Sunny Saarland. (1943)

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Director: K.A.Enegelj /C.A.Engel/

Operators: Valjter Konc

Reel №1


Map of Germany, Saarland.

PNRM. on terrain with hills, fields.

The ancient city of Tolay, founded 1300 years ago.

On the road rides a cart drawn by two oxen.

View of the Benedictine Abbey in the green of the trees.

Street of the city that ends with the church of St.

Wendel, the old tower.

Well and fountain in borokko style, above them a statue of St.

Wendel, the patron saint of shepherds, with a staff in his hand.

Horses drink from the fountain.

A shepherd with his staff, grazing flocks of sheep.

PNRM. by regions.

The town of Rottweiler, old houses, Gothic spiers of churches.

Square with a street bazaar.

The boys sit on the porch and read books.

The street goes wagon with oxen, people engaged in everyday activities.

The tower with a peaked roof and several towers on the roof of the circle


View of the town of Blieskastel.

Sights of the city, the church in borokko style street with 2-3-storied buildings, went down.

Tiled roofs of houses, the smoke goes from pipes.

River Blyth, fast current.

The old bridge over the river at the bottom with small arches and a tower on the edge.

Reyngeym village, the villagers are on the street.

The man leads the horse.

Man knocking hammer hits a scythe mows the grass.

Saar land is rich in minerals.

the mine view, is the development of coal.

Shakhtar rock drills, go trolleys with ULEMs.

Miners leave from work.

Smelting, steel and other industrial enterprises of the region.

Smoke from the pipe plant.

Flows like metal, steel makers operate.

Parade of Miners in national costumes and orchestra ahead.

Riders in the vintage coats with flags in their hands.

Children walk in a procession, dancing and holding on to the belt.

People in amusement park, spinning carousel boy eating ice cream.

Modern outdoor pools, water splashing kids, resting in the sun loungers


Man considers the book with views of the city Saarbrücken.

A view of the city from the observation plaschadka.

Old buildings, the Town Hall, the statue of a knight.

View of the church and the house on the embankment and the bridge from the river.

The river barges go.

Daye horse pulling a barge on the ropes, walking along the beach, toward the same barge.

Woodland Varndt.

A sign in the restaurant Varndte, people sitting at the tables.

The old village of Berus.

The street goes wagon with oxen, the water strode geese.

In the water, a lot of water lilies.

Two fishermen are sitting in a boat with a fishing rod.

The building of the chapel, on the wall a portrait of the king in the crown.

The vineyards on the mountainside.

Castle on the hill.

city, church spiers view.

High Dam, water flows cascading down spreads on channels

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