashing spotlight, back light from another vessel, the English flag in the sea


June 18, 1942 in Washington, there is a historical meeting of Roosevelt and Churchill.

They sit in the car.

The meeting in the building, military caps lie on the shelves.

Spinning a globe, a swastika on Europe, from Germany arrow drawn in other countries, on the other side of the globe threatens Japan.

Roosevelt and Churchill sitting at a table in the Roosevelt residence with superiors shtatbov.

A decision on the offensive in North Africa


With the printing press of newspapers fall sheets.

By telex tapes go with the text.

Meeting of the military officers have a huge map on the wall.

The plants are creating a new, more powerful weapons.

It flows like steel, working tools and machines.

Military training in the army.

Marines landed on the shore, the soldiers ran over the hills, overcoming obstacles, ditches with water.

It shoots a machine gun, flame thrower.

Port, harbor cranes working.

The new warship is coming off the stocks.

Marines are trained in diving from the tower in full uniform and with weapons.

Soldiers in the water, on which surface burning oil.

Women working for the machines in the factory.

Making shells, tanks.

The port fired anti-aircraft guns.

Officers go through prozhektoristov system, standing at their machines.

Rows of new aircraft, trucks, tanks, shells huge warehouse.

Echelon with guns going over the bridge across the gorge, the river.

Soldiers marching from the train.

They're coming armored vehicles, tanks, motorcyclists.

In the port are loading operations.

Soldiers climb the ship, mourners at the marina.

Departure of the ships of the British and American navies in the Mediterranean Sea.

The soldiers on the ship's deck.

One of them playing the piano.

Acoustic the work of observers in the tower.

Acoustic receives a signal under water.

It sounds the siren, sailors flee to places launch torpedoes at enemy submarine explosions in the sea

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Reel №2


End alarm.

Soldiers back rest, play cards, clean weapons, play ball, read books letters.

Sailors drayat deck mops.

Soldier with glasses reading a book and chews a sandwich.

Signalmen from ships flashing spotlights, waving flags.

From the back pocket of a soldier sticking with the newspaper headline about Africa.

Two soldiers memorize words from the guide to the northern Aafrike.

Map of the Atlantic Ocean, the NDP. "Acrobat" / name of the operation /.

Driving motion of the fleets through Gibraltar to the cities of Casablanca, Oran, Algeria.

In Benghazi planned clash of German and French troops


The view from the window on the ship going.

Sailors engaged on deck charge.

Story sailors on the deck in life jackets.

Sailors for household occupations, they were peeling potatoes, rest, write pima, looking over the side.

On the ropes hanging laundry.

In the rear post bulletins reports from the front.

Special message from Cairo on November 8, 1942: After 12 days in the western desert of the 8th US Army Gen.

Montgomery German afrikanskimy body.

Fly a plane, the view from the plane at the city lights, explosions and fires / day and night shooting /.

General front of the camera.

French generals riding in a car on the street

Hitler in his residence at the Berghof, he was with the officers on the terrace.

It works teletype.

Telephone station transmits messages.

Go court officers at a meeting with the card.

Brochure on catches of joint actions on cue.

The operation of the landing in Algeria, carried out the eastern United Navy, which consisted entirely of English ships of Rear Admiral Berrofsa.

Battles at sea and on land.

Rays spotlights in the sky.

Troopers lowered onto the shore, the soldiers flee.

Admiral salutes troops.

Marching soldiers riding trucks.

The attack on Oran Forces Airborne.

Skydivers jump from planes.

Driving environment Germans in Oran.

The main forces of General Patton landed in areas Fedaly, Safi and Port Lyautey, French Morocco.

With ships beat guns landing on boats is transported to shore.

Antiaircraft gun shoot at the planes

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Reel №3




With the plane view of the court.

Boats with troops and tanks.

Fighting in the city.

Map of Europe, the swastika on it.

Germany is the unoccupied part of France, which, by the armistice agreement in 1940 remained under the control of the Vichy government.

The French take the decision to cooperate with the Allies.

Darlan appointed high commissioner and commander of the naval forces.

Giraud, commander of land Air Force.

France enters the war, the people of Paris escorted volunteers.

Joint Meeting of the American, British and French generals


Driving attack on Tunisia by sea and air.

Officers and generals at headquarters.

Marching British soldiers.

Locals on camels.

