Michelangelo (titanium Life). (1938)

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Director: Kurt Ortelj /Curt Oertel/

Reel №1

A documentary on the life and work of genealnogo Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet Buonarroti.

Engraving: view of Florence from the 15th century, the time of the Medici.

Pictures of Francesco de 'Pazzi, the picture with the Cardinal.

City views, separate buildings, cathedrals, palaces.

Pisa, the famous "Leaning Tower".

Cathedral in Florence, interiors, sculpture of the Virgin Mary, body.

There have bells.

The story about historical events.

Judith Sculpture with a sword in his hand.

Figures penalty hanging.

A bronze bust of Lorenzo de 'Medici

Caprese, a village in the hills near Florence, where he was born and spent his childhood Michelangelo.

Types of terrain, mountainous landscape.

The house where Michelangelo was born.

Florence, the building of the Latin School, where he studied painting in the studio of Domenico and David Girllandyo.

Frescoes by his teachers in the church of Santa Maria Novella, was working and Michelangelo.

However, the most important for his artistic development were works by Giotto, Donatello, Masaccio.

Palace of Lorenzo de 'Medici, known mural artists, family portraits and sculptures.

Portrait of Lorenzo de 'Medici

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Reel №2


Medici Chapel in the church of San Lorenzo, murals, portraits, monograms Botticelli.

Women's sculpture of Verrocchio.

Gallery of the palace of the Medici, of the column.

The surviving ruins of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where Michelangelo studied. "Garden" Medici at St.


Mark, in which Michelangelo studied the works of art collected by Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Antique pieces in the palace of the Academy.

Botticelli painting "Spring", details of the picture.

The first works of Michelangelo: "The Battle of the Centaurs", showing the individual parts. "Head of a Faun"


In 1494, due to the invasion of the French, led by King Charles VIII of, the artist moved to Venice, but almost immediately moved to Bologna.

View of the city.

Here he creates three small statues for the Basilica of St.


Figure of an angel with the candlestick.

Sketches and photographs depicting the ruins of the ancient time.

Sculpture of Emperor Augustus.

Rome of his time.

Ancient ruins: colonnades, arches, Roman Forum, Colosseum, taken from different angles.

The bas-reliefs and a triumphal arch of Emperor Constantine era, Arch of Titus.

Bridge on the Tiber.

The monument at the grave of the Emperor Hadrian.

The castle of the holy spirit.

Works by Michelangelo in Rome: Bacchus statue with a cup of wine in his hand / shot with various RACUS, some details closeup /

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Reel №3

The frescoes of Fra Andzhekusa.

Portrait of brother Savonarola, whose ideas inspired the people's government.

He railed against the tyranny of the Medici, denounced the papacy, the church called for austerity, denounced the humanistic culture.

Mask of Lorenzo de 'Medici.

Staged picture of the times Savonaroll: burning books, paintings with nudity.

The streets of Florence, household classes of citizens / pattern /.

Profile of Savonarola in the hood.

Execute him on the stake

Michelangelo creates a sculptural composition "Pieta" / Lamentation of Christ / commissioned by the Cardinal to the Cathedral of St..

Peter in the Vatican.

Detailed display of sculpture.

In the spring of 1501 Michelangelo returned to Florence.

Florentine Signoria sculpture instructs to execute the statue of David for the Marshal Pierre de Rohan.

The sketches of the artist, a giant statue.

Staging transport the statue to the Palace della Signoria.

General view of the statues and details of close-up

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Reel №4

Bas-relief of Michelangelo "Maggioni of the stairs."

Raphael painting.

Madonna and child statue.

Church of Santa Rosalia, sculpture Pietra Palestrina.

Michelangelo received a commission to write a fresco "Battle of Cascina" to the hall of the Palazzo Vecchio, where Leonardo da Vinci was izobrzit "Battle of Anghiari."

Hall with frescoes.

Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, his drawings.

In 1505, Pope Julius II Michelangelo instructs to create a tomb for him.

The artist goes to the mountainous region of Carrara, where the marble is mined.

Extraction of marble, he was being taken to the bulls

Sculptural composition "Laokoon" angles.

Work on the tombstone of Pope Julius P. Michelangelo sculpture "Dying Slave".

