Celina sea. (1936)

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Operators: Rihard Garms,Gans Paksman

Reel №1


Schleswig-Holstein, 1933-1936 years.

On the coast there are works on the reconquest of land from the sea.

In place of the workers arrive, go earthworks for the construction of coastal gateways.

Workers wheeled wheelbarrow with soil, ground Coating.

On paved narrow gauge trolley ride to the ground. 1935.

Blooming trees.

On the new land resettled by German farmers and their families.

Temporary dwelling peasants barracks.

Field work in the fields.

Grazing flock of sheep.

Peasant's house, a woman comes to the cradle, takes the baby in his arms.

She bathed the child, other children are watching.

Passes father on a cart.

Family at dinner.

Unsaddled horse chewing hay.

The mother accompanies the children to school.

Go work on the construction of the coastal strip, protected from the sea by dams.

Construction of new homes for settlers.

The layout of the peasant house.

Architecture of French buildings on the island.

The interior of the farm house.

On the roof of the house under construction hoisting the Nazi flag

Key words

Germany, settlers, farmers, construction, family, women, children, dam, Gos.simvolika, school, garden, work, animals, pets, island

Reel №2


In the early part of a small excerpt from the feature film comedy.

Work on the construction of the house.

Lunch break.

People eat at a long table in the air.

Continuation of work, laying tiles on the roof.

Household employment of peasants: the woman washes in a basin, children play hide and seek in the yard.

Mounting frames of life in the city: people rush to work on bicycles, children playing in the yard close.

Life in the new land from the sea.

Peasant family in the home.

Girl helping mother hang the washed clothes, playing with a dog and a cat.

Cows in the yard.

The boys are sitting on the bridge, rod catches the fish.

Work Mighty village.

Home loom, weaving carpets.

Men working on the strengthening of banks.

It sounds alarming alarm, announcing a storm.

Wind drives huge waves on the shore.

The workers and soldiers running on the beach, make a mound.

Harvesting in the fields, there are stacks of wheat.

On the cart of hay harvested.

Children help adults

Key words

Germany, Sea, peasants, construction, immigrants, workers, leisure, family, children, city, transportation, entertainment, bridge, fishermen, hobbies, crafts, storm fortifications, soldiers, natural phenomena, food

Reel №3


Wheat is brought to the threshing machine, machine work, grain poured into bags.

Sacks of grain on the cart.

Pier, grain poured into the holds of ships and barges.

On the shore of grazing sheep.

Fishing boats at the shore, the fishermen are going to fish.

The inscription on the arch over the new road: "The road of Adolf Hitler."

Hitler arrives in Schleswig-Holstein to the celebration.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers, mounts the rostrum.

There are pictures showing the achievements of immigrants.

Fields of wheat, flocks of sheep, new roads, farmhouses.

Areas of cultivated land.

Hover Nazi flags.

Hitler and his entourage on the field, a peasant girl brings him flowers.

Hitler construction.

Workers in the RAD system.

Hitler in laying bricks at a construction site.

Go construction work.

New buildings.

Sounds fascist anthem

Key words

Germany, settlers, farmers, road, food, transportation, water, pets, fishermen, sea, visit, Hitler, festivals, soldiers Gos.simvolika fascists, women, young, flowers, building, operating, RAD