Basic food. (1937)

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Director: Martin Rikli /martin Rikli/

Operators: Ervin Blik-Vagner

Reel №1


Kulturfilm dedicated to nutrition.

Various machines, absorbs the fuel during operation, there is a train, steamer with water wheel is on the river, cars levers at the furnace steelmaker.

Short action footage of people: children run to charge the fishermen pulled nets, fireman throws into the furnace coal.

X-ray shot of the human digestive tract, blood vessels microfilming.

People at work: the clerk, blacksmiths, stolevar, loggers.

Vashney food person / schematic representation /: bread, butter, sugar, eggs, fish, and others.

Laboratory examination of foods on the content of protein.

Human skeleton, bones need phosphorus for building.

The percentage of water content of fat, protein, carbohydrates and salts in miniralnoy cheese, potatoes, pork, fish and the diagram chart.

Statistics on the increase in weight due to fat from 1913 to 1937

Key words

Germany, research, food, laboratory

Reel №2


Obese man at the doctor.

Driving sugar consumption by country.

X-ray photography of the digestive tract, fluid motion during swallowing.

Chart assimilation of food by the human body.

Driving fish consumption by country: England, 25 kg, 54 kg, Japan, Germany, 12.5 kg per person per year.

Woman frying fish.

Fishmarket in Germany.

The port city of fishing vessels at sea.

Fishing and processing of fish on board a fishing vessel

Key words

Germany, medicine, food, research, market, fish, port, city, transportation, water, fishing,