Hanseatic City of Lübeck. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gerbert Drejer /Herbert Dreyer/

Operators: Fric fon Fridl

Reel №1


Tourist boat in the sea, on the deck of a married couple.

Woman throws seagulls bread, talking with her husband.

Tourists relax on the deck in the sun loungers.

The captain announces that the ship approaches the port of Travemünde.

Tourists for bortanablyudayut of floating docks in the port, the descent of the barge canal.

In the port cranes working, is loaded.

City of Lübeck from the sea, the woman begins to consider long spiers of churches of Lübeck.

Couple meets a friend who accompanies them on walks around the city.

Heroes are close to the shore on the boat, the man in the hotel terrace invites them to the table.

A separate table is a layout of the city of Lübeck with its Gothic cathedrals.


Mary's Church, its exterior and interior.

A view of the city from the height of the church.

Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, the town hall on the square.

Go down the street, two men, offering residents the fish.

Fishermen in a boat take out the catch.

Fish market on the waterfront, a woman buys fish.

Stir in the boat on the canal, with views of the coast of towers, churches, town hall.

Port, salt warehouses.

Go handling


Celebrating the solstice in Lübeck.

Night city.

In the darkness of the square are lined up troops, burning torches.

Soldiers marching.

The young man with the help of the flame ignites at the center of the square a great bonfire.

Heroes are watching the ceremony

Key words

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Reel №2


Cranes are loaded on a ship.

Dockers unload bags ezhit lumber.

Construction work at the shipyards.

A man walks down the street, coming to open the hatch, there rises a trader gives taste the wine.

Spuruzheskaya couple with a friend walking around the city, watching the sights.

They go to the pub, sit at the tables in front of visitors beer mugs, old men smoking pipes.

Heroes meets a man and treats them with wine.

On the wall of the coat of arms and the date - 1792 year.

From the arches overlooking the ancient narrow street, the traffic on it.

Heroes open wrought-iron patterned grille, are inside the building.

huge banners descends from the Town Hall windows.

A shop window with sweets "Lübeck marzipan", are cakes.

A pair of passes on the gallery on the square with the town hall, suitable mate, treats them with marzipan cakes.

Another pub, the people at the tables.

Young man with a glass of wine singing a song, pick up all together

Key words

Germany, port, shipyard, household appliances, timber, construction, trade, youth, food, restaurant, elderly, family, city, sightseeing, Gos.simvolika, church, recreation