Heroic Spain. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1



Map of Spain, waterfalls in the mountains, the bridge-yakveduk.

Ancient castles of Castile with elements of Arab culture.

Castle Algambrav Granada, a pond with a fountain in the form of vases.

The residence of the Spanish Kings, El Escorial, the tomb in the crypt, nameplates, statues of saints


The Communist propagandists in the country are campaigning.

Speakers in the city and in the countryside.

Fly over the stadium leaflets on the walls hung posters and newsletters.

Posters Catalan bourgeois Radical Party "Ezquerra Catalana".

February 16, 1936 elections are held.

Lists of candidates, ballot papers cast into the ballot boxes.

Rallies and demonstrations of the Popular Front.

Police disperse demonstration.

Police officers in cars, on horseback.

Agitmashiny travels communists, anarchists, nationalists.

The massive demonstration of the Popular Front in Madrid, demonstration in the Plaza del Toro arena for a bullfight.

On the map Spain, flash point, which won the People's Front in Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga, Valencia and other fiery symbol of Communist hammer and sickle.

Photo: nationalists killed near their leader Kalvus.

Voorruzhayutsya folk groups.

Popular Front Soldiers marching through the streets, raising his right hand in a fist.

They're coming trucks with soldiers, with guns.

Soviet envoy to Ispnii Mozee Rosenberg out of the car, welcomes fighters.

On the walls of the slogans of the communist direction of the houses.

In urban fires, bgut people.

The soldiers fired on the monument.

Of the churches discarded belongings, icons, statues, burn them.

On the streets lie the corpses of civilians.

The patrols on the street, passers-searched.

A man raises his arms up.

Those arrested are to be shot, heard the sound of gunfire, the bodies lie in the forest.

Steamer "Barcelona" at the quay, men mill around the deck, is a soldier with a rifle.

Interior view of the prison with longlines.

There is a convoy of prisoners.

Sounds shots behind corpses

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Reel №2


On the mast twists tricolor flag.

At the town hall building transporant: "Viva, General Franco, Viva, Spain."

Franco and his entourage out of the cathedral, he is greeted with a wave of Nazi hands.

Franco on the balcony.

Demonstration and parade Falangists.

Franco's troops to march to the front, moving cavalry truck on a mountain road.

General Keino de Llano Seville among the population, the citizens of his kiss.

The parade of troops before the general.

On the map to the south and from the north to the pro-Franco troops move from Vollodolida and Seville.

Troops under the command of General Mola parade through the streets of the city, residents welcomed them.

The troops of General Mola come through Irun to Madrid.

Pointer to Irun.

Fights are on the outskirts of the city, in the city, there is a ferry to the courts.

Fall dead soldiers, the cavalry rushes


Republican troops together with the population go to France across the border.

Go carts, laden with bales.

It drives a car with Republicans painted on the doors of the hammer and sickle.

Fires in Barcelona.

Go Popular Front fighters, riding a train with soldiers.

View Alcazar medieval fortress-palace in Toledo, PNRM. Toledo.

The siege of the castle of Franco, which entrenched Republicans.

The shelling of the town and fortress guns, air planes bombed the city.

The wall of the fortress lay mines explode.

There is a storm the fortress, the firing of the church windows.

The men climb onto the roof.

Franco's troops moved to Toledo, the firing of guns in the city.

General Phalangist command batareeey.

Over Alcazares winners tricolor flag.

General Franco among the soldiers.

Soldiers on the ruins of the fortress, in the form of a boy jumping on a Phalangist broken pedestal.

Franco among the soldiers, hugging General Moskardo.

Woman hugging Phalangists.

Franco together with the soldiers up the ruins, walking on broken streets.

From the ruins endure children, are women.

Franco's troops are moving to Madrid

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Reel №3


PNRM. in Madrid.

The city communists hung posters, portraits of Lenin, Kalinin, Stalin, Voroshilov and other figures kommunistichekoy Party of the USSR, with greetings transporant Russian brothers.

A huge portrait of Litvinov in the building.

Poster with Soviet soldiers.

Portrait of Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Molotov.

Poster dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Air Force.

On the bank of Bilbao banners with images of Lenin and Stalin.



Go Popular Front fighters, build barricades in the streets, on tramways.

Soldiers carry food, put in a bunch.

Soldiers inernatsionalnyh teams near Madrid.

Laughs dented fighter fighters drink wine from a keg, talking.

Soldiers dig fortifications.

Anxiety at the barricade, the onset of the Francoist troops fighting in the city, the tanks are moving into the field.

Driving battle at Manzanar River and in the Casa del Campo.

Franco's troops crossing the dilapidated bridge.

The ruins of the city.

View of the city of Malaga, coast.

Franco squadron at sea cannon aimed to shore.

Generals Mola and Keino de Llano in combat.

With ships and sailors descend too come to Malaga.

Residents welcome them, embrace.

The troops are marching through the streets with a flag, cavalry gallops.

Refugees return to the city


It takes off the light plane painted with hammer and sickle.

siren type, its sounds.

