Metal wings. (1936)

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Director: Gans F.Viljgeljm /Hans F.Wihelm/

Operators: Adoljf Kalj

Reel №1


A documentary about the production of airplanes "Junkers".

Opening speech by Field Marshal Milch of the Luftwaffe.

The figure of Icarus, pulling his hands to the sun as a metaphor thrust for flight.

Opened the door of the pavilion, there are models of airplanes.

On the stand exhibited patent N 253788 from February 1, 1910 in the name of Hugo Junkers, the aircraft drawings.

Professor Junkers and Mala are working on the aircraft.

Map of Germany, from the point of Dessau line with airplanes. 1920, world map, aircraft from Germany are beginning to spread throughout the world, chart of growth until 1933.

Buildings aircraft factory for the production of U-36 and U-521. Design office, men of Kuhlmann.

The test model in the centrifuge.

Work on the aircraft in the shop machinery fuselages

Key words

Germany, industry, construction, testing, aviation

Reel №2


It sounds the siren, workers differ in places.

Production processes, the plane layout of its parts.

metal sheets in stock.

Production of metal parts by means of the press, on CNC machines.

The conveyor with the details on the shop floor.

Go build the fuselage.

Workers are aircraft without wings

Key words

Germany, industry, aviation workers

Reel №3


Continue assembly with the wings.

Welding spar.

Control over the quality of work.

Metal sheets sheathe wing design.

PNRM. the factory, manufactures engines for aircraft.

Design office, shop.

Production processes, production of parts, handling air jet grinding.

Quality control

Key words

Germany, industry, aeronautics, aviation, workers, construction

Reel №4


The laboratory at the plant, metal check in spectroscopy and microscopy.

Adjustment and assembly of engine parts.

Motors driven carts.

Tests propeller.

Plant for the production of motorv in Magdeburg, the plant body.

There is mounting motors

Key words

Germany, industry, city, laboratory tests

Reel №5


Set the propeller.

Production of blades for the propeller.

The conveyor, is mounting.

Lunch break.

Working dining room, handing out food.

Rest in air, for operating a band plays.

People sitting on benches or simply on the grass.

Men play football, swim in the pool.

Comic jump into the water.

Workers walk in the park, playing chess.

Man asleep on the grass tickle his comrades straws.

A siren sounds, all return to work

Key words

Germany, industry, work, leisure, entertainment, orchestra, park, woman, swimming pool, football

Reel №6


In the shop there are aircraft final assembly.

Opened the door of the hangar, workers derive aircraft.

Aircraft on the airfield, takeoff.

At the table in the office sitting Goering, who oversees aviation in Germany.

Plane takes off, the performance of aerobatic maneuvers.

The workers come from the factory after the change, are systems.

Above them fly airplanes.

A squadron of Junkers in the sky.

Hitler Bust

Key words

Germany, industry, aviation, workers Gos.deyateli, personalities, Goering, tests