Munster - beautiful capital of Westphalia. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Euzhen Jork /Eugen York/

Operators: Erih Mencelj

Reel №1


Dawn, the sun rises.

Silhouette of a windmill against the sky.

Over the river spreads a fog, he envelops bushes on the shore, the trees in the forest.

According to the forest road covered wagon rides, he rides a wheat field, where there is a harvest.

In the distance the towers and churches of Münster.

Wagon rides into town.

the Market Square, on the trays are fruits and vegetables.

Men consider pigeons in a cage, the children look at the rabbits.

Seller wooden shoes - clogs.

Mistresses selected products.

The traffic, tram rides, cars, cyclists.

In the middle of the street stands adjuster.

Mother wheeled strollers.

Top view of the street.

Port cranes work, carrying loads


Spinning propeller light aircraft, "Lufthansa" company, planes take off at the tail of the swastika.

Passengers on board the plane, looking out the window.

View overlooking the town.


The facade of the church in the Gothic style, the walls of the holy statues, carvings, doors with bas-reliefs.

The observation deck on the upper level of the church under the huge clock on it are tourists.

The guide draws attention to them in the prospectus, they turn the pages, a portrait of King Jan van Lyme


Peace Hall, where the end of the Thirty Years' War was signed 1618-48 biennium.

The interior of the hall with sculptures, reliefs, crucifix.

Portraits on the walls.

On the table there are candlesticks, inkstand with the figure of a cock book.

The book is rich with metal binding "Munster Chronicle".

The city is the celebration of "Good Monday", which marks the bakers guild.

Procession Guild Street, speech to the flag, which shows one of the participants.

The man in the hat tray with a beer mug.

Amusement park, spinning carousel, Ferris wheel, people rush to the roller coaster, on the machines.

The crowd goes dealer balloons.

Tyre, in which players throw stones in porcelain vessels and figurines.

Bust of Baron von Romberg.

Scene from a feature film about Baron, he carousing in a bar

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Reel №2


The restaurant at the table sat two men and a woman, drinking coffee.

On a napkin lying cakes bathed in chocolate with the words "Romberg".

The zoo in the city.

Hippo's mouth opens.

Elephants in Valliere, fallow deer.

Flamingos in a pond, parrots.

The family of lions in a cage.

Carved out of the bushes tiger figures of swans.

The flora in the park: cacti, water lilies in a pond.

Along the path of the park ride riders.

Artificial caves, waterfalls


The building of the NSDAP, at the entrance of the image of the swastika.

All the post.

The stack of rifles, with a stack of old peaks.

Various buildings of the city, a round tower.

In the park there is a bust of the poet Annette von Droste-Gyulsgof.

Palace on the grid date 1739. The ancient building facing close to each other, the church.

University of Münster.

Memorial plaque: "Here he taught and worked composer Albert Lortzing 1827-1833.".

Facade of the University.

The park plays an orchestra.

People sit at tables, waiters orders.

Before visitors stands tantsorovs tap dancing couple.

The restaurant plays jazz, people dance.

Through the glass floor view of the dancing feet.

Barmaid knocks cocktails.

Vintage beer.

Singer takes a folk song for accordion.

The waiter takes the glasses with beer, ham cuts.

There comes a closing time clock.

Trumpeter blows a long horn.

Men out of the beer going down a dark street.

Old church in the dark

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