Portrait of the Pope's tomb sketch.

The road from Rome to Florence, landscapes.

Cathedral in the Gothic style in Orgetto, on the walls of the winged lion, the bull.

Cathedral in Siena, Piccolomini altar which Michelangelo created the figures of the Apostles 4: St.

Paul St.

Peter and St.

Pio, St.


Dramatization of persecution had fled from Pope possessions of the Italians, their capture.

Florence, view of the cathedral inside

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Reel №5



Signoria Palace.

The work of Michelangelo painted canvases and walls of the Sistine Chapel.

General view of the chapel on the outside and inside.

Filling the walls with paintings the figures of the prophets, the gods, the walls of the ancient way of life.

Chapel grille

Portrait of Pope Leo X, the sight of his palace.

Sketches Michelangelo tombstone of Pope Julius II. The artist made several trips to Carrara, watching as cut down the marble for his work.

Incomplete figures in marble.

Portrait of Pope.

Church of San Pietro, interiors.

The figure of Moses to the tombstone Julius II. Portrait by Raphael. 1520.

The artist performs for Cardinal Giuliano de 'Medici sacristy New project for the San Lorenzo church, dedicated to the work of several tombs of the Medici House

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Reel №6

Reel №7

Church of San Lorenzo, the facade.

Tomb of the Medici.

Works by Michelangelo for the tomb decoration.

Transportation of marble from Carrara.

Bricklayers smash boulders, carry on bulls.

Descend the marble blocks.

Sketch of the Medici tombs.

Michelangelo Creation: Madonna and Child / Madonna Medici /.

Allegorical figures from the sarcophagus of Lorenzo and Giuliano de 'Medici: Morning, evening, night, day

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Reel №8

Portrait of Pope Clement VII. Building Laurentian Library Michelangelo was working on creating expressive ensemble diamichnogo space lobby with stairs and a quiet, strict reading room.

Portrait of Vittoria Colonna, a fine poet and istoy Christian, which Michelangelo devoted his work as a sign of devoted friendship.

Castle in the mountains of her ancestors, her house in Rome.

Palace with garden.

Sketches of Michelangelo.

Christ on the cross.

Michelangelo Verses.

Portet Emperor Charles V and Pope Clement VII, who fought among themselves.

Dramatization of hostilities, the city in flames.

Fortress of San Menyato and monastery.

Bust of Brutus, Michelangelo made in the spirit of antiquity.

Portrait of Clement VII in old age.

Michelangelo work again in the Sistine Chapel.

Pictures of Judgment.

Sketches by parts and as a whole, painted as a finished product from different angles, close-ups

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Reel №9

Campania countryside views.

The ruins of the fortress by the sea.

Cascade Fountain at Palace Tivoli.

House Stroitstsy where after an illness while he lived Michelangelo.

Statues "The Dying Slave" and "insurgent slave", which the artist has presented Strozzi in gratitude.

Rome, street views, squares.

Capitol Square, laid out and decorated with statues by Michelangelo sketches.

Statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback in the center.

January 1, 1547 Michelangelo officially put in charge of the restoration of the Cathedral of Peter Syavtogo.

Plans to restore its Bramante, Raphael, Pertstsi, Antonio da San Gallo and Michelangelo.

Dome Cathedral in the figure.

General and a large dome plan in kind.

Engineering calculations.

General view of the Cathedral of St.

Peter compared to other buildings.

Showing its parts taken from different Ruckus.

Dome inside.

Painting of walls and ceilings.

Fountain in front of the cathedral.

Statue of St.


Michelangelo project was approved by ustroneniyu neighborhoods Column of Trajan.

Pages recordings made by the artist's hand.

Portrait of Michelangelo, a major arms plan.

Unfinished work "Pieta Rondanini".

February 18, 1564 Michelangelo dies in his home in Rome.

Types of various buildings in Rome, the Coliseum.

Types mountain landscape in the homeland of the artist.

In response to the will of the master, to be buried in Florence, his nephew Leonardo Michelangelo secretly takes out the dust in his hometown, where he was buried in the church of Santa Croce.

The tomb of the artist.

Bust of Michelangelo works of Daniel da Volterra

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