Gloomy ecstasy. (1938)

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Director: Armand Denis /Armand Denis/

Operators: Leroj Felps

Reel №1

USA. Ethnographic film shot on the territory of the Belgian Congo.

Portrait of the King of Belgium Albert 1 jacket.

Expedition Armand Denis and Leila Roosevelt in the Belgian Congo.

Map of Africa, in the north marked the Sahara desert, the Belgian Congo, in central Africa.

Brussels, capital of Belgium, gathering expedition, the car is outside the house, it will ship the boxes, equipment for shooting, car rides around town

Map, marked the way through France, Spain, through the Gibraltar to Africa.

The expedition starts its journey to Africa with Morocco.

The city, in the hills of home.

The local market, residents in long robes and turbans go on the market.

Street, sheltered from the sun canopy.

Artisans near their shops immediately made their products, the master is engaged in metal stamping, polishing product on the wheel.

Street under the vaulted arches, the people are coming.

Sitting woman in a burqa.

Machine expedition passes the beautifully decorated gate with arches.

Competition riders on horses with guns at the ready.

The crowd turned dancer.

Gymnast doing a somersault through the stretched rope.

Magician swallows fire torch, working fakir with a snake

Expedition travels through the Atlas Mountains, they are in the desert.

Sahara deflected directly in Timbuktu.

According to the desert riders move on horseback with a gun, a caravan of camels.

Oasis with a water source, all collect water.

Women carry pitchers.

The car of the expedition for a while accompanied by horsemen.

Car stuck in the sand, and then continues on his way to Tumbstoun.

Dust storm, the wind bends trees.

Stop in Tumbstoune.

On the map is marked the way to Nigeria, Cameroon.

Cars driving past a huge tree.

They run a herd of buffalo grazing zebras, rhinoceroses.

Striding across the grass giraffes, antelopes running herd, the lone begkmot.

The car barely passes through the thickets.

Map arrow goes through Cameroon in the Belgian Congo.

Settlement Sangassu, boat near the shore, crossing by ferry.

Negros cut down a huge tree trunk for a large vydablivayut long boats.

Negros rowing boat standing trafficked expedition

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Reel №2

Negros fish in wicker cone-shaped network on the rapids of the river, swim in the boat to shore, pulling them to a special pomot.

Fisherman pulls out from the net a big fish, passes her up on the platform.

The expedition in the village.

Outfits and jewelry to local residents, a ceremonial dance.

On the neck, the legs applied patterns.

Woman constructing a hairstyle of hair on legs wearing pearl bracelets.

Ebony face krskoy smears.

Women's hairstyles original form.

The girl with a cone-shaped hairstyle.

Types of blacks.

Hair parted with pigtails.

Mother daughter decorate her hair.

Mother and Child, on his head wind the some strips.

Two Negro ride on elephants, they dragged on the log chain.

Armandna loshshadi oversees the work of elephants and mahouts.

Elephants go for two in a row.

Elephants at a watering place on the river.

Elephants are hay, next are elephants.

Taming the wild elephant.

Elephant legs tied to the trees.

Elephant trumpeting.

Negros pulling the strings, the elephant rests falls.

Negro vsakivaet him

Key words

Africa, river, women, fashion, transportation, water, children, animals, fishermen, fish

Reel №3

Reel №4

An expedition to a halt, a mechanic check the car.

Armand plays with a monkey, and Leila cuts his hair.

Monkey jumping on the chain.

Leila is feeding the monkeys out of the bowl, some creature from a spoon.

Armand gives bezyanke fruit, chips.

Cruise the river preparing for the crossing, loads in the boat.

Observing the rites of Negroes.

Keep on tom-toms, negros-going warriors opyami.

Ran children in skirts made of reeds.

Test of patience and the will: the boy clings to a pole, and the other hit him on the back long twig, like a whip.

At the hut sat the boys, the old men smoking from long tubes.

The rhythmic sound of pieces of wood.

Ceremonial dance.

The boys are in the jungle.

The rite of circumcision boy clamped his mouth, so he did not cry, and make the ceremony

Dennis goes for a stretcher into the jungle.

