Dr. Engelberg Dollfuss - Austrian bundeskantsler (20 May 1932-25 July 1934). (1934)

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Reel №1



Return Dlfusa from Rome, where he concluded a concordat / agreement between the pope and the State for Legal Affairs /.

Landing aircraft, Dollfuss down the ladder.

Dollfuss meet ministers and Sibylle Cardinal, Cardinal delivers Dlfusu glass of wine, they drink.

Cardinal welcomes the Chancellor, who makes a speech response.

Celebrations on Karplats front of the Cathedral with the participation of Cardinal Innittsa.

Cardinal priests and climb the steps of the cathedral, accompanied by their children.

Cardinal holds consecrated.

Singing church choir.

Solemn procession Tyrolean representatives in the national costume for the march sounds Knebelsbergera / we "Next, meet the dawn" /.

Persons Tyroleans, a woman in a fur cap.

On the steps of the cathedral sitting spectators on the chairs in front of Cardinal Innits, Dollfuss, President.

Go troops with flags, a detachment with old rifles, with a gun.

Dollfuss and Schuschnigg watching a parade.

Parade of young people in the stadium.

Performance with flags.

In the stands the audience, Cardinal.

Mass exercises in the field.

Costume parade.

Play buglers, sitting on horseback.

Knights Ride.

Speaker actor in a knight costume, says the oath of young people.

Procession with flags.

Boys carry a cross in a horizontal position with the statue of Christ.

Presentation on religious themes, are a monk, girls in long white robes with candles


Funeral in Vienna deceased members of the executive power.

Are the columns of troops, trucks loaded with coffins.

Funeral speech officer.

The guns.

Mourning procession through the streets, in front of an officer on horseback.

Playing a military band.

Behind the coffin government officials, priests, Dollfuss, Schuschnigg.

Renaissance fine old traditions.

Bundes-Commissioner of Vienna awards valuable prizes to couples who noted the golden jubilee.

This Commissioner before the microphone, including anniversaries are Dollfuss and members of the government.

Presentation of gifts and a feast

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Reel №2


Military parade on Trabrenplats.

Dolfus General and on the podium.

Otrdy line up on the field.

General circumvents formation of soldiers.

On the rostrum officer, delivers a speech.

Residents waving flags.

Speaker Dollfuss in uniform.

Dollfuss speech before the construction workers to the area.

The demonstration in Lower Austria.

Dollfuss and his entourage are ahead of the crowd.

To him comes the fire chief of the helmet, gave a report, they go through the crowd to the podium.

He sings the chorus fire.

Official presents Dollfus Honorary address in the frame.

It Dollfuss from the rostrum.

Torchlight procession through the streets of Vienna.

Solemn procession of Catholics in the stadium.

Speech by President of the Catholic Council of Professor Clemens Holtsmaystera, he welcomed the nuncio Sybil, Cardinal Innittsa, Dollfuss.

This papal legate Cardinal La Fontaine.


The celebration of the Austrian-Turkish friendship in Heldenplatz.

People in the area, the military band played.

Past failure are the priests, every bear hem long robe.

It Gos.deyatelya cathedral on the hill.

Military parade, riding cavalry, horse artillery.

The laying of wreaths.

Dollfuss in progress with the officers, bypasses system.

Soldiers demonstrate drill

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Reel №3



Feast of All Saints in the Karlskirche in the presence of bundesprezidenta, bunderskantslera and members of the government.

The cathedral formation of soldiers, lowered the flag to the ground.

Members of the government and Dollfuss bypass the guard, go up the steps of the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral, lit candles.

Past the cathedral are the troops parade.

State Secretary genral Sheburg-Gartenshtayn at the tomb of Field Marshal Conrad.

Tomb Conrad plate with the name.

Secretary of State lays a wreath.

Volleys of weapons.

Dollfuss received the title of honorary citizen of the city Tullnerfeldesa.

Official building with Gos.simvolikoy, grandstand with transporant "Popular Front".

Bundesministr Dr.

Schuschnigg gives a speech.

The mayor of the city welcomes Reuters Dollfuss, hands him a letter.

It Dolfusa.

Visiting Chancellor camp volunteer working on the construction of a mountain road.

Go construction work with shovels, a mound near the river.

Dollfuss and State Secretary at the construction site.

Schuschnigg is Dollfuss word

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Reel №4



Meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers under the chairmanship of Chancellor Dollfuss about the work in the winter.

Government building, sentry at the entrance.

Lit chandelier.

Dollfuss and cabinet members at the meeting.


