igloo. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

USA. Entografichesky film about Alaska.

Map of Alaska in the far north of the United States Coast ocean, snowfield.

Settlement of the Eskimos, their home from the snow - the needle.

Life of the Eskimos.

Huskies embroidered in the parks of reindeer skins.

Women with children tied behind his back doing household chores, excrete skins sewn.

Man carves out a harpoon sticks.

Children ride on the hill.

There is a hunter caught a seal, he joyfully greeted.

Young woman takes a harpoon, leaves the dog on the hunt, but returned without a catch.

Her husband / protagonist / runs alongside dog team to the village, he met with residents.

The sled - a few carcasses of seals.

Inuit seal is cut.

Hero enters the needle removes the park.

He gives the newcomer son baby seal that shows the mother and grandfather gift.

Huskies arrange a holiday on the occasion of a successful hunt.

Men play the tambourines, dancing

Key words

USA, Alaska, nationality, Inuit, population, ocean, women, children, crafts, hunting, animals, hobbies, entertainment, festival, music

Reel №2

USA. All eat cooked meat.

Dogs fighting over pieces.

Razomlevshie of food sit and sleep on the snow.

The hero comes to young people, who arranged for the amusement they tossed on the skin Woman, she laughs.

My wife is jealous of her husband to the young, but he hugs her.

Grandfather pointing to the sky, a blizzard begins.

Hero stops igruyuschuyu youth.

All lodge in the needle out and his family.

Hero dog team cleans, gives meat to the dogs

Key words

USA, Alaska, population, Eskimos, hobbies, youth, entertainment, family, natural phenomena, women

Reel №3

USA. Hero buries the shelter of the snow plate.

In a needle woman bathing baby.

Hero calls men, they cover the entrances to the igloos of the snow slabs.

Blizzard is delayed.

OCHA sit in the Igloo the Eskimos.

Empty utensils, burning bowl with the fat.

Father, looking at the hungry children, puts out the flames, trying fat, gives to his children.

The dog chewing the strap.

A mother feeds her two babies breast, the husband sad watching.

In the village there will be famines.

Character is sleeping, but wakes up when a man tries to kill the dog.

Hero going on a hunting trip.

Meanwhile people are starving, dying one of the two babies, the father zavorajivaet it into the skin, buries under the snow boulders.

Character IDA in the snow, moved through the waves.

In the morning the storm abates, the Eskimos are going to decide what to do next.

They take a canoe and going on a journey

Key words

USA, Alaska, population, Eskimos, famine, children, women, domestic animals, natural phenomena, hunting

Reel №4

USA. Huskies walled old in an igloo, go on the road with only young families.

Hero, noting the absence of his wife, returns to the needle, she was sitting there with his father, not wanting to part with it.

Hero carries on the old man's hands, he puts on sledges.

The Eskimos are on the snowy wilderness.

Sledges with the old man turned over and fall off the mountain.

Hero runs down, digs out the old man out of the snow.

He offered to leave the old man, but he does not agree, and even fights with men.

The hero goes forward, examines the area

Key words

USA, Alaska, population, Eskimos, youth, hunting, family, elderly, natural phenomena, desert

Reel №5

USA. Hero on the hill looks over the terrain and notes from wormwood seals.

Man floating in a canoe.

Hero checks the harpoon.

People notice that the ice cracks, and boats with teams of jump from ice floe to ice floe.

Family Hero is lagging behind, he catches them, helps.

One of the Inuit falls into the water, it has Toras, he loses consciousness, the other presses hummocks.

A woman and a man in the water.

The hero sees his sled in the water upside down without the family, are only fur mittens wife.

He Beren canoeing and sailing back.

On the ice, where his wife, there is a white bear, he pursues a woman

Key words

USA, Alaska, population, Inuit, women, family, hunting, transportation, water, seniors, animals

Reel №6

USA. Woman Bezhta from the bear.

Hero throws a spear, killing the beast.

They go back to the tribe.

Hero checks the way, look around, turns to the gods, wears around his neck a talisman.

Suddenly he sees on the ice seal rookery.

Man floating in a canoe, hunt animals.

The dead walruses and seals.

Hero to thank the gods.

People finally eat meat.

Children play with a ball.

People sing and dance.

Hero calls his wife, they board a canoe and swim together, smiling at each other

Key words

USA, Alaska, population, Inuit, women, children, hunters, hunting, animals, transportation, water, family, entertainment, religion