There is a train with the French soldiers, Arab shouts something after them.

military bases of the Germans are based in Sicily and Sardinia, fly German aircraft.

Tanks allies are in the mountains, the train with guns and soldiers.

Parachutists descend from the ship down American soldiers.

German bombing attack.

Bute flak allies downed plane crashes



Driving attack on Tunis and Bizerte.

It begins with the landing mosrkogo landing in the port of Bougie.

General Eisenhower in the squadron, talking to the pilots.

Troops move on mountain roads, there are fights.

A pointer to the badge of the city.

French general on the positions.

Street fighting.

Pointer to Medzhes el-Bab, the Allied soldiers in the city.

They're coming tanks, trucks with soldiers on the road.

A tank battle.

Lights tank.

Driving on the map, the Allies pushed around by the Germans and Beji Medzhes El Baba to Tunisia.

Go troops.

Roadside stone inscription: 64 km Bizerte, Tunisia 71 km.

New Index: Tinggi 19 km, 27 km of Bizerte.

Troops are moving in the highlands.

Tanks and guns in the desert.

Bombed by German planes.

Are wounded.

The burning plane on the ground

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Reel №4


Soldiers digging.

It starts to rain, lightning, flood waters washed away the dirt.

Aircraft on a muddy field, the soldiers dig chassis trucks pulled out of the mud.

Machines and tanks are on the water.

British pilots were dried by the fire.

Soldiers in the trenches make a fire, eat from the pot


Map advance of troops from Medzhes El Baba through Faid, Manknessi, Gafsa, troops confrontation scheme Allies and the Germans fighting at several points.

The wounded were taken away on special platforms to the aircraft.

Sister caring for the wounded on the road, and then they are transferred to the ambulance bus.

British troops to positions, run through the trees.

Medics carried the injured.

Soldier with difficulty walking on dirt.

Caravan of horses on the road.

In the sky, the British aircraft is a dogfight shot down the plane crashes.

A squadron of American planes hit the arrows are flying down a bomb.

truck wheel rotates in the mud


Driving confrontation techniques, increase equipment on both sides.

Production processes in the rear, loading guns on ships, planes, tanks, guns in Africa.

The mechanics are repairing equipment.

The train from the US with goods for the front.

British planes on the field, take off to sea.

The construction of strategic roads.

English aerodrome, fuel trucks, food.

From US Army Bacon boxes of food.

Warehouse with boxes, car shells, canister

Sea coast, the ruins of ancient buildings, round columns, arches.

Locals plow on cows.

Ride Arabs on donkeys.

Cathedrals, the interior of the church.

The ruins of the cathedral, near the ruins of the soldiers.

The priest gave a sermon to the soldiers.

The priest in the army, the soldiers listened, sitting on the ground.

Soldiers sing psalms.

Pilots at the church ceremony on the field, in the camp.

Peaceful image: grazing flocks of sheep.

A soldier walks next to a woman who has a child in her arms.

Children in the American school playing in the yard, the children in the kindergarten.

Women are children.

Child blowing bubbles, children decorate the Christmas tree with adults.

Soldiers pray.

The crosses on the graves of soldiers, American flag on the grave.

The chaplain says a prayer

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Reel №5


Ringing the bell of the church.

American soldiers coming out of the door, it falls, "snow", he showered with torn scraps of paper.

Soldier congratulate on Christmas, carry bags of mail.

The machine in the camp, the soldiers ran to the tent for the post.

French soldiers receive mail, reading emails, sending reveal.

Soldiers plucked goose.

Stand the bottle of champagne.

unload food from the plane, the carcass of geese.

Chefs prepare a holiday dinner, feast of the soldiers.

Soldier sticks a twig in the pudding.

The soldiers under camouflage netting.

General eating from a bowl near Arab boy.

The soldier eats stew from a can, feeding the dog.

Soldiers feed the donkey, who is wearing a cap, the soldiers fed pig.

French soldiers are busy with a dog and a donkey.

Monkey scratching the soldier's head.

Soldiers in the local village, the children throw cookies, watered milk.

US soldier gets into the car, it turns out, he harnessed to the horse, an Arab goads her.

Soldiers with the locals walk around town, watching a street performance of a magician, a monkey, look sights.

The officer tries to sit on the camel.

General sits, but falls.

City street by stone arches, are the people, the women in veils.

