Little America. (1935)

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Director: Eving Skott /Ewing Scott/

Operators: Dzhon Gerrman, Karl Peterson

Reel №1

USA. A documentary about the 2nd Antarctic expedition of Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

Map of Antarctica.

On the small screen shots from the first expedition: canopy sled dog race on snow.

The unit pulls in the room at the screen talking to Admiral Byrd and Uytmen.

Preparations for the second expedition.

Port, mooring Ship "Jacob Ruppert", is loading on a vessel of materials, equipment, dogs, cows, sheep.

The map shows the route of the expedition from America to Antarctica.

Whistle steamer ship goes to sea.

Sails on the masts.

The sailors on the deck.

expedition members: scientists, engineers.

The ship passes Neptune festival novice sailors bathe in the pool.

There is a check of the equipment.

The ship has a master on the machine grinds some detail.

Dogs on the deck, they are connected to the harness, train.

At sea, the storm, the rain poured down, fly spray.

On deck is an airplane, it also fills the rain.

Sailors in raincoats and fishing hats.

Dogs are nervous

Key words

USA, Antarctica, the expedition, scientists, celebrities, sea, pets, celebrations, pool, soldiers, workers, storm, natural phenomena

Reel №2


The ship on sunset.

The officer looks at a sextant.

On mast vperedismotryaschie, they see the land.

There are icebergs, ice floes, ship sneaks in ice.

The team is looking for a board.

On snow penguins go.

At a temperature of - 40 degrees expedition enters the polar region.

Unloading of vehicles: airplane, tractor, sleigh, sled dogs, animals.

Members of the expedition arrange Camp, dig snow shovel.

Crack on an ice floe, peeking out of the hole seal.

People build premises, rocks.

The ship departs.

In the tent, a man lies down to sleep next to him a dog.

The cradle are two puppies, male feeds them from the nipples

Key words

USA, Antarctica, expedition, military leaders, icebergs, birds, animals, water transport

Reel №3

USA. In the morning a man dig out from under the snow entered the truck, opens soot, knocks in the ice.

Comes in a tent, cook wakes.

Cook prepares dough donuts and fried.

In the tent come members of the expedition, on the sly grab donuts, cook brandishing a rolling pin.

The table at the map of Antarctica Bird talking with friends.

Members of the expedition are in service, Bert bypasses them, he shakes hands.

All differ in places.

On the dog sled carrying cargo.

Above the camp airplane accident occurs, it falls on the snow, all rush to the car.

The wounded pilot on the table, his somatrivayut, is applied to the arm in plaster.

In New York radio station CBS expedition communicate.

To microphone invite the mother of the pilot, it sends a message to her son.

Members of the expedition at the map, develop the route.

People dragged airplane Bird sits in the car, takes off.

View from the plane to the camp, the flight over the ice floes and snow

Key words

USA, Antarctica, food, personalities, hobbies, aircraft, accident, injury, family, radio, communication

Reel №4

The members of the expedition on the march, they open up new, previously absent on the map ridges raise the US flag on them. aircraft Chassis cleaned from the snow, penguins are close to the aircraft.

Ride on machine gusechnom track and sled driven loads.

From the wooden boards and planks satisfied people in the snow covered tunnels premises.

Byrd invited a plane taking off, he visits a weather station.

The camp begins snowstorm, people hidden in tents, dogs run into the snow tunnels, feed.

Dog chews snow.

Cows indoors

Key words

Antarctica expedition, aviation, Gos.simvolika, celebrities, weather, natural phenomena, animals, pets

Reel №5

The expedition members are working in the room at the instruments, Biologist looking through a microscope, microfilming Arctic protozoa.

The doctor pulls a man aching tooth.

People on vacation, they play various musical instruments and sing.

The wireless operator communicates with the central database and America.

Homemade Observatory in the camp, people sit on chairs, collected in "Carousel", rotate and examine the starry sky.

Admiral Byrd travels on the ice of Antarctica for six months, change each other inscriptions: March, April, May, June, July.

A communication session with the studio CBS

Key words

USA, Antarctica, Expedition, medicine, recreation, music, musical instruments, communications, research, Navy, personalities

Reel №6

USA. Violation of the radio.

Radioman knock a message in Morse code.

People at night near the tractor.

Those members of the expedition.

They go skiing with torches in their hands, the tractor carries cargo.

Accidents Admiral Bert / carbon dioxide poisoning / journal entry.

At the studio CBS await news from the "little America".

Salvation Admiral Bert, he returned to the camp on the plane comes into the tent.

He's trying to fry an omelette, but he can not.

Bert shear overgrown with huge scissors.

All members of the expedition cut their beards.

Men wash their comrade in the tank, he rests.

People collect things.

Harnesses with loads going to the ship.

They watch penguins and seals

Key words

USA, Antarctica, Expedition, accidents, military leaders, personalities, aviation, birds, animals, communication, household appliances, instruments, landscaping