Victory in the desert. (1943)

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Director: Roj Boulting, Devid Mak Donaljd /Roy Boulting, David Mac Donald/

Reel №1


On the defeat of the German and Italian troops 8th Army in Egypt and Libya.

Western Desert, near the armored vehicles are angliykih military officer looks at the compass.

The heat, the soldiers pestering flies.

Soldier in nakormanike fiddling with the machine.

In contrast to the heat of the day the night in the desert cold.

Hot air hardzin raises a sandstorm.

The Arabs say that after 5 days of such storms person can be forgiven even murder



Go British tanks in the desert, fly planes.

General Oshinlek in the car with the officers.

The troops bypassed El Alamenu.

Coast map, points of Tobruk, Bardia, Sollum, Mersa Matruk, El Alamein, Kvattarskaya lowland.

Vital Germans Nile delta / meadows graze sheep /.

Cairo - the capital of Egypt and rate Command of British troops.

Alexandria - an important port and the base of the British Mediterranean Fleet, the Suez Canal - East Gate.

General Oshinlek decides to retreat to El Alamein - the border between Libya and the Nile Delta.

Right Flag British troops rests in the sea / barbed wire on the shore / and the left - in Kvattarskoy lowland views of the marshland


The troops are moving on the road.

General Oshinlek with the soldiers on the road.

Soldiers construct fortifications, install barbed wire and minefields.

Minesweeper mine closes.

Soldiers stacked sandbags, set the machine-gun nests.

On the road going trucks.

The troops are expected enemy.

General Oshinlek in the car looking through binoculars.

German General Rommel in the car with the officers, shows his hand.

Shoot the British guns, flying British aircraft. 8-I fought the army moved more than 600 km.

Bombing from the air, flying bombs, explosions on the ground.

However, after several days of attacks and counterattacks, Australians, Indians and South Africans continued to hold its frontiers


In Egypt arrives British Prime Minister Churchill, he joyfully greeted the soldiers.

He tells the soldiers that ships with reinforcements and weapons already rounded the Cape of Good Hope.

The Prime Minister toured the troops, he shakes the hands of soldiers.

With the arrival of Churchill's army received new commanders: Alexander generaloa and Monttomeri.

The text of the order of the commander, signed by Churchill.

Behind operate military plants workflows.

British women working in factories, is the flow of ammunition.

Manufacture of tanks, ships and planes.

Workshops factories, assembly.

The aircraft is removed from the hangar, take off.

Military plants in the United States.

Release of the new tank, "Sherwood" with a 75-mm gun mounted in a rotating turret


Communication of the 8th Army was the longest in the history of wars.

The map path transports from England and the United States. 1st way - 20 thousand kilometers around the Cape of Good Hope, 2nd path - air through central Africa.

Construction of airfields in the jungle.

Negros cut trees, dig, are part of the aircraft.

Take off the British aircraft squadron in the sky.

Top views of the terrain

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Reel №2


Rommel in the desert, he is looking through binoculars.

The German army was forced to retreat.

Burn 300 German tanks, the bodies of the soldiers lie.

The crosses on the graves, broken tools.

On the cross the inscription with the name, in September 1942.

Breaking through the helmet on the cross.

British soldiers inspect the battlefield.

Arrival at the port of ammunition and troops to the 8th Army.

Arabs unload the ship.

Go British soldiers, riding trains with weapons and tanks "Sherwood".

Index: "Western Desert".

They're coming down the road trucks, train goes.

Planes guard the caravan of cars on the road.

Rommel meets in the port of the German ship with weapons.

British aircraft bombed the port.

The shooter in the cockpit, flying bombs.

Hot German ship.

English submarine engine room.

Shooting on German ships vessel explosion.

Soldiers of the 8th Army train, preparing to fight with the enemy.

Running, jumping over obstacles.

Soldiers pulled the rope, fighting, jumping from a truck on the move.

Map, mid-October 1942 arrangement of German and British troops

In Berlin, in the propaganda ministry hosts a conference with journalists.

The hall is Goebbels and Rommel.

Rommel speaks to journalists, announces plans to capture Egypt.

Goebbels shakes hands with Rommel.

Rommel, Hitler, the produce of his field marshal.

The circuit arrangement of troops.


General Alexander, Admiral Karbut and Air Marshal Tedder at the table discussing the plan of attack at El Alamein.

General Monttomeri and Air Vice-Marshal Cunningham at the forefront

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Reel №3


General Montgomery with officers at cards, he discusses the problems.

Officers sent to the soldiers, passed the order.

To be storming fortifications band.

Trucks driven to the aircraft shells, pour the fuel, cook tanks.

The soldiers were given rations.

Rest before the attack.

Soldiers bathe in the sea, cooked over a campfire, shave, wash clothes, write letters, smoking, talking.

Solda-Scotsman playing the bagpipes, his comrades are listening.

Ride British tanks in the night.

The Battle of El Alamein in the evening.

The clock on the hand.

Soldiers prepare weapons, sappers with mine detectors provide a passage through minefields, mark the path with white tape.

