Plough, which plowed land. (1936)

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Director: Pare Lorenc /Pare Lorenz/

Operators: Raljf Stejner,Pol Strend,Leo E.Gurvich

Reel №1

SShA.Dokumentalny film devoted to the problem of depletion of the United States was once fertile land as a result of overexploitation.

The film covers the period from the end of 1 century until the mid-1930s.

Map of America, the boundaries of so-called "great plains" that stretches from Montana and North Dakota to Texas length of 625 thousand miles, an area of ​​400 mln.akrov.

Eared pole.

PNRM. the plain, herd of cows, it is guarded by cowboys on horseback.

Cowboy surveys the steppes.

The cows are driven into the corral

SShA.Krytye vans first settlers seeking to west.

Racing vans to indicate trapped parcel boundaries.

Hammer drives a pole in the ground.

Acute Ploughshares shag.

Farmer crumples in hands lump of earth.

Eared field, harvest.

Harness with a large number of horses on the collection of wheat.

Swirling wings mowers, grain in bags

USA. Gradually the land, produce crops, istoschyayutsya.

The house of the farmer, lying wagon wheel.

For a horse with a plow is a man, the furrow in the ground.

Woman sweeping the porch of the house from the sand.

Hales plow man, is slowly, looking at the scorching sun casts a harness.

In the fields there are tractors.

Explosion, vzmetaetsya up Plot: World War 1 begins.

Newspaper headlines: "Britain declares war on Germany", "Belgium occupied", "France wins on the sea."

Tractor plows the land.

The headlines in the paper, "Wilson declares war, discovered a spy network, the German ships are arrested."

In the field are tractors

Key words

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Reel №2

SShA.Krutyatsya wings mower through a pipe is grain flow bulking in a heap.

Comparison of the pipes and vents gun.

There is a boat on the background of New York.

Movement of tractors on the field.

The movement of tanks, they shoot.

People welcome the marching troops.

Tractors go to the horizon.

A field of wheat harvesters work

SShA.Pravitelstvo produces leaflets with a call to move to western vacant land, sold 30 thousand farms, 3 mln.akrov land.

Combine in a field.

Corn pours out of the pipe.

Work at dusk.

As a result of overexploitation by the end of 20-ies of the fertile lands almost completely exhausted and no longer produce crops.

In the parched earth lie the bones of dead animals.

Are the harvesters, plows, sowing machines, machine parts, cast locomotive.

Lying pump wheel, it is dog, barely breathing by the drought.

site boundary, human foot stepping on the sand.

Battered selsohozyaystvennye cars lie on the ground.

Wind blows the sand.

Spinning windmill.

Sadly looks farmer

Key words

USA, agriculture, machinery, household, plants USA, agriculture, machinery, household, fracture, farmers

Reel №3

SShA.Veter pulls the wires from the lamp house.

Stormy skies, rising sandstorm.

Runs a child.

Hurricane hits the city, people are fleeing.

Far seen tornadoes, wind blows the sand.

The house fills with sand, dusty veil.

After Hurricane farmer digs out the sand from the house, the children look for his father.

Totally ruined during the crisis, farmers are leaving their homes and left without food or shelter.

Family loading on the wagon simple scrub.

Leave by car, throwing the house.

The former "great plain" is converted into the wilderness.

On the road going car with the families of farmers, stop in a tent camp.

Women dismantle things.

Abandoned farms, dead trees and sand

USA. Map of America with the "Great Plains". 40 million.

Acres of abandoned land.

Static tables on the activities of "the administration of resettlement", created by the Roosevelt government to help farmers go broke in their relocation to marginal lands in the new land.

New farmers ride trucks with farmers.

Sandy field, the wind stirs the blades of grass

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