When the sun goes down. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Iogannes Guter /Johannes Guter/

Operators: Verner Krejn

Reel №1


The film-concert.

White emigre Speech Choir of the Don Cossacks led by Sergei Yarov control.


On stage, the form of village hut, the girl rocks the cradle with a doll.

Furnishing house, grandfather sleeping on the stove.

The girl in the Ukrainian attire lulls doll.

Chorus Caucasian highlanders.

Highlanders in traditional costumes to Saclay campfire.

Singer sings, invites a girl to dance.

Dancing man standing on his toes, dance with daggers.

Russian folk song about a blacksmith.

On stage, a smithy, blacksmith work.

Ukrainian folk song.

The scene in the Ukrainian village.

Boys and girls gather at the edge of the village.

Ukrainian dances hopak

Key words

Germany, cinema, concerts, farmers, personalities, music, art