Marine animals in Andriatike. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc /Ulrich K.T.Schulz/

Operators: Kurt Shtanke,Viljgeljm Mala

Reel №1


Adriatic Sea, off the coast with views of the sea.

City on the banks, walls, streets, paved with stone, growing cacti.

Among the cacti runs boy with a goat.

Sea view with sandy islands.

Expedition vessel at sea.

Two divers are preparing to descend into the water.

Under the water is lowered special tripod and camera.

The underwater flora and fauna.

Predatory anemones open and close their shupaltsa-bazromu.

The operator is shooting.

Seahorses among plants, crabs, eels.

On the smallest flower crawling crustacean.

From shell crab crawling and dragged her to the back

Key words

Germany, city, castle, plants, children, pets, animal, divers, Expedition, water transport, cinema, sea animals

Reel №2


The shells on the bottom.

City, sales of marine animals and fish on the pier, lie heaps of fish, crabs, clams, eels, octopus.

Unusual species of fish in the water.

Squid, octopus, lobsters.

Shoal of sardines on the sea surface.

Dolphins swim under water, accompanied by expedition vessel.

Fishermen on the network rolled up, go to sea on fishing sardines.

Night fishing sardine fishermen take out fish nets.

Silhouettes of fishing boats in the dark

Key words

Germany, the city, the sea, sale, fish, animals, marine, shipping, fishermen, fishing, water transport