Franconia and Bayreuth. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Otto Trippelj /Otto Trippel/

Operators: Otto Trippelj

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Map, the Main River, and tributaries Vicente Pignets between them lies the town of Nuremberg, Bamberg and Byreyt.

Landscapes of Franconia.

The sky in the clouds, mountains covered with forests, river.

On the way is the peasants bear the basket behind, oxen driven carts.

View of the city in the valley, the town street, on the hill of the castle can be seen.

Rocks bizarre.

A wooden bridge are a woman with a child.

Dam near a mountain stream.

In a torrent down kayak.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep in the pasture in the mountain meadows.

Alpinists climb the rock, view from the mountain down.

The caves in the mountains


Tourist bus rides through countryside.

A view of the ruins of medieval castles.

The old well, a woman collects water.

Walk along a mountain trail, visible at the bottom of the river and surrounding area.

Townhouse with a commemorative plaque with the owner's name, the lantern above the entrance.

Here, according to old recipes brewed brandy.

Bottles with tincture on the shelves, she pours it into a glass.

Bus with tourists in town watching the popular rite of baptism of the child.

Procession in traditional costumes coming out of the church.

The road they block the two young man, demanding ransom.

Godmother gives them a coin, guests enter the house.

Feast on fresh air


City Kulenbah, views of the city.

The palace in the style of the German Renaissance, wall decor, interiors.

Ancient fortress.

The street goes a long cart, loaded with barrels, are passers.

The bus goes on.

Pointer to Bayreuth.

View of the city from afar.

Panorama of the city, its streets, squares.

The architecture of the city, mainly in Baroque style.

Individual buildings, palaces, St Paul's Square.

House-Museum of Richard Wagner, the composer's bust at the wall.

The house tourists is one of the descendants of the composer Winfried Wagner.

She talks with quartermasters museum office.

Wagner theater "Festspielhaus" with excellent acoustics.

It hosts Wagner festivals.

Cars come to the theater, stroll the ladies and gentlemen in evening dresses.

Marble bust of Wagner.

Museum items postnaovok stage for Wagner: chain mail, helmets, swords, shields, and others.

Pictures on the walls and desk, piano.

A woman watching the notes, puts on a music stand, a page with an aria from the opera "Siegfried".

Park and Palace of the Hermitage.

Fountains with statues.

Landmarks Bayreuth: forest, deer in the bushes.

Descend twilight, clouds in the sky

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