Strength through Joy. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Night Berlin, illuminated advertising.

The inscription on the building: "Art for the People".

The traffic, lighted shop windows, advertising films, film studio "Tobis", dance, theater "Skala" theater "Europe", studio "Ufa".

National Theatre.

On the stage of the National Theatre fragment from the ballet, dance the cancan, the scene masker.

City at night, the room, the table sits the family that listens to the broadcast of the National Theatre.

A man turns off the radio, in the house the lights go out


Morning in the village, the street is a man with a bell, notify residents that the evening will be held by the State of the People's mobile theater, burgomist invites all people.

Mobile Theatre of the National Socialist German Workers' Front organization "Strength through Joy" is an opportunity to have fun, even in the most remote corners of the country.

Index: "Marktzeln" buses enter the mobile theater goroodok, children run after them.

The windows look: master, artist, prodvschitsa.

The bus stops on the square, workers install the platform, collecting scene.

Twilight, reap the working family, then they are going to present.

Scene, the curtain, the actors prepare for the exit.

Before the curtain out two accordionists play, there was applause.

Athletes, gymnasts.

Comic number tamer with "zebra", which depicts two actors dressed in zebra skin

Key words

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Reel №2


Continued rooms with "zebra".

A man puts a record with music, two girls dance Ukrainian dance.

Speech ventriloquist with a doll.

In the morning traveling theater goes out of town, people say goodbye to the actors.

Types of town, people wave their hands after.

Arriving in another city, theater posters

Key words

Germany, people, theater, city