Ingadzhi. (1931)

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Director: Uiljyam S.Kempbell /William S.Campbell/

Operators: Ed.Dzhojs,Fred Uebster

Reel №1

Expedition movie.

In the spring of 1926 an American expedition led by Captain Swain and Sir Hubert Winstead went to unexplored region of East Africa.

There is an ocean steamer, carrying passengers.

Leisure passengers games on the deck, relax in the sun loungers, walk.

The largest port of Mombasa in Kenya.

A view of the city from the sea, in the port there is a work, porters carry bales.

Sights of the city.

Street magician does a trick with a lit cigarette, an egg, a magician moves the three cups, opening them under the chicken.

Those viewers.

Top view of the Nairobi River.

The train station is coming to Nairobi.

From car output horses.

Ride a cart pulled by buffalo.

Street with a number of shops.

The selection of the local population porters for the expedition.

Crossing the river carts with goods.

Large wagon rolls down from the hilly banks, its difficult to keep.

Halt, negros put the tent.

All are washed in the river.

From water crocodile snout protruding, people run away from the river

Key words

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Reel №2

Crocodiles climb out of the water.

Hunting crocodiles.

Hunters sit in a boat, preparing the ropes.

Catch crocodile loop dragged ashore.

The monkeys climb on the beach with a baby monkey.

Winstead puts a coconut on the ground, but the monkey descends.

Movement along the river in boats.

Starting a tropical downpour, lightning, bent palm trees.

Morning traffic on the river continues.

Meeting with the indigenous population.

In huts children run.

Ebony pounded something in large mortars.

Women's jewelry and clothes.

Boys compete in the javelin.

General dance.

The expedition continues to move across the savannah, go carts with goods.

In the savannah grazing antelopes, buffalo.

Hunter kills the buffalo.

Gazelle at the watering.

Because water is visible face hippo

Key words

Africa expedition, personalities, animals, savannah, natives, hunting, hunters, natural phenomena, children, women, fashion, art

Reel №3

In the jungle, leopards roam.

Negros prepared trap of the cane.

Winstead and hunters make their way through the thicket.

The grass jumping leopard cub, the mother is watching him.

The hunter shoots at a leopard.

Negros run with sticks, knocking trees, scaring the animals.

Negros touch leopard killed with spears.

The operator removes.

Negros run after the leopard with spears, he turns them.

People run, climb a tree, drive the leopard into a trap.

He is in a cell, animal paws knotted, tied to a stick bear.

The water splashing hippos, hunter shoots.

The wounded hippo tie with ropes, dragged ashore.

Among the trees wandering giraffes.

Giraffe close up

Key words

Africa, jungle, animals, hunting expedition, celebrities, movies

Reel №4

Hunters in the wetlands.

Ran the rhinos, it goes on shooting.

Negros catch baby rhino, lead him on a rope.

Negros dancing near the carcass rhino, notched his skin.

Vultures on a carcass.

On the ground crawling with strange turtle scales on armor and a long tail.

Winstead takes her in his arms.

Overnight in the jungle, hear the cries of animals.

Lion on the moon background, his roar.

Negros run around the tent circle with sticks, guarding her.

Morning, negros are preparing to trap the lion.

Lions are rushing across the grass.

Operator runs with a camera, takes the lion up close.

Hunter shoots, negros run with spears and shields.

Leo rushes on the hunter, knocks him off his feet.

Negros bear killed a lion on a stick.

lion carcasses on the ground.

Ritual dance, dance a few blacks in the skin of a lion

Key words

jungle expedition, Africa, hunting, hunters, celebrities, movies, entertainment

Reel №5


Grazing antelopes, buffalo.

Sensing danger, animal race across the savannah.

Antelopes, zebras and buffaloes at the watering.

Members of the expedition are porters at the river, put a tent on the beach.

The grass paces ostrich close up of an ostrich nest with eggs.

Hunters are hiding in the bush, shooting at animals.

Negros dragging a dead zebra.

Stervyatki pick up leftover meat.

Corpses zebras near water.

The expedition is progressing further.

The bushes are rhinos

Key words

Africa expedition, savanna, animal, hunting, hunters, bird

Reel №6


Movement along the river.

In the water, a lot of crocodiles.

Croco Laying eggs on the beach of them crocodiles hatch, crawling to the water, the water is teeming with them.

Movement along the river.

On the shore of a small monkey jump, monkey floating in the river, catches in the water fallen fruit.

Hunters arrange a trap for the monkeys, monkey caught.

As a branch of the tree sloth crawling.

The snake wrapped around a tree branch.

Ebony raises the snake pole with a loop at the end, the snake wraps.

Another black man cuts off the branch and a snake falls to the ground, put her in a cage

Key words

Africa, animals, savannah, snake, river, hunting, hunters

Reel №7

Municipality of Negro tribe ingadzhi who call themselves in honor ingadzhi gorillas living near the village.

Gorillas in the jungle, the gorilla with a baby.

Naked black woman that is going in the jungle, run away from the gorilla.

Gorilla breaks twigs, bamboo.

Hunters watching gorillas.

Catching gorilla network.

In the village of ingadzhi, sound tom-toms.

Negros dancing around the campfire

Key words

Africa, jungle tribes, animals, women, hunters, hunting

Reel №8

Instseniovanny RASSC of "barbaric obachayah Negro", go to the jungle to the gorillas as a virgin sacrifice.

The operator sets the camera in the bushes and takes off the doomed black woman, sitting on a fallen tree.

Actor in the gorilla suit grabs her and drags her into the jungle.

Hunters shoot at gorilla and save the girl.

PNRM. by regions.

Grazing gazelles, antelopes, giraffes.

Monkeys are among the rocks.

On the sand are the elephants.

The expedition moves with baggage.

In the bush there is a hyena, her cry.

There is a herd of elephants, they eat the foliage.

Hunters shoot, kill an elephant, it is surrounded by negros.

Crossing the river.

A powerful waterfall in the mountains.

The village of pygmies.

Pygmy spears striking animal skin incision.

Adults beckon children are fit, ripped pieces of meat and eating.

Winstead tries to call Pygmies from behind the bushes, showing them the beads, but they would not come.

Winstead throws beads, moves back.

Then go pygmies, one of them is missing beads and runs off.

The expedition is in the jungle

Key words

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