Stone snake and flying people. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gans Helfric /Hans Helfritz/

Reel №1

Entografichesky film about the Indian tribes in Mexico - the descendants of the ancient Aztecs.

The capital of Mexico - mechina, PNRM. from an airplane.

Types of streets, the cathedral.

Past the cathedral passes with two huge strollers.

Area filled with cars, pedestrians.

Monument to the young emperor of the Aztecs Kuaktemoku.

Ancient Aztec temple, the bas-reliefs on the walls of the temple.

Mexican landscape with cacti, far seen a pyramid.

Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent.

Sculptural altar in the form of a coiled snake.

Images of snakes, their open mouth, teeth.

Flying over the ancient Aztec pyramids.

Remains of the ancient gardens of floating.

Settlement descendants of the Aztecs.

Residents-Indians are floating on the canal in boats.

Fishermen mending nets.

Hang on a grid frame, the fishermen go to sea, fishing nets.

The Indians sent to the local market.

There is a trade of fruit drinks

Key words

Mexico City, sightseeing, transportation, temple, sculpture, plants, people, garden, Indians, fishermen, sea, market, trade

Reel №2


Sale of dress sewn on fabric tapes.

Wine merchant with a large jug.

Native Types.

Injun plays the guitar.

Men and women carry loads on their heads.

Two men walk around, activating primitive press for processing sugar cane.

The old town.

Religious buildings that bear the influence of the Aztec culture.

Church in the Moorish style, on the square near the church market.

There is a trade in fabrics, hides.

The buyer checks wineskin strength, inflates his mouth.

The town is a traditional Indian festival - "Festival of flying people."

High pillar entwined with vines, set hexagonal structure on which wind the vines on the top of the pillar.

The Indian men's dance, the dancers then climb the pole, sit on top of the structure.

One of them is dancing in the center.

Then everybody starts to spin on the design and gradually moving down to the earth.

They unwind the head down and the legs are fixed creeper end

Key words

Germany, Mexico, the population of the city, the Indians, trade, women, fashion, trasteniya, religion, construction, music, church, culture, markets, festivals, entertainment, art, design