The invisible barrier. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gans F.Viljgeljm /Hans F.Wilhelm/

Operators: Otto Martini

Reel №1


Guidance film about the work of the German Customs Border Service.

Training sessions: the detention of the offender.

Morning mist in the forest.

The border guard goes through the woods and sees the offender, catching up and checks the documents.

The man is trying to negotiate with him, but the border guard leads him to the post.

However, the border guard on the way weakens the mind removes the gun behind his back, and the intruder took advantage of this, trying to escape.

Comes to the aid of the second border guard. "Intruder" removes the cloak and is also a border guard.

Analysis of the teaching at the outpost


Dramatization: customs inspection on the train.

Inattentive border guard did not notice the woman excitement, dropped on the floor a few bags, and gives them to her.

In another compartment border guard checks the belongings of passengers, asks a man to stand on his seat under the skin is hoarded money


Dramatization: arrest smugglers.

Border guards are watching through binoculars for sailing on the river

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Reel №2


The group of smugglers trying to sneak across the border by water.

Border guards on alarm rush followed.

The other boat smugglers, a man and a woman are selected on the shore and in different directions.

Woman brings himself up and goes on the road with a small suitcase in his hand, but the vigilant border guards detain her, and leads to the frontier.

The suitcase detect any paper.

Smugglers, meanwhile, are trying to escape in a car.

Border guards chased after them on a motorcycle and detain them.

Border controls the ship on the river, delaying the ship poachers take it in tow.

After the service, border guards returned to their homes

Key words

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