Crossing the river on a bridge woven from twigs.

Porters pygmy lead ekspeditsiyayu his family.

Household employment pygmies cane processing for the web.

Women paint the face of the girl ornaments.

The old man smoking a pipe.

Pygmies make arrows for hunting, weave the network.

In the jungle, the network is spread among Derevyeva shouting chase them antelope.

Caught antelope are in the village expedition machines in the parking lot.

Denis bathing in a basin monkey.

Various monkeys on chains.

Comes bus with pygmies, Leila gives them porridge right hands.

Lies fallen elephant, surrounded by pygmies begin to carve the carcass skinning

Key words

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Reel №5

USA. Pygmies cut pieces from the carcass and eat.

Pygmy takes a piece of meat in his mouth, passes it to his mouth next.

The child is placed on the carcass, he drinks blood.

Then Pygmies perform a ceremonial dance, knock on the tom-toms.

Feast of the whole village.

PNRM. on the mountains at dusk.

In the morning, together with the Pygmies Armand goes into the jungle.

In shallow vyshigivayut herons.

Dam on the river, beat hot springs.

Pygmies fishing on the bottom of the basket, carries the fish in the village

Porters with loads of follow Armand.

The grass snake crawls.

View from the hill with geysers, trail smoke, lava is hot, fly spray.

In the evening, everyone is sitting around the campfire.

Nature area, growing cacti, vines entwine the trees.

Pointed Mountain on the horizon, ferns.

Tribe taurogov, there is a process with tom-toms, pipes are the leader in the noslkah.

taurogi soldiers in combat along with spears in their hands.

Ceremonial dance.

Types of blacks, their hairstyles hats

Key words

Africa expedition, natives, children, animals, art, music, hunting, river, jungle, personalities, birds Africa, jungle, personalities, expedition, snakes, plants, mountains, tribes, soldiers, weapons, art

Reel №6

The driver with the buffalo, buffalo close up.

Standing elegant residents.

Men dancing near Buffalo.

Dance tauroga single, common dance with spears.

Dancing men in skirts of cane on their heads hats with feathers.

Armand returned to the river in a boat, on the shore can see crocodiles, they slip into the water.

Return to the pygmies, they shout a greeting.

Pygmies show Armando braided construction of the bridge.

First, the trees remove vines, twisted them.

On the tree climbs boy sits in a loop of the vines.

Liana pull, chop, and the boy flying across the river.

He clings to a tree on the other side, everyone is happy

Key words

Africa, population, tribes, river expedition, personalities, animals, bridge, art, music, plants, children, entertainment

Reel №7

Residents cheer the boy, on the liana move to the other side, a large number of vines stretch, begin twisting them, building a bridge.

Pygmies climb a tree go over the bridge.

Watch women with children.

Pygmies sing.

Armand floats in a boat, sent to the reservation.

In the column label in French: "The service training of elephants."

Elephants at work.

Two elephants driven carriage with the body, a string of moving carts.

Armand enters the river on horseback, followed by elephant.

In water sitting hippos.

Head hippos.

The driver causes the elephant to fall down the tree, and then he bears a log.

I halt at the members of the expedition around the campfire.

In the morning they go on, porters carry loads on their heads.

The driver on the elephants.

Armand makes the sign, ready to shoot hunting of wild elephants.

Hunters unwound rope, prepare rifles.

Wild elephant in the thicket

Key words

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Reel №8

Hunters are preparing an ambush, chase the elephants to her, throws a rope to the elephant legs, tied him to a tree.

Elephant rushes, rushes, screaming, foot beats Negro.

Elephant tangling cords.

Two elephants drovers drove up to catch the elephant, placing it in the middle, are

Armand looks into the distance, visible smoke.

All urgently folded tents, collect items in the cart.

In the jungle, fire, burning grass, bushes, animals flee.

The members of the expedition in a hurry to get away from the fire, leave the bulky wagon.

By the river running antelope, zebra, go through the water.

Travelers complete their journey, they prolschayutsya with blacks, who sail in the boat

Key words

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