Symphony north. (1938)

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Director: Yulius Sandmajer /Julius Sandmeier/

Operators: Yulius Sandmajer

Reel №1


Trying to build a film in the form of a symphony without narration.

The country rises up from the sea.

Norway - a country washed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north.

Beach in the north of its rocky and steep, they are cut by thousands of fjords.

Norway - a country of mountains, eternal snow and northern lights.

Cottage in the snow.

Family of morning chores.

A woman with a yoke goes to the hole, it pulls the water carries to the house.

Man rolls from the mountain on a sled.

Picturesque and harsh nature.

Eli in the snow.

View of the river in a valley, the coast remains of the raft.

Man plows plow woman planting potatoes

Key words

Norway, sea, mountains, family, peasants, women, natural phenomena

Reel №2


Spring in Norway.

Plowing horses.

Horses grazing.

Waterfall in the mountains.

Spring awakening of nature.

Pair of horses rubbing noses, pictures love games interspersed shots of the waterfall.

Rapid mountain river in the rapids.

Forest, Birch rustle leaves first.

The young man looks out the window, behind which the room is a girl.

She goes out on the porch with a basket, the boy drags it behind him.

The trees bloom buds, running waterfall stream.

On duvushka wearing a festive scarf, she looks in the mirror.

The bell tolls.

Procession residents to Mass. girls in sundresses, white blouses, scarves on their heads.

Residents walk down the street, their faces.

The orchestra.

Children stand in the ranks, the state flag.

People comes to the church, there is office, people sitting on the benches.

Spring holiday in the countryside, folk dances

Key words

Norway, festivals, farmers, animals, natural phenomena, mountains, waterfall, river, forest, youth, orchestra, women, people, church, religion, children, Gos.simvolika Entertainment

Reel №3


The sea along the coast going barges, boats, fishing boats.

Lighthouse, views of rocky coasts and waterfalls.

The movement of the water.

Rocks at dusk, the clouds move across the sky.

Fjords with rocky beaches, glaciers.

With snow falling tree.

A powerful waterfall, the river forms a jet, fly up spray, foam.

Lapps, their way of life.

Types Lapps: a girl in a cap with national patterns, a man with a pipe in his mouth.

Family camping at the lodge.

A man puts a noose, goes over the snow with a dog, looking after the family.

There is a vessel carrying passengers.

A couple looking for a board, a man reading a newspaper.

Fishing village on the shore boats lie.

A man inspects the boat, makes an entry in a diary.

On board a man eats from a bowl.

At the fence a man playing the accordion, the listeners.

The young man at the table takes notes in a diary.

The girl brings him a letter.

Villagers gather near the musician.

Men playing cards.

The boat floats couple.

Sunset boat near the shore at dusk.

The water in the moonlight.

Men go through the village

Key words

Norway, population, nationality, sea, transportation, water, farmers, fishermen, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, fjords, women, family, youth, music, musical instruments, entertainment, e-mail, children, media, natural phenomena

Reel №4


Blog entry.

Fishermen lowered the boat into the water.

A young man in a raincoat and hat puts the diary in your pocket and out.

Many boats with masts near the shore.

Fly and screaming birds.

Fishermen preparing to sail.

Fisherman repairing network.

Men collect network.

The boat set sail.

From the shore the boat departs with a few fishermen.

The sea is stormy.

On the shore of people look at the water, notice perevaernutuyu boat, pull it to the shore, take out the bag, there are things the hat, the diary of a young man.

Fishing boat in the sea at dusk.

Fishermen pulling nets with fish.

At sea, the storm, the ship goes further.

Lots of seagulls fly over the boats.

Fishermen twist winch, pull the network with the fish.

Fish in boxes, barrels.

With the fishermen's catch back to shore

Key words

Norway, sea, storm, fishing, fish, young people, documents, transport, water, birds, sailing

Reel №5


Houses in the village.

On the shore lay logs, timber rafting.

View of the Norwegian countryside.

On the shore of grazing horses.

Cows put out to pasture.

Close-up of bull.

There is a flock of sheep.

Smiling cowherd boy.

Women carrying baskets of hay.

Houses decorated with wooden carvings.

Woman rolls the dough on the table.

The old man drinks tea.

Those residents.

Norwegian flag

Key words

Norway, the peasants, pets, women, river, forest industry, the elderly population, Gos.simvolika

Reel №6


On snow runs a herd of deer.

The mountains in the snow.


Lapps who breed reindeer.

Zhenschinv opens the door, there is a path in the deep snow.

Man and woman carry a coffin on a horse.

Are the plague.

The woman will also handle deer skin.

The man with the dog, he gets out of the bag tube lights.

From plague boy peeps.

Family sitting in the tent at the hearth, over which hangs a boiler, a family dinner.

The boy is sleeping on the skins and dreaming to running deer

Key words

Norway, mountains, natural phenomena, animals, women, family, children

Reel №7


Church with carved walls, dome with tiles made of wood.

River at dusk, moonlit path on the water.

A man with a lasso from reindeer herds, he throws a lasso, catching a deer by the horns, tie, pulling a few deer.

Driving reindeer to new pastures, herds of deer crossing through the lake.

Herd on the other side.

Shepherds campfire.

Sunset on the sea gulls fly.

A huge number of birds tichi colony on the rocks.

Birds hatch eggs.

Nests of birds, bird eggs, and the eggs hatched chicks

Key words

Norway, the church, the peasants, animals, natural phenomena, the sea, the birds

Reel №8


Chicks on the rocks.

Birds fly in flocks.

Fishermen in boats and boats with their catch.

Net in water.

Fishermen sorting fish.

Fish processing plant, fish cleaned, dried in the sun, salted.

Stormy weather in the sea.

Fishing boat rocking on the waves.

Waves poured deck.

At the helm are two fishermen.

The calm after the storm at sea.

Waves lazily nailed to the shore algae.

In the water floats a hat.

Rocky coast, the waves lapping on the shore.

Fishermen looking at sea

Key words

Norway, sea, birds, storm, fishermen, fish, food industry, water transport