New Year's reception of the Diplomatic Corps at the Bundes-president.

At the government building a guard of honor.

Pipers piping.

Drive up the machine goes Dollfuss, priests, diplomats.

Dollfuss comes into the room, greeting everyone.

Cardinal speaks, diplomats congratulations.

Dollfuss's visit to the capital of Hungary Budapesh.

Dollfuss retinue out of the train station, it is surrounded by journalists.

Guard of honor.

Guests sit in the car.

Dollfuss stands at the microphone, he spoke about the friendship of their countries

Key words

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Reel №5

Reel №6


Honoring kantselera in Kleosternoyburge.

Dollfuss and his entourage circumvents formation of soldiers, fit to the officers, shakes hands with them.

The speeches at the rally.

Man nailed to the wall at home plate with a new name: "Dollfuss Platz".

Speech Dollfuss.

Celebration on May 1 in Vienna.

Costume parade.

Musicians in long white robes and garlands.

Stadium, the performance of the actor with the reading of poetry.

The mayor with a chain around his neck standing in front of a stove, on a plate stamped date: May 1, 1930.

On chairs sitting mayor and president of Dollfuss.

Speakers speeches and thus hit the plate hammer.

Parade, are young people in the form of sports, a detachment of the old uniforms with drawn swords, riding a platform with people.

On the podium of Dollfuss and members of the government.

Folk dances.

Platforms, decorated with different layouts.

Barrels of wine, the layout of the rural house, flower beds.

Go youth groups, farmers with scythes, rakes, work string, girl with flowers.

On the platform of girls around the maypole.

The crowd welcomed the demonstrators.

The rider in the ancient clothes holding a pole with a sign: "Handicraft Association".

Rider in the armor.

Representatives of various professions in the columns.

Female models in elegant dresses and hats with boxes in their hands, the platform with the Viennese fashion house.

Driven layout of the ship, aircraft.

There is a column of athletes.

The actor recites poetry

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Reel №7


Representatives of the regions welcome the new Austria.

Speech by the mayor and the president of Dollfuss.


The peasants welcomed the Chancellor.

Before the tribune are athletes with flags.

Dollfuss smiles, she greets them.

They come in the form of a girl, the two of them run up to the podium, give flowers Chancellor.

Residents in national costumes, men in vintage uniforms.

Vienna celebrating Youth Day.

Demonstration of young people are young people with flags, teenagers, young men in uniform, girls.

The girls perform gymnastic exercises.

Songs and dances in front of the podium.

Drummers in the ranks.

They're coming workers with shovels, young men on stilts.

Chancellor in Noysidle.

Dollfuss takes hits.

Goes cavalry riders in alpine costumes.

Dollfuss speech



The funeral procession goes through the streets of the city.

Dollfuss and officials.

Religious ceremony at the cathedral.

Soldiers are standing on one knee.


Consecration banner ostmarkskih stormtroopers on Heldenplats.

Are the military.

Dollfuss knocking hammer on the plate, then Schuschnigg, speeches.


Competitions German Christians at the stadium.

Gymnastic parade.

One of the athletes made a speech about youth.

Mass exercises in the field.

Competitions on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, balance beam among men.

Dollfuss made a speech in front of the athletes.

Chancellor in Feldkirch.

Dollfuss takes youth parade.


Chancellor Dollfuss examines the latest work of sculptor Anton died avtstiyskogo Khanaka-colossal sculptural composition made by order of Turkey.

Dollfuss at the exhibition, the sculpture looks.

Portrait of Anton Khanaka, Dollfuss sitting in the audience.

Turkish envoy speaks

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Reel №8

Reel №9


Memory Engelberg Dollfuss, who was killed July 25, 1934.

Bust Doolfusa.

Dollfuss in a coffin.

Chancellor's office.

Farewell to the Chancellor, Schuschnigg it.

Statements Dollfuss to the people.

Chancellor walks past damaged soldiers.

Woman in national dress brings him a glass of wine.

Working Chancellor program.

Construction in the mountains.

Dollfuss in construction, makes the first waving a shovel.

Industrial landscape, tube mills, the new bridge, electrification of production.

Driving departments Bundestag when Dollfuss.

Dollfuss in a cabinet with ministers.

Schuschnigg on the stairs.

Bust Dollfuss, a plate with the inscription: "Dr.

Zeypel, Dr.



On the wall of the house nailed a sign: "Dollfuss-Platz", the street with the name of Dollfuss in different cities.

Memorial plaque on the house.

Cross over the tomb.

Stove on the grave

Key words

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