Homeland steps. (1934)

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Director: O.Jonsen /O.Johnsen/

Operators: V.Gamejster, O.Tober, H.Bremer

Reel №1


Thuringia - beautiful land.

Pyzazh at dusk, mountains, forests.


Top view of the countryside, river, bridge.

City Gera top, houses, spiers verkvi.

Forest area, is a fallen tree.

The sun illuminates the alley of birch trees planted along the road.

On the hill can be seen the ruins of an ancient fortress.

The city walls, a tower, a massive building.

The old buildings of the city.

The bas-reliefs on the walls.

Top view of the area and the market.

Hang banners with swastikas.

In the market there is a sale of vegetables.

Hanging transporant "German Saarland forever."

Town Hall clock.

PNRM. on top of the city, the smoke pipe factories.

PNRM. down the wall of the town hall, the beautiful bas-reliefs on the walls, the gates.

Wrought iron shop signs.

At high escape stairs children.

The channel directly above the house with arches at the bottom for the flow of water.

The bridges across the canal.

Reflections of houses in the water channel.

The plant, metal structures, pipes.

Steelmakers in the furnace, pouring molten metal, it is poured into a mold.


The woman at the loom, fabric output.

Male weaver.


Key words

Germany, river, city, bridge, church, forest, mountain, fortress, sightseeing, Gos.simvolika, advocacy, industry, light industry, channel, workers, women

Reel №2


In the meadow grazing cows and sheep.

Waterfall in the mountains.

Rocks, overgrown with trees.

According to a high bridge, the aqueduct is a train.

Old stone bridge across the mountain river, the water flowing over the rocks.

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

Sights of the city of Gera, architectural pamtyaniki.

On the wall is a bas-relief: the man in the coat has a bell.

Buildings with national geometric patterns.

The wall on the corner of a sculpture of a lion.

Church, cemetery, crosses on the graves.

The memorial stele in the center circle with a swastika.

View of the valley from above the field with equal rectangles of plowed land.

There is a flock of sheep.

On the branch of a tree sitting owl blinks.

Forest landscape of a small pond on the shore out fawn, shakes.

The forest, lit by the sun.

On the hill a large cross.

Gallery of the columns in the old castle ruins.

city ​​buildings.

View of the river, an island on the river boat near the shore.

Old stone bridge.

Houses on the waterfront.

Spires gotitcheskoy church.

Buildings decorated with Nazi symbols.

Sculpture of the medieval warrior with spear and embroidered.

the city and the field type.

In the meadow cows.

Spinning mill waterwheel.

River flowing over rocks.

PNRM. by regions

Key words

Germany, city, sightseeing, sculpture, monuments, cemetery, forest, animals, birds, bridge, railway, river, architecture, castle, mountain, church, Gos.simvolika, the castle, animals, farmers, mill

Reel №3


Preparing for the Party Congress.

Lumberjacks sawing wood, pine falls.

Women cut branches, twigs sale at a street market.

Because the logs are building a huge pavilion, men give props to the rafters pull the tarp.

Break, a man with a beer and a sandwich.

A man in uniform smoking a pipe.

Continuation of work.

The construction of the stands.

Setting columns with cups on top.

Houses ukrshayut garlands, flowers, banners with swastikas.

Post a bowl closed cloth.

Loading hay wagons to trucks, hay being transported to the city.

Above the entrance of the house sign: "Guide Party Congress in 1934," people come in and out the entrance.

Two adolescents hang the poster on the wall: "The Party Congress in Gera 16-17.06" people read.

Hang transporant of Congress date


People at their jobs, and they are in the form sent to the Congress.

An official at the table, the girl sew on typewriters, a man mowing grass.

He's in an officer's uniform.

Sign of the organization with a swastika and eagle.

In the workshop, two men planed planes, they form.

She works in a toy factory, it also comes in the form of a backpack.

The driver changes the wheel of the car he is in the form of a motorcycle.

The youth-glass blower, he is out of the house in the form of parents waving hand.

The officer near the soldiers of the "Labor Front", sitting on the ground with shovels.

According to the team, they are built into the column, marching on the road with slogans.