In the sky airplanes are bombing the city.

Crumbling buildings, people fleeing to the shelter.

A flag with a red cross, broken hospital, doctors and nurses clean the debris, religious sisters cleaned the room.

Residents clean debris removed corpses from the ruins.

The killed civilians, children, crying women with small children in their arms.

The bodies lie in the streets, wounded descend on a rope from the window.

The ruins of the town of Guernica.

The undermining of the bridge over the river Nervión retreating Republicans.

The attack on Franco Bilbao.

Entry into the city in armored vehicles.

Battered field fortifications in Bilbao, the mighty walls of the fortress, pillboxes.

General Mola at a meeting with the card.

Artillery shells city

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Reel №4


Shelling Bilbao Franco, explosions in the city.

Trenches with the killed soldiers.

Phalangists enter the city.

Distribution of food to the population.

Mothers feed children eat soup, bread.

The return of refugees.

Teens carry bags, women with bundles, with children in their arms.

Blow up the bridge over the river.

According to made a pontoon bridge are the people with carts, riding cars.

Map Franco moves to Gihon.

Fires at dusk, the dying ruins.

The troops are in the haze near the ruins.

General Oranda in the city.

PNRM. on broken churches, houses.

Battle of Teruel.

Franco's troops in the offensive.

The radio operator at the transmitter, the artillery in action.

Aircraft bombed from the air.

The infantry, supported by tanks coming forward.

On the stretcher a wounded bear.

From the slot machine gunner fired, the soldiers fired their rifles lying.

Street fighting.

The ruins of the cathedral, the fortress.

Marching troops Franco.

They are on the beach, running to the sea


Valencia, the battle of the Ebro.

Driving attack on gandesa, Korber.

Flying airplanes, bombing.

General Franco at the observation post.

Fires Artillery.

Close up of a flying "Junkers", they bombed positions of Republicans.

Squadron "Condor" in the sky.

General Yaguz looks into the tube on the tank attack.

The tank falls from the hill, turned over several times.


Broken tanks.

Francis tanks at the fortress.

Republicans surrendering.

The prisoners are on the road under guard, soldiers internationalists in the camp, sitting on rocks.

Those prisoners.

Newspaper on the rocks, the title of Leon Blum.

The prisoners in the column.

Map of Valencia

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Reel №5


Entry Franco trapped in the city.

On the building raised the tricolor flag.

The parade of troops before the general Yaguz.

Goes truck with boxes on board, two female falangistki the truck handed out food to people.

The city of Lleida, on the hill of an ancient fortress, across the river are the pro-Franco troops.

The city dismantled the barricades, trenches fall asleep ground.

On the pontoon bridge moving cars, trucks.

Distribution of the population of bread and canned food.

A man holds a newspaper with a portrait of Franco.

Soldiers stand at radioavtobusa, raise their hands to salute fashitsskom.

The march on Barcelona, ​​pberezhe and port, PNRM. around town.

The crowds in the streets and squares of welcome the troops of General Yaguz.

Yaguz speech to the residents, says Franco resorts, Spain.

People embrace the soldiers shouting the name of Franco.

The troops move on, cyclists soldiers riding on the road, the infantry sneaks across the bridge, wading across the river on a pontoon deck with horses.

Franco's entry into the city of Heron.

The destruction and fires in the city.

Refugees with things on the street.

Firefighters try to put out the house


The fortified town of Figueres, the destruction of the fortress, the walls of the gun.

Store valuables in the fortress, there are crates and sacks.

The soldier throws a bag of porcelain, wrapped in paper.

Various jewelery, watches, art books, miniatures, jewelry boxes, church values.

Voicu Republicans pass the Spanish-French border.

Refugees on the way.

Prime Minister of the Republican Government Negrin went to France in the car.

Groups Franco at the border, the French guards to welcome them.

Soldiers raise the tricolor flag, pulling his hands in a Nazi salute

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Reel №6


Broken bridge-aqueduct.

Go reconstruction.

Spinning concrete mixer, working moments in the construction, rebuilt bridge.

New buildings.

Harvesting in the fields, the peasants mowed, harvested wheat, hay.

Spinning mill wings.

Children's naval school.

Tent camp on the beach flag.

The guys perform gymnastic exercises on the beach, running to the sea to bathe.

The guys on the training ship, a young signalman waving flags.

Naval officer shows children model sailing ship, conducts classes.

Marching future sailors.

Parade of young sailors, members of the Spanish phalanx and military units, girls falangistki.

Tribune with General

Spain. on July 17 a day of mourning in Madrid.

Ceremony in honor of the fallen heroes.

On the rostrum of soldiers on crutches.

From the rostrum says Franco, lists the names of the victims of fascist movements: Jose Calvo-Sotelo, General Sangura General Molo, Onesimo Redondo, Julio Ruiz de Alda.

Eternal flame.

are slogans against the huge cross, "Viva Franco!", "Go Spain!".

Franco takes hits phalanx troops are under the sounds of the march.

Nodules arise fights pictures

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