About a green country. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Verner Rosstusher, Aljbreht Ryudenauer /Werner Rossteuscher,Albrecht Rudenauer/

Operators: Ervin Shmyuker

Reel №1


On pastures for cattle in Germany.

PNRM. on snow-covered mountains and forests, views of the river valley.

On the rocks flowing creek in a mountain meadow cows.

Waterfall in the mountains ledges, below stormy river.

On the bridge over the river are cows.

The village by the river, farmers working in the fields, harvested hay.

Map of Germany, statistics pastures in the country.

Different types of pastures.

Grazing cows in the care of a shepherd.

The river peasants ferried in boats, carrying hay.

PNRM. the fields, the cows eat the grass.

Grazing sheep.

The peasants in the fields, plowing horses, sowing, harvesting.

Seeding fodder grasses

Key words

Germany, mountain, forest, river, peasants, the bridge, pets, water transport

Reel №2


Field work.

Agronomist looking corn, crop using seeder.

Sprouts on beds.

Cleaning of rape.

Crop rotation on the fields: in the first year of planting wheat, clover crops are in the second year, third year - crops again.

Plowing horses, women and youth in the weeding.

Harvesting, women put stacks of hay harvested on carts

Key words

Germany, peasants, women, youth, plants

Reel №3


Hay driven in carts.

Letting grain to granary.

Grain poured into bags.

The grain in the barn.

The carts with sacks of grain sent to the city, is discharged to the warehouse.

quality of grain is tested in the laboratory.

crop samples.

Sacks of grain before sealing.

Works in the field fertilization.

On the pastures cows, sheep.

Cleaning alfalfa fields

Key words

Germany, farmers, food, city, laboratory, animal house, the peasants

Reel №4


Map of Germany, silhouettes of people on 1 sq km accounted 134 people.

Increasing the number of pastures and fields to solve the food problem.

forest stump for the field, the soldiers work.

They dig a channel, laid sod.

Plowing canal.

Driving crop of forage crops.

Cleaning alfalfa mowing on family

Key words

Germany, farmers, forest industry, channel, food, soldiers, plants

Reel №5


Harvesting silage for animals.

Cubicle, milkmaid milking a cow.

Cows eating silage.

Milkmaid weighing bucket of milk produced, logs, poured into cans.

The car with the cans goes to the factory.

Production of oil in a factory, automatic line, there are pellets with oil.

The cows are driven to pasture

Key words

Germany, the peasants, pets, women, food industry, household appliances