The railway is a train, he arrives at the station Gera.

From the train leave the soldiers and officers, go to the city.

Soldiers marching under transporant: "Long live our Fuhrer"

Key words

Germany, population, Congress, industry Forest, woman, Gos.simvolika, city, market, trade, youth, propaganda Germany, population, city, congress, propaganda, railway industry, workers, Gos.simvolika, Gos.deyateli, toys, women, light industry, youth, soldiers, generals

Reel №4


The street marching troops with banners.

The soldiers pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

Go-bearers, a soldier with the standard of.

The rally in the pavilion, stands an officer with a welcoming speech.

At the mention of the Fuhrer's all jump up and pull your hands.

A minute of silence in memory of fallen comrades, the song sounds, tend banners.

Performances continue.

Those bearers.

Speaker shtabsleyter Dr.

Ley, everyone claps.

Symphony Orchestra Concert, people sit, listen, including the audience Lei

Key words

Germany, city, Gos.simvolika, Gos.deyateli, personalities, generals, concert, orchestra, music, people

Reel №5


Speaker Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, he talks about the National Socialist movement.

Clap officers.

Those young people, soldiers, local people in the hall.

Speaker Gauleiter of Thuringia Fritz Sauckel.

All pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

Sounds fascist anthem

Key words

Germany, Gos.deyateli, personalities, fascists, youth, men, people

Reel №6


At home there are vans with food.

Field kitchens are beginning to work, cook for boilers.

The man washes the hose canisters, tanks, floors.

Loading prodovlstviya for szda delegates in boxes, cans, packaging, loaves of bread in his van endure in baskets.

Unloading metal utensils, two sergeants carry the boiler, the guys from the Hitler Youth with a tank in his hands.

The queue for the soup.

All eating, sitting directly on the ground.

Cook pours the soup ladle.

Eat officers.

After lunch, the youth sleeps on the grass.

Evening feyeverk, like lights.

The patterns of the lights.

Fascist emblem of the lights, the inscription: "Heil Hitler."

Morning, hover banners.

The parade on the streets.

Top view of the field, where the columns lined up.

Passing cars with officials, Goebbels.

Goebbels on the podium, his speech

Key words

Germany, Congress, food, youth, Hitler, soldiers, generals, delegation, vacation, feyeverk, Gos.simvolika fascists, promotion, parade, city, Goebbels

Reel №7


Continued Goebbels speech.

Those guys soldiers.

PNRM. by kolonnayam, bearers.

Sounds fascist anthem.

Flag pole tipped with various Nazi organizations.

Goebbels with generals riding in a car on the street, he is greeted by residents.

Houses decorated with flags and flowers

Key words

Germany, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Goebbels, Gos.simvolika fascists, youth, military leaders, people, flowers

Reel №8


Parade through the streets of the city, marching ahead of the officers.

Residents watch from the sidewalks.

There is a military band units.

Type on columns with different angles.

The street car ride, sit in the first Hitler and Goebbels.

Hitler passes the guard of honor, receives the report.

Hitler rises to the podium, greeted with colleagues.

Parade in front of the Fuhrer, marching units.

From the windows, from the roof watching the people.

Goebbels sat on the podium, talking with the officers.

Children watching the parade.


Key words

Germany, city, parade, people, military commanders, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels, children, orchestra

Reel №9


Hitler pulls his hand, welcomed the column.

Go-cyclists soldiers.

Close-up of Hitler with his hand raised.

They're coming columns.

Hitler and his entourage passed through the crowd of soldiers in the ranks.

The girl gives him a bouquet of flowers.

Fuhrer is raised on a platform, delivers a speech.

Again landscapes of Thuringia.

Above the clouds float forest.

The rays of the setting sun.

The expanses of Thuringia.

Shepherd with flock of sheep.

Lake of the Woods.

Raftsmen on the river.

View of the hill with the ruins of an ancient fortress.

City Gera, its types.

Cloudy sky, sunset on the background of the church

Key words

Germany, the city, Hitler, population, Gos.deyateli, children, flowers, landmarks, farmers, animals, forest, lake, castle, church, natural phenomena