South Plot. (1938)

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Director: Zh.A.Krezi /J.A.Kreuzi/

Operators: Zh.A.Krezi

Reel №1



Documentary about phosphate mining in Tunisia.

The fruits of the earth on the table pears, pumpkin, cauliflower, bread.

Tunisia map, points of Bizerte, Tunisia, Gabes, Sfax.

Types of Tunisia: the desert, the oasis with lush vegetation.

A small waterfall and stream.

The settlement with stone buildings, mountains.

By train There is a train, railway tunnels along the way.

A pointer to the French colony Metlou.

Desert conduit by which water is delivered to the colony.

The rocky terrain, peaks, rugged rocks, some cliffs on the coast.

Flowering gardens Metlou.

In the alleys of the walk people, young people get together, play croquet and tennis.

Celebration of the first communion in the Church, are rows of boys and girls.

Children at school.

Streets of the European species.

The building is almost at the entrance stands a cart with a horse, carrier bags of mail transfers.

Clubhouse, restaurant.

Police Commissioner to the Commissioner on the bike rides a man, gives a letter.

The thermometer shows 47 degrees of heat.

On the sand scorpion crawling.

The village of the local population.

A man goes out to work, son accompanies him.

graze sheep

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Reel №2


On the sand lie camels.

The train, carrying workers to the mine in open vogonchikah.

From the barn go electric cars, the composition with trolleys and carriages with workers going into the tunnel.

Multskhema that draws the structure of the mine phosphates in Metlou.

Types of quarries located at a depth of 60 meters under the ground.

Workers at the mine, go trolleys with phosphate miner drills layers.

Work on mounting Gallery logs.

PNRM. of Engineering from the top.

Phosphate loaded into wagons

Key words

Tunisia, animals, desert, mine, workers, miners

Reel №3


Train with phosphate.

Loading platform phosphate.

Various grinding work phosphate and drying, all processes are mechanized.

Handling of dry phosphate on the train bound for the city of Sfax.

Station, view of the station, the train on the tracks.

The stone walls of the city, busy streets.

Square, buildings, palaces.

European quarters of Sfax.

Phosphate Plant tunissoko branch of "Renault" company, the flags of Tunisia and France.

Maps, man shows phosphate export countries around the world.

Office of the company, employees work.

The machine room, various machines and equipment work.

Power plants.

Workshop dry.

Women sew bags, they passed through the drum, which churns out the stigma.

Two boys cause a stigma on the bags, putting shblon paint.

Warehouse with bags

Key words

Tunisia, transportation, railway, industry, women, workers, farm, children

Reel №4


Warehouse worker produces the empty bags.

Phosphate poured out on the conveyor trolleys, workers pack it in bags, carry on wheelbarrows.

Warehouses in Gabes, automatic packaging bags of phosphate.

Heap of fertilizer tablets: potassium chloride, sulvinit, ammonium sulfate, tsianamit.

The port of Sfax, loading bags of phosphate on the court

Key words

Tunisia, transport, port, city, workers

Reel №5


Map, routes vessels circuit carrying phosphate in different countries from Portugal to Canada and New Zealand.

The city of Sfax on the coast, the traffic.

Warehouses company Renault.

Two horse driven carriage along the rails with phosphate.

In phosphate transporter loaded into wagons.

Driving phosphate production growth from 1929 to 1938

France, Normandy.

Landscape with cows in the meadow.

Above the tile-roofed house dove.

Near the large tree on the edge of the grazing deer.

In the pond swans.

Peasant courtyard, swarming chickens.

He sits grandfather with his grandson, goes past the old woman, leaning on a cane.

Male horse harnesses.

View of the town from the trees leaves.

The farmer takes a sack of fertilizer from the cart, pours out on the field.

Eared wheat field, harvesting combine bread.

Growing flowers.

Girl collects bouquet boy throws a flower in it.

Evening bell.

Crucifixion on the road.

Fields of wheat.

Tunisia and France Flags

Key words

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