Front partnership. (1939)

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Director: Gerbert Briger /Herbert Briger/

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A documentary film about a sports festival in Breslau in 1938.

Hover in the wind flags with a swastika.

Speech sportfyurera Chammer-Osten from the rostrum.

Map of Germany, the types of terrain from an aircraft.

Industrial landscape, work processes in factories.

River view at dusk.

Silhouette of the cathedral.

Movement along the river shores views, ancient castles on the hills.

Seacoast, waves rolled on shore.

Traveling by boat on the river.

Lighthouse and statue of a lion.

The mountains in the snow.

bell Tolls


Preparations for the sporting event.

Organizers say the goals and objectives of the event.

Scheme of sports facilities.

Breslov on the map of Germany, the roads leading to the city.

The building "German sports exhibition in 1938" in Breslvu, at the entrance to the relief of an eagle standing on a laurel wreath with a swastika.

Exhibits: paintings and sculptures on the theme of sport.

The street marching athletes with the song.

Types of mountainous terrain.

Girls are dance on the lawn.

Coat of Breslov.

Sports girls exercise on the beach with clubs, with ropes.

Types of Breslov, the old tower, the park, the wall of trimmed trees.

Buildings, street traffic.

With the song marching athletes boys.

The bridge goes wagon, the kind of church.

plane takes off


Fly a plane view of the city from the height of the stadium.

Arrival at uchastnikorv holiday celebration on the boat, by train.

Flags and banners in the stadium, the city is decorated for the holiday.

Are the columns of athletes marching column of girls dressed in national costumes.

On the podium the audience raised the military.

Speech by the Reich Minister RISP.

Boys play on the mountain.

Columns of athletes from different regions of Germany at the stadium.

Minister Risp sends a banner Chammer-Osten on behalf of Hitler.

Chammer-Austen delivers a speech response.

Clock tower stadium


Go fencing competitions.

Competitions in rowing eights, fours, on yachts.

Training athletes on the field.

Floor Exercise on a bar parallel bars, the box in men.

Women on the uneven bars.

Grassroots women's floor exercise with the ball, with clubs, with ropes.

Fragments of a football game, women's football.

Sports game with the ball bikes.

Competitions in volleyball for men, handball, tennis.

Table tennis women.

The game of cricket on the field men.

Bosketbolu competitions for men, women's hockey teams grass.

Bike race route goes through the city, cyclists race along the street, finish.

Bowling alley, a man knocks skittles, showing points of participants from Berlin, Braunschweig and Oberhavel.

Shooting at targets.

Boxing match


Athletes marching along the street, the people watching.

Athletes at rest among residents.

Troop Hitler Youth in the city.

The crowds in the streets and squares.

Lunch at the tables outdoors.

People eat, drink beer, sing in chorus.

Waitresses with beer lace scurry among the tables.

The boy eats sausage.

Seller cuts slices of meat with fried pork carcass hanging.

Kiosks with cigarettes and cigars.

At the festival runs the city post office, postal worker stamps letter.

Girls-athletes on the beach.

Removes a street photographer.

Floor exercises on uneven bars in the women, the photographer shoots in the negative.

Go down the street festival participants in their national costumes.

Massive floor exercise music played by students of the schools of the Wehrmacht.

Boys perform exercises with poles.

Overcoming obstacles, jumping over the shield.

Exercise in the form of waves.

Jumping sitting comrades.

Wehrmacht soldiers in the form of the exercises, shift comrade in his arms.

At the stadium athletes diverge as swastikas, the audience applauded.

The men perform exercises aloft.

Columns athletes marched through the stadium, lined up on the field.

Column "Labour Front" with shovels in their hands.

The stadium run columns of male athletes, mass exercises with balls, with bars


City at night, illuminated advertising.

The sound of marching feet.

Night sporsmenov march with torches.

It Goebbels at night rally.

The arrival of Hitler in Breslau, motorcade rides down the street to the stadium.

Hitler comes to the stands.

All pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

Parade before the Fuhrer.

They're coming columns, ahead of the orchestra.

Columns on the background of a beautiful old bridge


Marching columns of the Führer, Hitler greets athletes.

A minute of silence in memory of the fallen fighters, participants of the National Socialist movement.

Sounds Funeral Music.

Grassroots women's sports dances on the stadium field.

Hitler watching, smiling.

Mass gymnastics men.

Athletes run up to the podium to shake hands with the Fuhrer, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler shakes hands outstretched.

Girls cry with emotion.

Hitler holds out his hand in greeting

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