Achievement of light. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Verneo Bonle

Operators: Ervin Blit-Vagner

Reel №1


A documentary about the textile factory "Blaine" in Germany.

The crew of the movie camera.

Warehouses factories are bales of yarn.

Work carries on the bale trolley.

Automatic installation for humidifying the air in the warehouse.

Work struts bale pulls the yarn.

Shop textile factory, weaver puts skein on the machine drum.

Workflows at the factory.

Knitting workshop.

The device working principle of the knitting machine.

The machine izgotavlivayayuschaya fabric with a pattern.

Figure horse for children's things.

Quality control material

Key words

Germany, cinema, light industry, workers, consumer appliances

Reel №2


Laboratory mill where cloth is carried out quality control.

Fashion designer draws silhouettes of new clothes.

Models show it.

Tailor at work, cut olotna by machines.

Women's, men's and children's suits and dresses.

Card index with price lists.

Seamstresses in the shop for cars.

Machine embroidery on canvas.

Control products

Key words

Germany, Industry light, fashion, female, laboratory

Reel №3


Stamping and manufacture of buttons.

A cut parts of things come into the shop.

Women sew on machines, connect the costume details.

Special seams for joining knitted things.

The machine makes a hole for buttons, overcast them.

Ironing machine things.

The women at the tables take things off the assembly line, sew on buttons, labels, price tags, packed in paper.

Finished products factory "Bleyle".

Girls open branded box, take out the dress, rejoice.

Woman trying on new clothes before the mirror.

Children run around, climb on the rocks, trees, play.

Boy slides down banisters on the stairs.

As a result, things are getting shabby.

Repair shop, where things are restored worn.

Sportswear for athletes.

Running, jumping, football.

Smiling faces of athletes.

The kitchen in the factory canteen, dinner is cooking in a big pot.

Factory workers in the cafeteria for lunch.

Rest in boarding house.

Comfortable Housing for factory workers.

The trademark close-up

Key words

Germany, light industry, women, fashion, children, sports, company, work