Horses in the marsh reeds. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: E.N.Blomberg /Th.N.Blomberg/

Operators: A.O.Vejtcenberg

Reel №1


Index: "Dülmen Westfalen", the silhouette of a horse.

There is a train.

City Dülmen, old houses, church, tower, castle consistency,.

The streets of the city, go carts with horses.

Preserve Wild horses in Westphalia in the summer.

Horses grazing on the grass, go to the water they drink.

Beavers lake.

Horses go through the woods, they devour the leaves.

Horse lying on the grass, flips.

Horse hoof beats, two horses stand on their hind legs, fighting over females.

Pair of horses rubbing noses

Key words

Germany, city, railway, church, castle, pets, animals, lake, forest

Reel №2


Love games of horses.

Birth zherebnka who tries to immediately get to his feet.

The mare licks it.

A foal tries to step over the mare lying, but falls.

Hesitantly walks still on wobbly legs, sucking milk from mother.

Mares with foals grazing.

Poacher hunting, he ties a rope between the trees, catch the horse.

The fire in the forest, the horses are frightened and run.

Winter in the woods, looking for horse fodder under the snow.

From the looks of the forest deer.

Herd of the brook.

Spring, horses graze on grass.

The men surround a herd, catch lasso horses, tie caught the horse, put on the body red-hot brand.

Fair, horses put up for auction, the man leading bids, knocking hammer.

Horses graze in the reserve

Key words

Germany, herd, animals, forest, fire, poachers, natural phenomena, Fair Park, trade