Via Margutta - street artists. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Raffaele Saito /Raffaele Saito/

Operators: Augusto Tiecci

Reel №1


Street View "Via Margutta" in Rome, where live young artists, composers, sculptors.

The artist draws from life outside.

The street is a woman lived with a basket of flowers on her head, her slender girl in a hat, she comes to the house, PNRM. on the top street.

Showcase art workshop, which made picture frames, leaves the seller puts the frame to the wall.

Further down the street art show, at the entrance of a sculptural figure of a traveling woman.

Workers take out the big picture, put the wall


Room of the young composer, he was at the piano, writes the melody on music paper.

She comes into the house of the artist.

On the walls hang portraits, landscapes.

An artist squeezes paint on an easel.

Girl model lying on the sofa, the artist draws her.

Then she disguised behind a transparent screen.

Nude on the canvas.

PNRM. at the artist's studio.

Sculptor working on a female figure draped in the mantle.

The artist prepares a mosaic, it is gaining on ekskiz Dame.

Elderly woman in a coat walks into the house.

The artist-neighbor paints still life with jug and fruits from nature.

On the chair hangs his coat on the wall painting in the battle-theme.

A woman sits down at the piano, playing, the artist was nervous because of the noise


Sculptor working on a nude, female busts are.

Models and artists.

Sculptor working on a large bas-relief on the wall.

The work of the artist and restorer, he restores the old picture.

Sculptor finalizing a female figure in drapery.

Completed mosaic icons.

Store art supplies, paint master frame gilding.

She buys the frame, brings to the artist, he puts it in the picture.

The artist carries a picture of the salon, the owner shows a portrait of a girl


On the street of artists lowered evening.

She comes out of the artist's studio, closed cabin.

The artist paints the house, a candle burns.

The old man comes home, she sits down on a bench, feeding the cats.

Art class, young artists paint nudes.

In the room is a chamber concert, the piano the young composer, who wrote the notes.

At home a plaque of the famous artist.

Art Gallery in the quarter.

The artist is, but the sounds of the piano of her neighbor, do not let him sleep, he jumps up and runs to the window bottle.

Figure street "Via Margutta"

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