With a gun and lasso on Africa. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gernot-Shtiber /Getnot Boak-Stieder/

Operators: Gustav Ekkert

Reel №1


Expeditionary film was shot during an African expedition in the Congo under the leadership of Herman and G.fon Otbegravena Freiberga.

Negros row in a big boat.

Negro village, residents sit near two large huts.

The ritual dance to the sound of tom-toms.

Larger boats on the river, the song sounds.

In water, the elephant with the elephant.

Savannah, grazing giraffes and zebras.

Dance naked to the waist Negro, banging the tom-toms.

Belgian Congo.

The powerful flow of the river.

City Leopoldville, in port.

Administration Building, French inscriptions.

Street movement, a lot of cars.

The ship at the pier, the Europeans in white suits and pith helmets on the dock.

The members of the expedition on the ship.

Arriving in the city of Brazzaville, to run up a rickshaw passengers, carry.

The local market, traders of food, things.

Woman with child sells pitchers, the trader drives away the flies with a handkerchief.

Near the hut family: a woman holding a child, a man weaving a basket.

On the way, the local marching army, officers are uniformed.

Expeditionary car stops, porters take out the goods.

In the evening, leaving the ship with water wheel.

On deck, there are boxes, baggage, vehicles, soldiers sit.

Monkey chewing banana.

People sit on the deck, but here the food is cooked.

Types of banks.

Night stop

Key words

Africa expedition, celebrities, city, bazaar, children, women, trade, music, people, musical instruments, animals, port workers, transport water, the river, the insects, the family, the soldiers, food

Reel №2

Morning, the movement continues to ship passes by the village.

Negros dancing.

On their heads ornaments of feathers at the waist skirts made of palm leaves, tom-toms beat off rhythm.

Dance with spears.

The movement of the river, stop in the town of Tangi.


On the coast of the vehicle is lowered expedition.

The porters carry the basket heads.

The expedition members sit with the people on the ground.

Negros treated paper expedition.

Together with the members of the expedition porters go through the jungle, getting into a boat, sail

Key words

Africa expedition, people, cars, music, entertainment, jungle, water transport

Reel №3

Catching crocodiles in the trap, the expedition members are involved in fishing.

Crocodiles crawling.

The traveler shoots a gun.

Negros catch crocodiles, connect it, drag, open mouth.

Swim in the boat.

In water sitting hippo huge mouth opens.

The members of the expedition camp.

Monkey with a kitten in his paws, looking for his fleas.


A view of the waterfall, turbulent water flow.

cotton plantations, is collecting boxes.

Work both adults and children.

Near the hut men purified cotton, spun yarn.

With cotton bales on the heads of negros go to the building where sit Europeans.

The woman is receiving a record cotton quality men watch.

Members of the expedition floating on the river on a raft.

Travelers in Sudan.

Negros galloping on horseback, in the village of a holiday.

Play musicians, riders go round the circle of dancers.

Dancing man, then a woman

Key words

Africa expedition, animals, hunting, natural phenomena, plants, people, festivals, music, musical instruments, entertainment, river, transportation, water, animals, domestic, agriculture, children

Reel №4

Negro Women engaged in a primitive economy.

Cook in the pot on the hearth.

Mother with baby in her arms.

Types of black women, patterns tattooed on the skin, hair.

Negro children.

Mother makes daughter hairstyle of small braids.

Playing grammafon expedition negros listen to music, laughing.

Negro dancing, grimacing at the German songs.

The Negro skull with a pattern on the chest dancing.

General dance

Key words

Africa expedition, population, women, children, crafts, music, musical instruments, entertainment, fashion