The battle begins with an artillery attack.

Go sappers removed the mines.

Those soldiers attack.

There is a soldier with a bagpipe playing.

Falling dead.

Surrendering German soldiers

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Reel №4




The first line of enemy trenches in the morning is in the hands of the British.

The dead German soldiers captured guns.

Flying British aircraft, the soldiers go, riding tanks.

Driving fighting in the north, then the attack in the center and south.

The main blow was preparing in the north.

The fighting, the British attack, shoot guns.

Avtraliytsy attack.

The radio operator at the transmitter.

Gun crew preparing a gun, load and fire.

The officer at the map, he commands the gun, infantry attack.

Rommel counter-attacks from the air and from the ground.

Flying German bombers, explosions on the ground.

British fighter in the sky, there is a dogfight.

Falling jet explodes on the ground.

The English squadron in the sky.

The German planes were destroyed on the ground



Driving fighting the 4th day.

Attack Kidney height.


Ran the British soldiers.

They shoot guns, soldiers throwing grenades.

Soldier in height, climb to the top.

German soldiers surrendering.

The height is taken.

Driving: avtraliyskie troops supported by British tanks drove into a wedge to the location of the German troops in the north near the sea.

The command post under the net.

Sappers bypass field, clean mine.

Rommel in the car in the Army.

German artillery fire.

The attack British troops and tanks.

Capture the German trenches, captured a large number of German prisoners.

The soldiers are wounded on a stretcher in the car.

Lying dead, bandaging the wounded.

German prisoners in the ranks.

The officer in the tank

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Reel №5


Rommel with officers in the field map.

fighting scheme.

Rommel had to move two armored divisions to the north.

Rommel on the hill watching the movement of tanks and trucks.

British pilots run to the cars take off.

Signal pistol.

Shoots British artillery.

View from the airplane on the movement of tanks in the desert, the bombing.

Go General Montgomery's tanks.

fighting scheme of November 1, on all fronts.

Go British tanks, firing artillery.

Killed by the Germans.

Light tanks of the British in the enemy's rear.

General Alexander is looking through binoculars.

fighting scheme.

Go British tanks.

Rommel in the car for something shows his hand.

The tank battle at El Akakira, the largest of the war. 3/4 German tanks were broken.

Night fight

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Reel №6


London, Big Ben rings.

Radio reports about the success of the 8th Army.

People listen to the factories, the women at the tables, machine tools, they shout for joy


British tanks are broken by German tanks.

German losses - 500 tanks and guns mnozhetvo.

In the south, the 5th Italian army, Rommel abandoned to their fate, captured.

Italian soldiers drink from dirty itochnika.

German prisoners in the north follow armored vehicle.

Among them, the commander of the Afrika Korps, General von Thomas, commander of the German parachute units Burkhard, 8 Italian generals.

English buried 20 thousand enemy dead.

Go German prisoners.

Flying British aircraft bombed enemy columns on the road.

Aircraft over the desert, firing a machine outside.

British tanks were on the sand.

It starts to rain in the desert, the road in the sticky mud, flooded airfields



Taking Mersa Matrouk.

It was the first port to the British fleet could be used for a variety of Delivery of cargo to the ground forces.

Tanks in the city, ruins of buildings.

Pointer to Sidi Barrani, riding tanks, trucks.

Mined pass El Paya, engineers are working on demining.

Before Benghazi 700 km, each passage was blown up by the Germans and mined.

Ferries to the shore in Sollum.

The English fleet delivered approximately 11 billion water and the necessary equipment



The English army clears Egypt from the enemy.

Go British tanks in a fog.

A pointer to the bard.

November 13 was taken Torbuk.

City view.

With a pole shed Nazi flag.

The fortress, which was held 9 months and which twice passed from hand to hand.

A pointer to the Siren-turf. 8th Army out of the desert and came to the area of ​​green fields and orchards.

Pointer to Benghazi, British tanks in the city.

On the tower is raised the English flag.

Here, the army expanded supplies.

In the port are many sunken ships after the British bombing.

Port equipment and pier destroyed.

Work on clearing the port, unloaded the English court



Rommel in Alageyle.

Attack British tanks.

The retreat of the Germans. 850 km from Tripoli to Alageyly 8th Army held for 41 days.

A pointer to the Italian city Homa.

On the way, goes the English machines, it is led by cop.

The fighting on the outskirts of Tripoli.

Carry the wounded on stretchers.

Fires Artillery.

Letting Libya Libya governor and the mayor of Montgomery General ,.

The British Army has deprived Italy of all its colonial possessions: Abyssinia, Italian Somaliland, Libya, Tripolitania.

The troops on the road, riding tanks


The parade of British troops in the city.

Go pipers play.

In the car ride generals.

Words of Churchill to the 8th Army.

Montgomery car toured the troops, welcome them.

The soldiers hung out the English flag.

Residents welcome the British.

The text of the telegram to the Prime Minister on the implementation of General Alexander's orders.

Churchill and the Generals take parade.

Flying airplanes, traveling guns, tanks, infantry goes.

Flag of England

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