The infinite world space. (1942)

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Director: Martin Rikli /Matin Rikli/

Reel №1


The building of the observatory on the outside and inside.

Modern high-powered telescope, an astronomer at the telescope.

Lunar landscape, starry sky in a telescope.

Diagram of the structure of the world by Ptolemy: Fixed Earth and the Sun and the planets revolve around it.

The structure of the solar by Copernicus in the scheme of the system.

The comparative value of the Sun and the Earth.

The distance from Earth to the Sun and the Moon.

Comparative figures: train rushes around the equator in 16 days, the same line goes into space to the moon.

Radio waves are going to the sun for 9 years.

Shot from Chronicles: President Hindenburg.

The starry sky, the constellation Ursa Major, Scorpio.

Orion / outlines of figures /.

The Milky Way, star clusters and galaxies.

Map of the Earth continents.

The passage of time: the figure of a mammoth, an Egyptian sphinx and the pyramids, Roman ruins, monasteries and palaces of Europe.

Observatory, astronomers have telescopes

Key words

Germany, Egypt, astronomers, President, planets, attractions