The soldiers on holiday, they play sports, Americans throw the ball in rugby.

A soldier plays the guitar, the other reading the newspaper, watching photos of beauties in the journal, clean weapons, bathe

Arrival in Casablanca Churchill and Roosevelt.

Roosevelt in the car wax circles.

Churchill goes to the location of troops.

Hotel "Anfa", the generals and admirals at the meeting.

French airplane, the arrival of De Gaulle.

The generals in the army.

Churchill and Roosevelt sitting in front of the generals in the courtyard of the headquarters.

Aerodrome, NDP. on the plane, "Commando", Churchill happily greets Gen.


Location of troops on the map, the Allied armies against the Germans, New Zealander Army General Freyyuurga the south. 8th General Montgomery's army on the march, idkt tanks and infantry.

Kesselring German troops in the campaign.

Fierce fighting.

Driving Mareta attacks in the area.

Driving environment Germans in paragraphs Kasserine, Pass, Tebessa, Tala.

Generals Montgomery and Eisenhower in the car in the Army.

Allied forces jostle the Germans.

General Montgomery at the meeting.

Driving the ratio of troops in the area of ​​Tunisia.

Generals of the allied forces at the airport.

General of the card among the soldiers.

Drawings on the American planes: dog Pluto from the cartoon, NDP. "Yankee Doodle", drawing of a girl with horns Jersey Dzhekass naked babe Fancy Pente, etc.

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Reel №6


Article and photo in the newspaper - Vice Marshal Sir G.P.Llloyd.

The fleet in the campaign, accompanied by aviation.

Driving the old and the new concept of building a squadron.

British aircraft in flight.

French troops are coming from the south.

Driving attack in Wadi Zig-Zau.

The guns on the ground in trees.

Cannons fire at night.

Morning, the fight continues


Field-Marshal Rommel with officers at the location of the troops, he looks through binoculars.

The tanks are in the desert.

Shoot the British guns.

The French army takes detour / Scheme /.

Moments of the battle


El Hamma, residents greeted the Allies.

The tanks are in the desert, close to the sea ships, in the air there is a fight.

Driving attack on El Hammam Gabess, Pichon.

English and American armies meet each other from El Guettary and El Hamma.

The soldiers shake hands, treat cigarettes and talking



Driving offensive in the north.

Index Enfil avila.

On the way refugees are with things, go carts with belongings.

The soldiers shoot in the German city sign.

General offers civil youths removed from the garments Jewish star.

Children are surrounded by soldiers.

A soldier sees an Arab boy apparel.

A military doctor examines a child at the hands of local woman

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Reel №7


At points the map of Bizerte, Tunis, Sousse, Sfax.

The offensive in Tunisia continues.

Go fights.

The engineers looking for mines on the road, neutralize them.

The tank battle on the Plain Gubellat, are American tanks.

Burning German tanks.

French and British troops in the offensive.

Soldiers climb mountains on the ropes, the attack.

On the ground lay the dead soldiers.

Altitude 609, the Allies begin artillery fire adjustment.

Night battle.

The field hospital, doctors treated the wounded under fire.

Morning, the soldiers on the march, they go to the mountain.

General Meeting of the 1 st and 8 th Army.

Aircrafts preparing for flight, charging shells off.

Tank attack, the soldiers ran among the cacti.

With the ship hit the shore guns

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Reel №8


Aircraft bombed enemy positions, dogfight.

In the field there are guns, infantry attack.

British planes diving on the enemy, flying a huge number of bombs.

The attack on the Bizerte and Tunis.

The Germans are surrounded by a 3-ring and destroyed.

German osldat with their hands up.

German soldiers surrendering with a white flag.

There is a column of prisoners.

Camp prisoners


With the aircraft descend generalv.

View from the plane on the way, concentration of troops on the ground.

Broken German planes, guns, helmets.

Go German prisoners, closed hands.

Those Allied soldiers: soldiers from England, USA, France, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, evidenced stripes on the sleeves.

Smiling soldiers.

Meet the winner of the soldiers in his hometown.

Joyful person.

The flags of 3 countries allied generals.

victory sign - V. The film shows the following persons: President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Eisenhower, Montgomery General, General Spatts, General Doolittle General Clark, Air Marshal Charles Portal, Vice-Admiral Louis Mountbatten, as well as Hitler, Rommel, Kesselring and von Arnim

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