In the valley of Visas (1930-1939)

Footage №66825, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Hajnc-German Shverdtfeger /Heinz-Hermann Schwerdtfeger/
Camera operators:Erihgans Forster

Reel №1


Land of the Black Forest.

The river visas from its origins to the confluence of the Rhine.

The stone with the inscription: Mount Feldberg 1495 m, here is the source of visas, the river is flowing among the stones.

PNRM. the mountains and forests.

A tree falls in the woods working loggers.

Rural views of the river, farmhouses cows.

Farmers mow, collect hay.

A man carries on his back a haycock.

The river is gaining momentum, waterfall stream.

Towns and villages in the valley.

Church in the village, along the road are the people with children.

On the streets of the town source with wooden female figure.

Perron, a woman in a hurry for the train, but it is late.

The train is on the terrain, beautiful views from the train to the river.

Peasant field.

City Schönau, the house with tiled roofs.

The local cemetery.

The tomb of national hero of Nazi Germany Albert Schlageter, date: August 12, 1894-26 May 1923


Perron, the train departs.

Travel past the shops.

Man planed board, out of the crib deduce cow.

The train goes through the city.

The work at the sawmill.

The next city.

The plant, which manufactured agricultural tools, working blacksmith.

The dam on the river, women washing in the river.

There is a wheat cleaning.

Vineyards, grapes man sprinkles.

Ploughing on a horse.

The ruins of a medieval castle.

Views of the castle with height.

There is a train.

Bus rides on Lepp city.

The streets of the city, the town hall, the Nazi flag hanging.


Confectionery factory, moving the conveyor with chocolates, women packed them in boxes.

Textile Factory.

Workshop artists tissues.

Manufacture of paints, coloring fabrics.

Organization of leisure in the city.

Go fancy people with accordion.

Folk dances.

Industrial landscape, bridge on the river.

Confluence Visas Rhine

Key words

Germany, river, railway, city attractions, farmers, animals, forest industry, population, sculpture, woman, cemetery, personalities, the Nazis
Germany, Railway, peasants, animals, forest, city, industry, agriculture, dam, river, industry, food, plants, castle, urban transport, church, Gos.simvolika fascists, women, artists, leisure, festivals, music, entertainment

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